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Personal Group Sessions

You may enjoy a group session with Patty, either in your own home or hers.

Group sessions may be:  

Group clairvoyant session where everyone is seated openly and hears the entire session. The offering is $36 per person. 

A party with the participants having private sessions with Patty. This is done from your home, with Patty at her home office. Individual readings are over the phone, just like the WDEL radio show. The participants may choose a clairvoyant or psychic reading, astrology and/or tarot. The offering is $36 per person.

The information that comes through depends on the questions asked. Possibilities are: receiving wise advice and insight from Patty's astrology wisdom, clairvoyance and psychic ability,  information from a loved on on the other side if they are available, your guides, light beings, angels and masters. 

Patty Parties are booked by appointment. Details can be worked out at when the session is scheduled. 

Payment is in advance and via Discover Card, Master Card, PayPal or Visa, personal checks and cash. 

Please contact Patty via email, or her personal phone at 302.378.0579.  

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