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Jun 13, 2022

Celestial forecast to June 20, 2022


This coming week sees the Full Moon, Father’s Day June 19,  the summer solstice June 21 and our June astrology special until June 30.
Saturn is at 25 degrees Aquarius, with Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces, not making a noticeable relationship with each other, but if you have this degree in your natal chart, it will be stimulated. Pluto is also still at 28 degrees Capricorn, meaning if you have this degree, it is being stimulated. A short reading with Patty can help you understand how these may stimulate your natal planets.
The daily forecast.

From Earth Sky News

Full moon falls on June 13-14

Sunday night's moon looks almost full. But it's not quite. We in the Americas will see our fullest moon on Monday night and Tuesday morning. The crest of the moon's full phase falls at 11:52 UTC (6:52 a.m. CDT) on Tuesday. This full moon is near the bright red star Antares, in Scorpius (chart below). And ... it's a supermoon, a full moon nearly at its closest to Earth for this month. Read about the coming full moon.







June 19th is Father’s Day, which is always during Gemini time; the time of being social and communicative. Our June special is the interpretation of your Father’s chart as a person, so you may understand his background and how he is or was as a person, then compared with you. Special price of $45.00 for 20 minutes. You receive the charts, and your session is recorded. Contact Patty for your personal appointment which is to be during June 2022. Father’s Day astrology sees The Sun is at 28 degrees Gemini in the see-saw relationship with Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. Expect changes of plans asking you to adjust to or accommodate changes. The Moon and Neptune are in Pisces, in an irritating relationship, meaning gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius annoyed by minor changes. However, gemini is in harmony with libra and Aquarius and has the opportunity for fun with Aries and Leo. Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo and cancer have a nice day. Scorpio continues to experience situations from the past, with cancer and Pisces there to help and sooth emotions. However, if you have 28 degrees in your natal chart, Pluto continues to bring changes, how depending upon the planetary relationship. Patty can help you with a short reading.

June 21  at 05:13:39 am Eastern Time. Summer Solstice when the Sun goes into Cancer. It is the longest day of the year, when after this day the daylight diminishes by about 4 minutes a day. Now time for Cancer to put plans into action, asking Scorpio to manage and Pisces to inspire. Capricorn may experience their relationships more needy and asking for family time. Aries and libra challenging family or emotional circumstances. Gemini and Leo are neutral. Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to requests for family time or friends are more emotional. Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity for pleasant family time.

Now for the daily forecast:

June 13: Mercury goes into gemini, joining the Sun. gemini is even more talkative and charming than usual, possibly teasing Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, but delighting libra and Aquarius. Taurus and Cancer are neutral. Aries and gemini have stimulating conversations, with gemini nicely prodding Leo into action. Scorpio and Capricorn grouchily adjust to Gemini’s banter. Moon is in Sagittarius indicating a restless day.

June 14: the full Moon, see above

June 15:

June 16: Interesting day. The one in authority is good with the one trying to establish something new. The scientific may have good press. However, that same one in authority is at odds with the visionary, thinking the visons are unreal. Easier day for science than for the arts. Gemini in good relationship with Aquarius, libra, but at irritating odds with Pisces, arguing with Sagittarius and ignores Virgo. Aries can lead gemini, with Leo creatively cooperating. However, a good social day.

June 17: no exact astrology aspects.

June 18: Love and money lonely and feeling broke. Tense situation regarding infrastructure, stress between younger people trying to take care of their elders who want to be independent. Taurus and Aquarius have control issues, possibly including Scorpio and Leo. Virgo and Capricorn can help taurus, with gemini and libra helping Aquarius, gemini can help everyone with their skill in perceiving all aspects of the situation and communicating solutions. Sagittarius and Pisces leave the situation. However, the Sun and Moon are getting along, adding harmony with friends, especially gemini and Aquarius. Early evening the Moon goes into Pisces, asking you to relax.

June 19: now the younger ones offer a sensible and compassionate solution to yesterday’s situation. Taurus and Pisces offer economical outing with a little glamor, possibly including Capricorn, Virgo and cancer, but at financial odds with Scorpio. Still an irritating or annoying time for Virgo and Sagittarius because of the gemini energy.

June 20: Quarter Moon in the signs of Pisces and Gemini, who experience the busiest day full of interruptions. Everyone has a busy day but with happy communications about adventures and about your immediate surroundings. Gemini and Aries have sparking new ideas, with the conversation possibly including Leo, Sagittarius, libra and Aquarius. Virgo is irritated by the quick and light banter, Capricorn and Scorpio ignore banter.


The prominent date for the USA is June 16 which is the first date of a phase that goes to January 31, 2023, with a middle focus date of September 9, 2022. (T Jupiter in Aries square N Jupiter in Cancer). Even though the exact date is June 16, the energy is in effect from June 8 through June 25. Much activity – fires and guns! This is further stimulated by Mars in Aries. The USA’s birth or natal Jupiter lives in the house of laws and agreements, so it is no wonder there are many demonstrations urging legal change regarding guns. Jupiter expands, or makes more of, whatever it is doing. In addition Jupiter is the ruling or patron planet of the population = many large demonstrations. Simultaneously, though, there is a good indication of balance regarding personal and group values without curtailing freedom. There are two good planetary relationships revealing the opportunity for any legal changes about guns to be acceptable, good for young people. (P Venus sextile N Venus and P Mercury still sextile N Mercury). The Supreme Court situation remains the same – iffy – until it completes this term. (T Neptune quincunx N Neptune).

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Patty will be presenting at the A.R.E. Annual member Congress in person at Va Beach Thursday, June 23. If you cannot attend, parts will be onlne.

Patty the Astrologer


Patty tunes into you personally with her renowned skill of interpretation. You learn how to transcend your challenges and maximize your talents and opportunities. Patty’s guidance helps you to learn your tendencies for a deeper understanding of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your reading with Patty is personal, not computer interpreted at any level. Her renowned intuition is seemlessly integrated with your astrology reading.


May 23, 2022

Celestial forecast to May 30, 2022


May Special.
Gathering invitations.

Mercury is still retrograde until June 3 when it goes direct at 26 degrees Taurus, close to the North Node, nudging the world to concentrate on Taurus-related resources such as money and food – preferably as local as possible.

Pluto is still at 28 degrees of Scorpio, the last degrees of transformation of what was thought of as secure and stable: big business, big government and infrastructure. This is clearing the old to make ready for the Aquarian, which will peek through March, April, May and beginning of June 2023, after which the symbolic death throes of the outmoded will happen from middle of June 2023 through January 2024. Then Pluto will fully enter Aquarius January 2044, gradually bringing Aquarian qualities into being. We may have a meet-up about this a little later.

The other planets are moving along but are widely clustered from Gemini to Capricorn in 150-degree wedge. The Nodes still in Taurus and Scorpio, revealing the crisis with resources.  We begin the week , May 23, with the opportunity for conciliation between adversaries and the possibility of agreement between those putting forth creative, compassionate activity with the established entities. (Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn). Other good planetary relationships indicate the opportunity for harmonious and cooperative communications.

  • May 23 is a good day for Gemini and Aries to work together and include Aquarius. Taurus and Pisces have an opportunity to work together to join the compassionate and creative with the practical and invite Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio. Gemini helps Aries communicate something new and maybe daring, and maybe Aquarius inventions and with Sagittarius expanding the news.
  • May 24: Mars goes into his own sign of Aries through July 5. Energy picks up with interest in the new, mechanical things like cars and trucks and is impulsive. Aries charges forth with new vigor and prefers to work without a partner. Libra may seem out of balance because the partner prefers to be alone, Cancer and Capricorn experience busy times with new adventures. Leo and Sagittarius enjoy more activity, Gemini and Aquarius have opportunities to be included in active endeavors, Pisces and Taurus are neutral, with Virgo and Scorpio needing to accommodate impulsive interruptions. Also the 24th, there is the opportunity for new ideas or activities to be accepted. Added to this is the Moon goes into Aries, adding more impulsivity.  
  • May 25: Sun and Moon getting along which means a nice day for everyone, especially for Aries and Gemini, followed by Leo and Sagittarius, then libra and Aquarius.
  • May 26: No exact planetary relationships.
  • May 27: Moon goes into Taurus, joining Mercury, the North Node and Uranus. Nice day for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, opposition for Scorpio, opportunity for good communication for Cancer and Pisces, slight control issues for Leo and Aquarius, adjustments for Sagittarius and Libra.
  • May 28: Venus goes into her practical sign of Taurus through June 22. Attention turns to the more practical and sensible in spending. Your loved one is now warmer and interested caring for you, with attention to practical things and food. Venus joins the North Node, Uranus and retrograde mercury to add more focus on money and food. Taurus is stronger now, so expect a little more assertion. Scorpio has relationship control issues, with Leo and Aquarius having situations of who is in control. Virgo and Capricorn enjoy smoother work and practical activities, cancer and Pisces have the opportunity to be included in food and financial efforts. Aries and gemini adjust to some activities slowing and resistance to impulsivity.
  • May 29: a lot of activity! A new plan seems to be impulsively put forward with speed, but it had been carefully planned behind the scenes. Aries is supercharged and moves forward, possibly including Leo and Sagittarius. Libra is challenged to go it alone – yikes! Cancer and Capricorn experience challenging circumstances (which they enjoy). Gemini and Aquarius have the opportunity to be included, Pisces  and taurus are neutral and Virgo and Scorpio adjust to being intruded upon. The Moon goes into gemini, communicating the new plan.
  • May 30: new Moon in Gemini. Whew! More communication, especially about the new ideas, inventions and humanitarian activities. Good time for Gemini to begin, include libra and Aquarius, and give Aries and Leo the opportunity to be included. Sagittarius sees much communication and if someone is argumentative, the opportunity to make peace. Taurus and Cancer are neutral, Virgo is annoyed with what they may think is frivolous talk, with Pisces irritated because of overload.  

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  • Thursday, June 23 at Edgar Cayce’s ARE in Va Beach. Patty presents  The Astrology of the Fruits of the Spirit, Your Ideal and Your Soul’s Purpose at the ARE’s 95th yearly Congress. Learn what the Cayce readings said about astrology, how the fruits of the spirit are connected to the planets and how you can connect the planets in your chart with your Ideals and Soul Purpose. Patty was chairman of the 1986-member congress and gave astrology lectures at many congresses and to ARE groups throughout the country. You may learn more about her from her website.


The president is having diplomatic meetings in Asia and will later have them in California with the American countries. With the USA P Moon in trine or harmony with the Natal Mars in the house of agreements, allies and enemies, it reveals the trips themselves are seemingly as harmonious or good as it can be. This only means the meetings; the results come later.

May 27 through June 1 the president is traveling a lot to meet with the heads of state with details finalized later.

May 30 there is an adjustment or amendment to a Supreme Court statement or decision, which surprises the press.

These are the only major planetary relationships for the USA this week. I do not interpret any President’s personal charts because when President Obama was in office, he had many indications of assassination attempts and I did not want to add to that energy and I continue this policy.

Patty the Astrologer


Patty tunes into you personally with her renowned skill of interpretation. You learn how to transcend your challenges and maximize your talents and opportunities. Patty’s guidance helps you to learn your tendencies for a deeper understanding of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your reading with Patty is personal, not computer interpreted at any level. Her renowned intuition is seemlessly integrated with your astrology reading, along with contact with a Master or loved one on the other side.