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May 22, 2023

May 21 through May 29, 2023


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Your forecast is derived from the planet's relationship with each other in the sky. Your personal astrology forecast would be calculated just for you from your birth chart. Visit her website for interesting information or contact her personally. Comments are encouraged to Patty directly, and will be swiftly answered.

  • May 21 and 22: Sun goes into Gemini through June 21. The one in authority helps to resolve the stand-off by helping the one representing “the people” with communication and offering to help the aggressive, less experienced one understand the situation. (Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius, sextile Mars in Leo). Atmosphere lightens up with better communication, ability to see different aspects of situations and a sense of humor. Gemini is social and invites others, especially Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo, and sparring with Sagittarius. Virgo and Pisces may become irritated from too much activity. Taurus and Cancer neutral, with Scorpio and Capricorn pivoting because of interruptions. However, the inexperienced one expects to be obeyed, continuing to challenge those who want fiscal responsibility. The Moon goes into Cancer at almost midnight May 22. This continues tomorrow, May 23.
  •  May 23 and May 24: Tense days because of stubborn control issues regarding money or finances: one person is extravagant, challenging the careful one who is trying to keep the finances close to home, focused on the basics. The communicator or negotiator offers adjustments and may be to no avail. Moon goes into Leo, strengthening the extravagant one to prolong the situation. The tension is trying to balance past investments with current resources. Leo, Taurus and Scorpio in tense control-issue circumstances, with Aquarius strongly opposing Leo. Gemini and Libra can help everybody with their talent for communication and diplomacy.
  •  May 25: A strong urge to expand resources, especially the food supply lines to provide more resources. Continued tense situations from May 21, meaning the fixed or managing signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have tense control-issue situations.
  •  May 26: Opportunity for the situations to work out for the food and money supply. Cancer and Taurus cooperate to help solve the situations, along with Pisces. Also, energy focused on resources, such as money, food and resources, with some increase for the careful systems. (Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus). Moon goes into practical, analytical Virgo, providing practical, analytic advice, which if taken, helps solve the situation.
  •  May 27: The tense situation is focused as yesterday, in addition to the quarter Moon in the signs of Virgo and Gemini, who are the most restless and perhaps argumentative, followed by Sagittarius and Pisces. Changing ideas about this tense situation. Capricorn personally, or corporate or stable entities the calming influence with patient leadership and realistic communication.
  •  May 28: Breakthrough because of clear communication, although could be tense with a finally letting go to achieve the goal. Gemini may let go of discussion that does not work.
  •  May 29: Moon goes into diplomatic, cooperative Libra, helping to soothe. 

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The above tense situations may be applied to the USA, also.

We saw the adjustment to the negotiations today, May 21, which continue tomorrow. May 30 indicates the opportunity to solve the situation – if – the opportunity is taken to pass the necessary bill or agreement to immediately be signed by the president.

Classes and Events:

May 27 Saturday, 1:00 pm EDT, in person, Wilmington, DE. Tuition $30.00. Topics synastry and the quincunx. Contact Patty to reserve your place.

June 25, Sunday, 11:00 am EDT, on Zoom. Tuition $30.00. Topic: recognize relationships in the birth chart and by transit. Your horoscope is used in class. Relationships include all possibilities in addition to romantic ones. Contact Patty to reserve your place and the zoom link.


Reincarnation can be symbolized by your favorite flower bulb. You have your God-given soul, likened to the flower bulb. When you, as a soul, are born on earth, it is like the flower bulb being planted. It sits in the earth for a while, like gestation of the baby, growing and strengthening. Spring comes, and its leaves come up revealing the plant (and your person), in summer its flowers bloom (the summer of your life), in fall after the flowers die, the leaves draw sunlight to grow the bulb and roots in the ground (drawing back from activity into old age). Then winter comes, the leaves die and disappear. All winter the bulb seems no more, and it is only resting, likened to your soul resting in between lifetimes. Spring comes again, and the same bulb sprouts new leaves and flowers, analogous to your soul beginning a new lifetime. Let each lifetime be full of flowers.

Nov 1, 2022

Mars retrograde and forecast to Nov 7

Oct 30 to Nov 1 2022




Mars went retrograde Oct 29 and is standing still

Mars will be still only until Oct 31, then turn retrograde, or going backwards, in the sign it is in - this time Gemini - until Jan 12, 2023. Mars s the planet of automobiles, mechanical things, men in general, aggression, anger and your energy. The sign Mars occupies in your birth chart reveals how you express your energy and can indicate the type of men you are comfortable with. of course, this is modified by how your Mars interacts with the other planets in your birth chart. During this period of Mars retrograde, mechanical things may malfunction, and aggression may either abate or be turned within. Relationship problems may be because of masculine situations or attitudes.

 What if you have Mars retrograde in your birth chart? This, then, is a good time for you with what Mars

Mars retrograde in Gemini focuses on communication, electronics and scattered focus within the mechanical things. Your projects may experience interference because other projects seem important enough to push the original to the side.

 Personally, Gemini may be extra energized to the point of continual activity that gets nowhere, with oppositions from Sagittarius, and irritation with and from Virgo and Pisces. Libra and Aquarius may experience scattered communication and aborted social plans. Aries and Leo maybe pleased with invitations from Gemini, and then disappointed because those plans change. Taurus and Cancer are neutral with this scenario but still experience stalled plans. Scorpio and Capricorn extremely frustrated because of continual changes.

 A current experience is that your first Halloween newsletter was supposed to be from Constant Contact, and did not go through because of a change with CC not communicated to me, so you received it Sunday from my Outlook.

 A personal experience of this was years ago, we were invited to a fancy cocktail party and I was dressed and ready to go. My Gemini husband walked in the door to say we were not going to the party - we were going deep-sea fishing instead. We went fishing.

We are forewarned, so enjoy the changes.

Your Astrology Special - Mars or Eight house


Mars in your natal chart. What sign it is in, how it is related with the other planets - your experiences with men and how Mars retrograde may influence you.

Contact Patty for your Mars retrograde reading. 20 minutes for only $45 USD.

 Since the Sun is now in Scorpio, your special reading can be about Scorpio and eighth house affairs, such as other people’s money, debts, inheritances, committed sex, transformation, and if and how you can connect with those on the other side. Transformation means how you are changed by ending things for new beginnings. The money part of your eighth house reveals your attitude and experiences towards money, not financial or stock market advice, which I do not give; I give you astrology information so you can make decisions with right timing. You choose which you would like to know about and enjoy an accurate, helpful, understanding and kind reading. Contact Patty for your Eighth House reading. 20 minutes for only $45 USD.

 Your weekly forecast

We’ll begin with Nov 1 because Oct 31 was interpreted with the Halloween forecast. There is still a cluster (stellium) of Scorpio opposing Taurus, challenging (square) Leo and Aquarius with control issues. Mars retrograde looks alone but is busy changing plans to oppose Sagittarius and irritate Virgo and Pisces. Pluto is still at 26 degrees Capricorn, opposing late-birthday Cancers and challenging late-birthday Aries and Libra, encouraging them to eliminate the old to open the light to the new. Neptune and Jupiter have re-joined in Pisces to energize Pisces, oppose Virgo with lack of detail but encourage Virgo to express their creativity. They also reveal that Cancer and Scorpio are in the right place at the right time to express creativity, grow spiritually and perhaps go on vacation, and bring an opportunity to Taurus and Capricorn to be included in creative or spiritual endeavors. Your week begins with the moon and Saturn in Aquarius, helping Libra and Gemini, giving an opportunity to Aries and Sagittarius, but opposing Leo. Chiron is alone in Aries, revealing an atmosphere of not-sure-of-yourself, uncharacteristic of Aries. So, if your Aries is unexpectedly undecided, tell them it cannot be done, and they will get it done. This week is a little quiet astrologically, so here we go:

 ·     Nov 1: quarter moon of change in the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio who have control issues that could include Taurus and Leo. Gemini and Libra may help Aquarius, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio.

·     Nov 2: moon goes into creative, compassionate Pisces, joining Neptune and Jupiter to soothe the day.

·     Nov 3: No exact planetary relationships.

·     Nov 4: Moon goes into energetic Aries joining Chiron to add self-confidence to the day.

·     Nov 5: Your loved one is intense and may be bossy. Scorpio is strong and pushes Taurus and challenges Leo and Aquarius, both regarding intimacy and financially. Expect mild financial change to consolidation. Cancer and Pisces benefit from this mild change, with Virgo and Capricorn having the opportunity to rearrange their money for the better. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral, with Gemini and Aries adjusting or pivoting to interruptions.

·     Nov 6: Eastern USA to see the rocket launch. Go here for great picture and description.

·     Nov 7: the change of Nov 5 is challenged and slowed to almost stop to include either more people or something new. Scorpio and Aquarius wrangle over the finances and control of the Nov 5 situation. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio, with Gemini and Libra helping Aquarius.

·     Nov 8: full moon or lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus and Scorpio, who feel it the most with relationship control issues, with Leo and Aquarius having control-issue situations. To see the trajectory, go here: go here. Full interpretation next week. This is election day for the mid-term elections. We know the full moon brings crazy behavior, this time stubborn, control-issue challenges. Both Taurus and Scorpio represent money, and “my way or no way” so we may see financial challenges and stand-offs because the diverse groups want their own way. The degree of the eclipse does not relate directly to the USA, but “we’ll see.”


See above for the lunar eclipse on election day, which will be interpreted next week in a special email. The only astrological happenings are the continued good communications with allies and the passing of helpful laws for America. The transformation of America with its attendant upheavals continues through end of March 2023 when Pluto travels into the sign of Aquarius. There are inner or fleeting transits we do not interpret for the USA.

Mars goes retrograde Oct 30 in the house of Allies, laws, and enemies. Negotiations may slow to a stall until Jan 12 when Mars goes direct.

 Events and Classes

You are invited to join us. All times Eastern Time on the East Coast of the USA.

·     Tuesday's at 7 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Zoom. Free. Edgar Cayce study group, studying and applying John VanAuken's Enlightenment Series. Contact Patty to be included.

·     Saturday, Nov 5 at 1:30 pm EDT. In person Wilmington, DE, USA. Practicing or professional astrologer level. Very limited space. Tuition $30.00 USD  Contact Patty for information.

·     Sunday, Nov 20 at 11 am EDT. Zoom. Tuition $30.00 USD. Learn to recognize and interpret the square and quincunx in your natal chart. Contact Patty to save your place and receive your Zoom link.

Save the Dates 2023:

·     Jan 29, 2023. Dreams with Internationally known Kevin Todeschi. On Zoom at 1:00 PM EDT. Program details to follow. Email Patty with questions. More information to come.

·     February, hopefully Sunday Feb. 19, 2033. in-person social gathering and book give-away and exchange in new Castle County Delaware. Informal get-together to have a fun, informative and helpful afternoon with each other. Patty will give a short, fun, astrology presentation to learn about others. No astrology knowledge needed. It will be free with graciously accepted donations. Are you interested? Please let Patty know.

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