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Meeting of the Minds Through Signs

Using Astrological Keywords to Unlock to Power of Communication

How does a Leo talk to a Virgo?

What words will instantly attract a Scorpio?

Sometimes the person you want to talk to the most has a different astrological sign than you, and that can make conversation difficult. But in Meeting of the Minds Through Signs, you will learn what words work best with which signs, along with other useful information that will help you communicate effectively and meaningfully.

In this conveniently organized booklet, you can quickly and easily look up what you need to know to get any sign’s attention and have a feasible conversation. Soon, you too will be able to communicate with anyone, no matter where they fall on the Zodiac.

This booklet came about because of a conversation with my sister, who was trying to get information from someone, to no avail. It so happened that I knew the person my sister was dealing with. So I told my sister the word to use to get his attention. lo, and behold! She received all the information she wanted and them some. This works for her and it will work for you, too.

Patty Finlayson has been a professional astrologer for over 35 years, helping others understand themselves, their life circumstances, and relationships, and teaching them life-changing lessons.

The booklet is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions; just click here.

To receive a signed copy, please contact Patty via email or phone at 302-378-6466.

Patty is available for your personal reading via appointment at a time good for you.