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Oct 30, 2017

Nov 1 through Nov 30 2017

Even though sunspots are almost nil, geomagnetic storms continue, exciting the atoms in our atmosphere. This means your atmosphere, or aurora, is being excited to. From

    LONG-RANGE FORECAST: NOAA forecasters say that G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible on Nov. 9-10 when a relatively potent stream of solar wind reaches Earth. A last-quarter Moon should provide dark enough skies for easy visibility of Arctic auroras.

Remember the earth is in the process of change. It is obvious the weather is warmer, but the crystal grid of the earth is becoming more active and some spiritual hotspots are changing, with some decreasing in frequency and others increasing. This is to be expected when the precession of the equinoxes changes signs, as is happening now. You may think of the music of the Age of Pisces like that of a lullaby, with the music of the Age of Aquarius that of staccato jazz, and they are mixing now, with expected disharmony.

This month the 25-degree point is activated in the signs of  Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. If you have a planet, your ascendent or midheaven at 24, 25 or 26 degrees, it will be activated several times this month. The dates are November 4, 11, 17, 25 and 27.  To enjoy a quickie interpretation of your chart, contact Patty.

The USA has a dangerous date of Nov 18. This may be offset by the USA progressed Saturn in trine with the USA natal Venus this year, protecting the president and presidency, and indicating the possibly of a consortium of allies, such as NATO or the UN cooperating or backing the USA.

Nov 1: Moon goes into Aries and into the see-saw, quincunx, relationship with the Sun. The day does not go as expected, with unexpected interruptions. Especially discombulated are Aries and Scorpio.

Nov 2: Another see-saw day. Communications are off balance. Trying to present or request financial accounting is either ignored or rebuffed. The serious one (Scorpio) wants communication with the one making changes (Aries) to no avail. Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries, Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio.

Nov 3:Good day for diplomacy, with the diplomat or peacemaker and the established one having the opportunity for cooperation and success. Your love life should be good  today. Libra gives Sagittarius the opportunity for diplomacy, both signs being peacemaker signs. Good day for the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; and the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Moon goes into Taurus.

Nov 4: full Moon in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, who experience relationship control issues. Leo and Aquarius experience control issue situations. The areas of the body for this full Moon are the neck & throat, and the anus and reproductive systems. Both signs are related with sexual disease. Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio.

Nov 4 also: the 25-degree point of Libra and Aries is activated. Venus in Libra (the stronger) is opposing Uranus in Aries, with possible relationship disagreements over cooperation and independence. However, there could be successful discussion to balance cooperation and gracious diplomacy about a new idea or project. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries.

Nov 5: Mercury goes into Sagittarius through January 10. (Mercury goes retrograde Dec. 3.) Communication is now about travel and foreign entities. Mercury is scattered, impulsive and friendly in Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius is a peacemaker sign, so in their conversations, they will be attempting to sweep disagreements under the rug. Sagittarius will be even more talkative than ususal, with Gemini experiencing spirited conversations, which others may see as arguments. Both signs enjoy this. Virgo and Pisces could be irritated because of the swift, changing communication. Aries and Leo enjoy good communications, with Libra and Aquarius having opportunities for making travel plans and other good communications. If Libra and Sagittarius cooperate, they can achieve good peacemaking. Cancer and Taurus adjust to communications not as they expect. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral. Moon goes into Gemini.

Nov 6: see-saw, or quincunx day, with the Sun and Moon in the signs of Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini tries to communicate to no avail because the money person is asking for the dreaded details. The day does not go as expected, but if everyone is flexible, it can be better. Libra and Aquarius can help Gemini, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio.

Nov 6 USA: transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is in a beautiful trine with the USA natal Jupiter in Cancer. Expected continued “good luck” with the general population and behind-the-scenes help regarding enemy or allies or legal agreements.

Nov 7: Venus goes into Scorpio through December 25. Your loved one becomes intense. Scorpio is more intense than usual, with attention towards intimacy and investments. Taurus experiences relationship control issues, with both sex and money the focus. Cancer and Pisces enjoy nice emotional relationships, and maybe good finances. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities for good love and financial relationships. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to the intensity of both loved ones and financial advisors. Moon goes into Cancer.

Nov 8: Sun and Moon are in harmony in the signs of Cancer and Scorpio, with those signs having a great day, followed by Pisces. Everyone has a good emotional day.

Nov 9: Opportunity for financial reorganization, especially between Scorpio and Capricorn, followed by Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. The money manager can create the opportunity for practical changes with success. The other scenario is unsatisfactory presentation of a diplomatic solution regarding creative or religious entities. Mars is in Libra, pushing a stronger Neptune in Pisces and gets absorbed. Moon goes into Leo.

Nov 9 USA: Transiting Jupiter square USA natal nodes: excess distracts from the purpose of the country, which is financial balance. Excess could be necessary spending because of the recent natural disasters.

Nov 10: quarter Moon in the signs of Leo and Scorpio, who have stubborn control issues, possibly bringing Taurus and Aquarius into the discussion. Taurus controls the checkbook, and tries to rein in Leo’s expenses. Aries and Sagittarius can help Aries, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio.

Nov 11: Saturn in Sagittarius is in a nice trine with Uranus in Aries at 25 degrees. This is the last focus date and repeat of Dec 24, 2016 and May 19 this year of 2017. Changes should go through relatively harmoniously, with the established way of things aware of change and eager to do so. Sagittarius and Aries are enjoying change that is stabilized, followed by Leo. However, if you have a 25-degree point in your chart in the signs of Virgo or Pisces, this is the last focus date of the cycle of instability. And if you have a 25-degree point in your chart in the signs of Cancer of Capricorn, this is the last focus date of the cycle of “unexpected” change. Look back to the previous dates to learn how this has been affecting you. Moon goes into Virgo.

Nov 12: no planetary activity.

Nov 13: Sun and Moon are getting along, in the signs of Virgo and Scorpio, who have the opportunity for cooperation and success. Also, Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct - or together - in Scorpio, indicating that Scorpio will be much more intensely communicative than ususal, probably about investments. However Mercury in Sagittarius is at odds with Neptune in Pisces, so don’t make important decisions today because the facts are vague or non-existent. If you are a Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, be very careful making agreements because so much is left out. Good day to go to the movies.

Nov 14-16, no planetary activity.

Nov 16: Nice, easy, gentle, loving day. Your loved one is intense and romantic. The water signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer have a lovely day. Taurus may experience a more intense loved one or discussions over money. Virgo and Capricorn have the opportunity for a lovely romantic day if they will stop working so hard.  Moon goes into Scorpio.

Nov 17: the 25-degree point is activated, this time I the see-saw aspect, meaning your day does not go as expected, requiring you to adjust. Scorpio, or the money person, may be trying to manage the new-comer, or the one affecting change, to no avail. The one creating change may rebel or stir things up. Especially difficult day for Scorpio and Aries. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries. However, Sagittarius and Libra can be the diplomats and peacemakers, presenting solutions. Communication is good for Sagittarius, Aries and Leo; followed by Gemini, Libra and maybe Aquarius. Since the Sun is in Scorpio, Aquarius may continue to experience control issues, meaning they cannot control or manage the rebellious group.

Nov 18: new Moon in Scorpio, meaning a good day for Scorpio to present and begin a project. Taurus experiences opposition, with Leo and Aquarius having mild, non-personal control situations. Cancer and Pisces have a good day, followed by Virgo and Capricorn. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to intenseness and maybe requests for financial accounting.

Nov 18 USA: Dangerous few days. Progressed Moon opposite USA natal Mars, and related to Aug 9 through Sept 9 this year of 2017, when transiting Saturn was in opposition to USA natal Mars: war and rumors of war with an ancient enemy, or an entity with an ancient culture. Today is the exact trigger day of this energy. However,  since this is the progressed Moon, the happening could be a few days before or after.

Nov 19: very challenging day, almost war like. The younger one is challenging the established one and the established one is stronger. Much strife. The cardinal signs of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra are especially challenged. Gemini can use their legendary talent for helping others see all sides of the situation, with Aquarius presenting long-term consequences. Virgo can present details, and Taurus can present the costs. Decisions are best put off for a better day.

Nov 18, 19 and 20, no planetary activity.

Nov 20 USA: transiting Jupiter quincunx - see-saw - USA natal Neptune. Changes and instability from groups towards the workforce of health insurance. News is incomplete even though loudly proclaimed.

Nov 21: Sun goes into Sagittarius through Dec 21. Sagittarius can now expand activity and projects, with Gemini experiencing  arguments and opposition. Virgo and Pisces are irritated because of so much activity and no detail. Aries and Leo enjoy a nice, creative month. Libra and Aquarius have opportunities for travel and expansion of social life. Taurus and Cancer adjust to spontaneous interruptions. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral. Also, the strife of Nov 19 may be able to be harmonized. The money person and diplomat offers an opportunity for cooperation and accomplishment. Scorpio and Capricorn have the opportunity for success today followed by Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. Moon goes into Capricorn.

Nov 22: Neptune goes direct at 11 Pisces 27, and will be at the 11 degree-mark through all of December 2017  and the first few days of January 2018. If you have an 11-degree point in your chart, you will experience whatever the aspect of Pisces is to that point. This is the end of a cycle: Neptune was at 11 degrees Pisces the last three weeks of April, all of May 2016, again July and half of August 2016, and the last three weeks of Feb and first week of March 2017. To enjoy your personal interpretation, contact Patty.  If your planet is in Gemini or Sagittarius, your experience is confusion, vagueness, loss and possible fraud and deception. If your planet or point is in Cancer or Scorpio, you experience spiritual or creative progress. If your planet or point is Taurus or Capricorn, you experience opportunities that must be created or accepted to experience the good. If your planet or point is Aquarius or Aries, that is neutral.  If your planet or point is Virgo your experience is relationship loss, deception or confusion. If your planet or point is Leo or Libra you are adjusting to vague or confusing situations that don’t go as you expect.  Whew!

Nov 23: Moon goes into Aquarius and forms a nice relationship with the Sun in Sagittarius. Great day for the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; also for the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Good day for mild, long-range or travel plans. Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, and it should be a good day. Interestingly, this is the most-traveled day in the USA, with the Sun in Sagittarius, the travel sign. Sagittarius is also the sign of abundance, and one of the symbols of Thanksgiving is he horn of plenty.

Nov 24: no planetary activity.

Nov 25: the 25-degree point is in the signs of Sagittarius and Aries activated and harmonious. Communication is good, with any disagreements over change or new projects worked out. Since this is the 25-degree point, if your point or planet is in Cancer or Capricorn, you experience change istigated by Libra. If your planet or point is in Aries, you experience relationship changes.  If your point or planet is in Gemini or Aquarius you have opportunities for change that must be created or accepted to happen. If your point or planet is in Pisces or Taurus, you are neutral. If your point or planet is in Virgo or Scorpio, you adjust to changes that are uncomfortable. If your point or planet is in Leo or Sagittarius, you are in the right place at the right time to benefit from change.

Nov 26: Moon goes into Pisces and creates a quarter Moon with Sagittarius, who experience an irritating day. Gemini also is irritated. Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces, with Leo and Aries helping Sagittarius.

Nov 27: the 25-degree point is activated again, this time in the signs of Scorpio and Aries who are at odds with each other. Finances or the portfolio is subject to unexpected change. Today is one of those days where things do not go as expected, but are better if you can adjust. Your loved one may be more interested in money than romance.

Nov 28: Moon goes into Aries.

Nov 28 USA: Last focus date of a cycle that began March 11, repeated May 1 this year of 2017. Opportunity to balance the budget, to include stability and security for many.

Nov 29: nice, easy day, especially for the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, followed by Gemini Libra and Aquarius.

Nov 30: Moon goes into Taurus.

Oct 10, 2017



Just in my inbox from Space Weather News 
for Oct. 10, 2017

Above: An artist's concept of the 2012 TC4 near-Earth flyby

ASTEROID TO BUZZ EARTH THIS WEEK: Four years ago, a house-sized asteroid tore through the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia, and exploded.  Shock waves shattered windows and knocked down onlookers as fragments of the disintegrating space rock peppered the Ural countryside. This week an asteroid about the same size is approaching Earth. It will not hit our planet, but it's coming very close. On Oct. 12, 2017, the speeding space rock, named "2012 TC4," will skim just above the zone of Earth's geosynchronous communications satellites and briefly become a target for amateur telescopes. Learn more about the flyby on today's edition of which has more to the story and a beautiful picture of the asteroid over Russia. 

GEOMAGNETIC STORM PREDICTED (G1-CLASS): NOAA forecasters say there is a 65% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Oct. 11th when a stream of solar wind makes contact with Earth's magnetic field. The solar wind is flowing from a hole in the sun's atmosphere with peak speeds greater than 600 km/s. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras mixed with waning Harvest moonlight. More with pictures at


The energy is compressing the Earth’s atmosphere and coming through the sign of Libra.  This means whichever part of your horoscope is ruled by Libra is being compressed or pressured. This area of your life could be suppressed; you could feel depressed or have a lack of energy. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn experience challenging circumstances and relationships. Gemini and Aquarius can benefit if they take advantage of helping. Even though the atmosphere is compressed, Virgo and Scorpio should be relatively neutral, although transiting Mars is in Virgo, energizing Virgo. (See Oct. Predictions). Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity to creatively help. Pisces and Taurus adjust to the compression, possibly by withdrawing.

The atmosphere is already energized and compressed, with people acting differently, wondering what is going on.

Saturn in the sky in Sagittarius is in square - 90̊ - with Mars in Virgo, indicating unstable tension and challenges between the established entities and those who are unstable and warlike. Saturn is the patron planet of older people, established things, personally your bones and teeth. In the sign of Sagittarius, it is being shaken. Mars rules men, war, machines, guns and fires. In the sign of Virgo it is stuck in dwelling on the past, worrying and making mountains out of molehills. In these mutable, or common signs, let us hope the challenges dissipate.

Here is a picture of the solar wind from  NASA:

Oct 3, 2017

October 1 through October 31 2017

To enjoy your personal interpretation, please contact Patty now.

Sun begins in Libra
Mercury begins in Libra
Venus begins in Virgo
Mars begins in Virgo
Jupiter goes into Scorpio Oct. 10

About disasters: back in 1980, when I began the astrology practice, and realized that I am naturally intuitive or clairvoyant, I asked my Higher Self that not to tune into disasters and terrible things. That is why I do not predict them, because I do not think about or intuit them. Plus, I am a personal astrologer, interested in you and your chart, not disasters.

Oct 1: the Las Vegas massacre. The gunman checked into his hotel on Sept. 28. Jupiter in Libra was opposite Uranus in Aries, indicating cooperative opposition to a large group using firearms. The degree was within one degree of the Great American Eclipse of Aug 21, in an aspect indicating a successful opportunity, if taken. In the USA chart, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition was in a good relationship with the USA Moon in Aquarius, another indication of a successful event involving a large group. From the gunman’s deranged point of view, it was a success. The USA chart showed Sept. 28 with Transiting Jupiter is a square to natal Pluto= death of many, although I had interpreted it lack of diplomacy.

Oct 1: otherwise: careful, planned, coordinated event involving cars and trucks and possibly the military. This could be the moving forward of the relief efforts for Puerto Rico, which is devastated.

Oct 2: Moon goes into Pisces.

Oct 3: see-saw Sun and Moon, with your day not going as expected, especially for Pisces and Libra. Good day, though, for practical projects to go forward with cooperation and under budget. Good for the earth signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Day of opportunity for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, but Cancer may experience tense relationships.

Oct 3 USA: repeat of July 15 which was a repeat of January 3, 2017. The last focus date of a situation of dealing with either foreign diplomacy or storms. The situation was/is letting go of unrealistic situations or unsubstantiated news.

Oct 4: Moon goes into Aries. Off-balance day; relationships unsatisfactory because someone is not there, and continual interruptions, asking you to adjust. Libra and Pisces have the weirdest day. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra; Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces.

Oct 5: full Moon in the signs of Aries and Libra, who feel the opposition the most, with Cancer and Capricorn experiencing challenges. We all know about full Moons, and this one involves guns or news of guns. The areas of the body associated with this full moon are the head & brain, the adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder. Your day can be full of impulsive, order-giving interruptions. However, Virgo is energized and is very helpful in the medical, herbal and healing modalities, and can lend calm, organized help.

Oct 6: Moon goes into Taurus. See-saw day with communications, which change during the day. Diplomacy or peacemaking is attempted with no success. The media is assertive, but the facts are vague and incomplete. Libra tries to communicate to no avail. Pisces feels pressured and may disappear. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces.

Oct 7: See-saw day with the Sun and moon, meaning your day is full of interruptions, asking you to be flexible. Taurus and Libra are off balance. Taurus is stubborn to Libra’s leadership. Could be minor arguments about money. Virgo and Capricorn can help Virgo, with Gemini and Aquarius helping Libra.

Oct 8: Moon goes into Gemini. Libra is strong, initiating cooperative dialog, and giving orders. Aries may experience unexpected opposition, Cancer and Capricorn have a challenging day, perhaps with impulsive changes. Great day for Gemini and Aquarius for social events.  Leo and Sagittarius have opportunities for social or creative happenings. Pisces and Taurus adjust to bossiness. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral with this transit. Another transit indicates desire for stability is thwarted. The one trying to have financial common sense is blocked by an older or established one who is a vacillating. Virgo and Sagittarius are irritated with each other, possibly bringing Gemini and Pisces into the conversation.

Oct 9: Challenging day. Diplomatic attempts and communication are challenged, and perhaps rejected, by power and the establishment. Personally Libra is either challenged or stopped by Capricorn. Cancer and Aries also experience a challenging day. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn.

Oct 10: Harmonious day. Yesterday’s challenges can be resolved. Good day for the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Moon goes into Cancer.

Oct 10: Jupiter goes into Scorpio through early November 2018. Jupiter is not comfortable in the secretive sign of Scorpio because Jupiter is open and expansive.
The Scorpio area of your life can carefully organize and expand. Scorpio enjoys a time of careful expansion, possibly of investments. Cancer and Pisces enjoy being in the right place at the right time for careful organization and expansion. Taurus experiences opposition, which can be resolved with cooperation. Virgo and Capricorn have the opportunity to organize or reorganize practical projects and should receive needed funds. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Gemini and Aries adjust to a need for consolidation. Leo and Aquarius experience financial control situations. Since Scorpio is the sign of investments, benefits and inheritance, these areas may be involved.

Oct 11: Unstable day with irritating challenges regarding projects, machines and vehicles, and unsatisfactory day with practical things.“Small” items or projects are stymied by grander plans that are not realistic.  Your loved one is critical or more interested in the little things than having fun. Virgo can be irritated because nothing goes as it should and is off-balance with Aries and blocked by Sagittarius. The other mutable or common signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are drawn in and can be irritated today, too. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo, with Leo helping Aries and Sagittarius.

Oct 12: Quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Libra, who are the most affected by impulsive changes followed by Aries and Capricorn. Day of the unexpected. However, communication improves and diplomacy finally works out. Libra and Sagittarius are getting along and could make good plans. Gemini and Aquarius have a good day as does Leo.

Oct 13: Moon goes into Leo.

Oct 14: Sun and Moon are getting along, indicating a day of good social interactions and diplomacy for everyone. Leo and Libra may create a grand party, Aries and Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius all enjoy today.

Oct 14: Venus goes into its own sign of Libra through November 7. Venus in Libra is interested in love, relationship, partnership and graciousness. Libra is now energized for those and social events and initiates. Aries partner wants togetherness which challenges their independence; Cancer and Capricorn are challenged for cooperation and inclusiveness. Leo and Sagittarius enjoy opportunities for nice social events. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral. Pisces and Taurus adjust to request for partnership and social events. Gemini and Aquarius enjoy nice romance and partnership.

Oct 15: Moon goes into Virgo. Spirited conversations and verbal challenges. Communication is spontaneous and impulsive, with Libra possibly initiating. Aries is challenged again for inclusiveness, but may resist. Cancer and Capricorn enjoy the challenging ideas and conversation, which others may see as arguments. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries.

Oct 16: Opportunity for diplomacy to achieve results. The one in authority is offering cooperation, and if accepted, the situation is resolved. Libra initiates cooperation, with Sagittarius accepting, which filters to a good day for Gemini, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

Oct 17: Moon goes into Libra. Weird day regarding unexpected things regarding machines or cars and trucks. Plans go awry because of a lack of understanding between the details and the original plan. Communication will be better tomorrow. Weird day for Virgo and Aries who do not understand each other. Taurus and Capricorn may help Virgo, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries.

Oct 17: Mercury goes into Scorpio, joining Jupiter, through November 5. Communication is more reserved, with plans revealed only after being well thought out. Scorpio becomes more communicative than usual. Taurus may experience stubborn opposition, with Leo and Aquarius experiencing stubborn communication. This means they are each right. Cancer and Pisces enjoy good, intuitive communication, Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities for quiet, effective communication. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to more of what they think is secrecy or requests for financial accounting or plans.

Oct 18: Scorpio communication is strong, honest and open, with control or management the issue. Taurus may be opposed, with Leo and Aquarius experiencing stubborn financial conversations. Cancer and Pisces have a good communicative day. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral, with Aries and Gemini adjusting again to possible financial demands. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities for practical financial conversations.

Oct 19: New Moon in Libra which opposes Uranus. Libra is strong, but is opposed. Expect a day full of the unexpected, possibly involving machines or firearms. Many impulsive interruptions, relationships are impulsively independent. Challenging day for Cancer and Capricorn. Gemini can help with their legendary ability to see all sides of a situation, and Aquarius can help with their talent to see long-term. Leo can stabilize Aries, with Sagittarius lending peacemaking and humor. Pisces may escape. Scorpio can help stabilize Cancer and Capricorn. After 9 pm, the Moon goes into Scorpio.

Oct 19 USA: Transiting Jupiter goes into the eleventh house of groups and fraternal organizations.

Oct 20, 21 are neutral.

Oct 22: Moon goes into Sagittarius. Mars goes into Libra through December 9. Mars is not fully functional in Libra because it enjoys doing things alone, and Libra wants to be a partner. However, Libra is a cardinal, leader, initiating sign, as Mars is a planet, so expect Libra to be energized, assertive and bossy. Aries may experience surprising strong opposition. Cancer and Capricorn have challenges to projects regarding men, machines, firearms and fires. Gemini and Aquarius enjoy work being more social. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral. Pisces and Taurus adjust to impulsive requests. Leo and Sagittarius have opportunities for creative, gracious activities.

Oct 23: Part of today is off-balance, with incomplete or vagueness. Libra receives passive resistance and needs to adjust. Sun goes into Scorpio, joining Mercury and Jupiter, through November 22. Scorpio is activated, Taurus experiences opposition. Leo and Aquarius experience stubborn challenges, probably regarding finances. Cancer and Pisces enjoy nice family and financial time. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to more control and possible requests for financial accounting. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities for successful projects, including good financing.

Oct 24: Moon goes into Capricorn. Communication is much better, in fact, is intuitive, with the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces reading each other’s minds. Communication is quiet, focused and harmonious. Good communication day for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, also. Even though other signs are not directly aspected, expect a nice day.

Oct 24 USA: transiting Jupiter is in trine with USA natal Venus, indicating harmony amongst groups, labor, allies and possible improvement with an open enemy. There may be some good news about the President. Since Puerto Rico is sort of “foreign” it may be speedier recovery for that island, with Congress appropriating funds ably administered.

Oct 25: Sun and Moon are getting along again, indicating a harmonious day. Good day for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to interact well with the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Today is pleasant for everyone.

Oct 26: Sun and Jupiter are conjunct, or together, in Scorpio, meaning Scorpio energy is very focused and persistent. Scorpio may initiate a management project involving long-range finances or a benefit plan. Taurus could sense opposition, with Leo and Aquarius experiencing control situations, probably over money management. Taurus is short-term, Scorpio and Aquarius long-term. Cancer and Pisces are in the right place at the right time for beneficial financial situation. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust again to control. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities to be involved in good financial plans.

Oct 27: Busy day. Moon goes into Aquarius to a Quarter Moon in the stubborn signs of Aquarius and Scorpio, indicating a day of challenges over who controls, with Taurus and Leo also experiencing control issues. In this instance, Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio. Other challenges today over leadership status, with leaders each trying to lead, resulting in impulsive orders being given with no one listening. This challenge is directly between the diplomat and the authoritarian, or Libra and Capricorn. This part of today means everybody’s day has unexpected challenges or interruptions. However, the day ends with the opportunity for good communication because of the efforts of a strong person who understands the complications, and appeals to the strong one in either management or government. Scorpio successfully appeals to Capricorn.

Oct 27 USA: Repeat of June 19, which was a repeat of Jan. 27, 2017. Last focus date of unstable, incomplete communication about finances, allies or lawsuits.

Oct 28: Neutral

Oct 29: Moon goes into Pisces.

Oct 30: Beautiful, harmonious Sun and Moon in Pisces and Scorpio. People are intuitive, warm and happy. Cancer and Pisces are intuitive, with Virgo and Capricorn having the opportunity to be included. Taurus may sense being pushed, but is really being invited. Everybody should enjoy a good day.

Oct 31: Halloween: neutral.