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Nov 8, 2013

Mercury goes direct November 10, 2013

at 11:51 p.m., which is almost November 11. It went retrograde October 21.

Mercury was nice and calm until the Scorpio new Moon, or solar, eclipse on Sunday, November 3rd. Since then it has been playing tricks like it usually does. If you have seen Mercury in its natural state, it is a silvery liquid that when you touch it or try to pick it up, it multiplies into different parts and rolls away. This can give you a little insight into your Gemini friends.  I was surprised at how calm it was until the eclipse.

The eclipse meant the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn were all in the sign of Scorpio, and were in a harmonious relationship with Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Cancer. Scorpio is persistent and finishes what it starts. Virgo is fussy and precise and Cancer is family oriented. Well, Mercury has been persistent in causing glitches on my computer, although the printers are okay. The computer decided to change the letter of the hard drive where my documents are saved, requiring me to change the default settings of all the programs. When I send documents to others, they are converted to the Adobe .pdf format. One document would only convert one page. After an irritating hour, I finally hit the help button. Lo and behold! All by itself the program decided to change the settings to only convert one page and I had to change the settings back to converting the entire document. None of this had happened in previous retrograde Mercury times, usually it was the printer that acted up.

Taurus is experiencing attention to relationships with the opportunity to save money and have good family situations. Scorpio may be a driving force demanding others account – in detail. Leo and Aquarius would be pressed to account for expenses, and perhaps think others are trying to control them. Gemini and Sagittarius could be irritated at having to account for expenses, but the Scorpio planets indicate they have an opportunity to make it right. Cancer would have the easiest of it because the planets in this eclipse situation are compatible. Pisces may believe they are being picked on to produce dreaded detail, but the planets are easy on them, too, and Pisces can do it with a little support. Libra is truly neutral because they are in between Mars and the Scorpio planets. Aries has a very irritating time adjusting to the shifts in activity because of possible family challenges. Virgo has the opportunity to cooperate with the manager, harmoniously providing details to keep the project within budget. Capricorn is compatible with both the Scorpio planets and Mars in Virgo and can provide quiet leadership or common-sense advice, but may have a challenging relationship with someone who wants to expand or spend too much money.