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How Can I Have a Reading?

Patty is a Master Professional Psychic Astrologer who is available for your reading. 

Your reading can include your astrological interpretation and year ahead, tarot, connections with those on the other side, including pets and conversation with the Light Beings, angels and Masters.

Expect your reading to be an hour, although your time with Patty can be more or less. 

From Kim O'Neil, psychic channeler: Patty is a natural, clear channel who had many previous lifetimes as an astrologer. It was a privilege to read for you.

Again, you were right on about my wife's situation. KD, Bear De

You are SO good.  Thanks again for the reading!  You truly are a master and an angel! P.M., Louisiana.

Hi Patty, everything came thru just fine. I have listened to the recording's several times already.  Where do I start....I am just blown away with the hour we spent together on the phone.  You could not have been any nicer to talk with and enjoyable to listen too. You are truly gifted in your knowledge,precise, and direct. Would you believe you lifted stress off my shoulders; as I look forward to the future.  I feel like I have made a new friend and I will look forward to talking with you again in the future.  My girlfriends gave me a great Birthday gift.....one that I will long remember.  Thanks again for everything.

Dear Patty,

    I can’t remember ever having a more enjoyable – or amazing – conversation than the one I shared with you yesterday afternoon. You are so gifted and magnetic, I am sure you were right Saturday when you said you did this same work in another life. How else can we explain your ability to “see” so much and to communicate it to us “unschooled” souls. I anxiously await my recorded reading so I can re-live those magic moments!
        You’re truly a wonder!
        Sincerely, B.D., Virginia.

Patty is available by appointment at a time when you can be relaxed and quiet.Your session is recorded in MP3 format and emailed to you. Your reading includes your horoscope wheel printed in color, your important dates professionally printed out for your reference and notes, and the retrograde planet dates.

You may also have your reading recorded on tape and mailed to you by first class mail. 
Contact Patty personally to schedule your appointment. You will reach her personally on her own phone and personal email. 

If you are a Canadian Friend,please request that Patty call you if that will help lower your phone rates.
 Patty the Astrologer: 302.378.0579
Your reading is USD $ 126.00 for one hour prepaid
prorated for less or more time; and only $63 for half hour.

We accept Pay Pal and all major credit cards.