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Patty the Astrologer is your trusted advisor

How Can I Have a Reading?

Patty is a Master Professional Psychic Astrologer who is available for your reading. 

Your reading can include your astrological interpretation and year ahead, tarot, connections with those on the other side, including pets and conversation with the Light Beings, angels and Masters.

Expect your reading to be an hour, although your time with Patty can be more or less.

From Kim O'Neil, psychic channeller: Patty is a natural, clear channel who had many previous lifetimes as an astrologer. It was a privilege to read for you.

Again, you were right on about my wife's situation. KD, Bear De

Patty is available by appointment at a time when you can be relaxed and quiet.Your session is recorded and emailed to you. Your reading includes your horoscope wheel printed in color, your important dates professionally printed out for your reference and notes, and the retrograde planet dates.

Contact Patty personally to schedule your appointment. You will reach her personally on her own phone and personal email. 

International readings can be scheduled with free conference call which has local international phone numbers.

Your reading is USD $153.00 for one hour prepaid
prorated for less or more time; and only $65 for half hour.

We accept Pay Pal, Square and all major credit cards.