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Patty the Astrologer is your trusted advisor

Celestial Gifts for Any Time

Gift certificate for a reading
with internationally known psychic astrologer, channeler, author and lecturer **  Patty the Astrologer

Readings may be astrology, tarot, psychic or channeling to contact those on the other side, including pets, your Guide, angels and the Ascended Masters, and can be in one appointment. Readings are recorded and emailed. Your gift certificate may be sent to you to give to your loved one or directly to them. The person receiving your gift schedules their reading at a time convenient for them.

Readings are for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes ** Abundance exchange is $35, $63, $95 & $126 respectively.
Gift certificate abundance exchange is charged when your recipient schedules their reading, when you will be contacted by Patty for payment.

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Solar Fire computed astrology report
An inexpensive gift with basic, accurate, helpful astrology interpretation

$29.95 per report emailed  ***  $33.95 first class mailed
Each report 17 to 20 pages of personalized, typed interpretation..

  • Natal horoscope interpretation, horoscope chart wheel included.
  •  Forecast for your chosen length of time. Horoscope chart wheel and listing of dates included
  •  Relationship synastry or comparison. Natal wheel of each and combined chart included.    _________________________________
For those who know astrology, dates of transits calculated for you personally for the length of time requested. Unlike commercial, generic calendars, these are calculated just for you, using your birth information and current location, in both list and time-line form. Daily or yearly major planetary transits. (These are included in personal consultations.) This is helpful for daily and yearly astrology guidance. $20 for both list and time line for one year outer transiting planets; $20 per month for daily transiting planets.

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Patty's must-have astrology booklet is a perfect gift for any time.

Meeting of the Minds Through the Signs, Using Astrological Keywords to Unlock the Power of Communication is available in paperback or Kindle on for $9.99. Short, easy-to-find reference about the astrological sign of the person you want to communicate with. With this booklet, you can quickly and easily look up which words, and other helpful information, to use with people of an astrology sign to get their attention to have a better understanding of them. The only astrology you need know is their sign - and yours, of course.

Available from Amazon:

If you would like a signed copy, please contact Patty via email  so you can receive your personalized copy. The cost for your personalized copy is $13.50 sent to the United States; $14.50 to Canada.  Her email is