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May 14, 2013

Taurus eclipse happenings & Solar Flares

As if the new moon eclipse in Taurus on May 9th was not enough, NASA is saying the sun is sending very large solar flares (CME's) to the earth now.  This means it is possible for the glitches you experienced over the past weekend of May 9 through the 11th to continue. If you are a Taurus, have a Taurus Moon or Ascendant, you are energized from the extra energy from the Sun. If you are tired or irritable, please get some rest. Your relationships and activities may be moving too fast and you can blame it on the Sun. 

The solar flares affect radio waves, cell phones, your TV and computer, so if they glitch, this is what it is. Since they affect electricity, they affect you, because  you are an electrical being. How much electricity, and at what speed is individual for each person. If you are a high-energy person, you may go faster and wear out or go past those who are slower. Try to be patient with yourself and others. Remember that each of us is supposed to be who we are. 

Here is the notice: 

Solar activity is high.  During a 24 hour period straddling May 13th and 14th, the sun unleashed three X-class solar flares.  These are the strongest flares of the year so far, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity.  The source of the flares, a large sunspot on the sun's eastern limb, appears poised to erupt again as it turns toward Earth.  Check for updates and more information.
During the time of the eclipse, a Taurus friend had a time with her car on the eclipse, and I was involved. Her car overheated, so I picked her up a few miles north of our houses. The next day, Friday, she had arranged for her mechanic to pick up her car. I was supposed to drive her to her car and return us home. However, the man arrived at her car before I was ready, so she drove my car to her car. It turned out that she and the mechanic towed her car to the car repair place and they gave her a loaner car. She drove home and I did not have to go

Next change: Saturday I was supposed to pick up flowers an hour and a half south of here and was ready to leave when Ms. Taurus made changes again. Turns out she has friends who live two blocks from the flower pick-up location, so she arranged for her friends to pick them up for me. Ms. Taurus was going down that way anyway and brought the flowers home on Monday morning. 

Turned out that the flower order was shorted by two flowers, but that is not a big deal. It was good changes for me, but for Ms. Taurus it was irritating. Taurus does not like change and her entire weekend was full of it. Even after she reached her weekend destination, the weekend brought minor changes for her. She managed with a smile and a laugh, though.

For those of you who want to know astrology: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, South node, Mars were all in the sign of Taurus on May 9, the day of the eclipse. The eclipse itself was not related to my chart, but... the south node was conjunct my natal Uranus, noting change with Taurus people or issues that were a repeat from the past. Transiting Mars was on my seventh house cusp of relationships, opposite my ascendant, indicating changes in relationships, possibly with Taureans. That I did not drive the car that day is fortunate. Mars rules or is the patron planet of vehicles and it could have been difficult with Mars opposing my ascendant or physical body. The other planetary aspect to my chart is that of transiting Uranus in an active square to my natal Mars, indicating unexpected and sudden change. This minor activity with the car is not it; there will be other changes as that transit progresses. I'll keep you informed.

To learn how this past eclipse, and any future ones, will impact your chart, please contact me via email or phone. You will reach me personally.

Thanks for reading

May 9, 2013

Eclipse of May 9, 2013

Solar Eclipse of 9 May 2013


This is a new Moon eclipse
Exact at 8:28:22 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

Unrelated to the eclipse, but related to the new Moon is gardening. After the new Moon in Taurus the danger of frost should be past and you can plant outside now.

The degree of this eclipse is 19 Degrees Taurus. However, Mars, the south node and Mercury are all in the sign of Taurus, within a 5 degree or orb or span. Venus has just gone into zero degrees of Gemini. That means Mars, the south node, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun and Venus are very close together, qualifying and focusing the energy from the Sun into your life.

If you have a planet, your ascendent or midheaven at 18, 19 or 20 degrees of a sign, expect today and tomorrow to be fairly busy. How depends on the relationship of the new Moon eclipse to that point. To receive a quick explanation, you may contact Patty for your interpretation. This need not be long. You may ask your question via email or phone. Call Patty at 302-378-0579 and you will reach her personally.

Taurus is earthy, practical, money-oriented and loves food (at a bargain, of course). Taurus is also stubborn and slow to act.

What does this mean to you? If you are a Taurus, you may be experiencing more energy than usual. It is a good time to begin new projects, especially since a solar eclipse is a new Moon eclipse, and the new Moon is the time for beginnings. If you are experiencing resistance, shoulder some responsibility and it will work out. Now is the time to act with all those planets in your sign. Get going, but at your own pace.

For Scorpio, expect opposition from the person who handles the checkbook. That person does not necessarily understand long-term finances and you do. Focus on the pennies, give the Taurus or checkbook person control and it will balance. Relationships can be difficult, fraught with control issues. Look at the long-term picture and act according to what is best for everyone.

For Leo, control issues over money. The one who handles the checkbook can be upset at what he or she considers excess spending on lavish affairs or expensive articles. The one who handles your long-term finances can be upset by your short-term outlook on expenses to attract attention to yourself.

For Aquarius, control issues, too. Both of your money people try to control how you spend on friends, groups and causes. You may think they are being small-minded, they may think you are being too abstract and unrealistic.

The way to handle control issues is to give control to the other person, and this is very hard for the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

For Aries Gemini, this is fairly neutral.

For Cancer and Pisces, there is a quiet opportunity for careful financial planning to secure future income. Taurus people may pop into your life today and they have a quiet, good message for you.

For Virgo and Capricorn, today should be a quiet, good, smooth day with good relationships, good working situations and you should achieve your goals.

Sagittarius and Libra experience a day full of unexpected interruptions that you need to adjust to. You may have a financial surprise, such as forgetting to have written a check down with the result you are short of cash. Relationships can be irritating if you are not allowing yourself to go with the flow and accommodate change of social plans. Ouch! Says Libra, who does not like to have their social plans changed. Sagittarius is always ready for change and to go on another trip, whether mental or actual.

Enjoy the eclipse this evening and don’t let control issues cause trouble.