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Nov 29, 2021

Dec including Dec 4 eclipse

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Happy Hanukkah to those of you celebrating the celebration of Lights.
Christian Advent begins Sunday, Nov 28 in anticipation of the birth of Jesus.

General interpretation of the new-Moon or solar eclipse.
Interpretation to the USA.

The week has Sagittarius planets in harmony with Aquarius and Aries planets, meaning there are opportunities for those of these signs to cooperate for harmony and innovation. This time of year is always Sagittarius the travel sign, so we’ll experience much traveling after being cooped up with COVID for so long, possibly with Sagittarius leading. The Capricorn planets are in easy relationship with Taurus. Pisces is in the middle of them, revealing the opportunity for cooperation with compassionate and creative activities for everyone in addition to Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces. Mars in Scorpio is in opportunity with Capricorn, meaning they can work together to bring about stable finances with existing situations. Mars in Scorpio is also in easy relationship Pisces and may offer Pisces support for Pisces creativity and compassion.

However, Mars in Scorpio is in tension with Aquarius, revealing tense, control-issue situations regarding new, advanced or humanitarian activities because Scorpio wants to control the money which the Aquarian energy wants to spend without thinking.

The important celestial happening this week is the solar or new-Moon eclipse on Dec 4, 02:42 am ET.  at 12 degree Sagittarius 22 minutes. If you have a 11, 12 or 13 degree planet, your asc or midheaven at these degrees it will relate to your chart. (A short reading with Patty can help you recognize it). Mars will travel to this degree on New Year’s Eve, Dec 31, 2021 when the eclipse activities may be noticed.

You can see that in addition to the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, we have Mercury and the South Node. Since eclipses are triggers, there may be changes in travel, immigration, higher education, foreign relations and the higher court cases. Revealed are opportunities for advances in new ideas for groups, humanitarian activities and outing with friends.

The Moon is joined with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn in good relationship with Uranus in Taurus, indicating traditional or careful activities go well and there should be overall financial stability. Neptune in Pisces is in the middle of these, revealing creative harmony and compassion in these activities.

Now you ask? Where is the catch? Dec 7, Pearl Harbor Day in the USA, Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces, warning of incomplete, deceitful or incomplete communication and news. If the weather wind and water, a storm or floods. However, mares and Pluto are in opportunity relationship for quick recovery and financial stability. On Dec 8 there is a tense standoff between Scorpio and Aquarius, with the Scorpio energy trying to control expensive activity way over the budget.

    What about to the USA?

The eclipse sits exactly on the ascendant of the Sibley chart! Wow! This means it is exactly opposite the seventh house cusp of allies, enemies, laws, treaties and agreements. The next day, Dec 5, the Sun is in the see-saw or quincunx relationship with the natal Sun - change indeed! How will this play out? It could be a popular change in immigration, popular change in a law or the opposite of large opposition to a law. Mars will travel to this degree of the eclipse New Year’s Eve, Dec 31, 2021 when it may be reactivated.

We will watch this!

Dec 9, Mars travels to tense relationship with USA natal Moon, and in sextile to USA natal Pluto, indicating tense situation from behind the scenes towards the population with the opportunity for successful negotiations. Behind the scenes may be a secret enemy saber-rattling but settled with negotiations. 

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Nov 7, 2021

November Starcast Nov 7 to Nov 15, 2021

As written for and published in Troika’s Saint Germain Newsletter:

******* StarCast by Patty!

Soul's Purpose Astrologer, Patty Finlayson, brings us tips on our best actions to benefit from the monthly focus and direction of the planets.

It is Scorpio time to express the “virtues” of good money management, introspection of one’s own emotions, personal involvement, and keeping confidences. It is helpful for you to deeply introspect what you think is stable and secure and how you can transform that area of your life by eliminating what does not work. It is time for personal involvement with others to improve a situation. You want to keep confidences, manage finances and try to understand the real, original meaning of your emotions.

Two planets change signs: Mercury into Scorpio, indicating it is time to communicate in a focused, direct and inclusive way with your relationships, manage but not control conversations and communiqués. When others may be blunt or controlling, not to take it personally, try to cooperate the best you can. Also to deeply examine your emotions to learn their cause.

Venus goes into Capricorn through March 2022. Your loved one may be interested in saving money, going inward and seem to be distant. Be compassionate because they may be processing old hurts, not necessarily about you. Basic necessities may be in short supply because of the supply chain is still internationally disrupted. Conserve your resources and focus on what is necessary, saving the luxuriousness until March 2022.

Patty's Celestial forecast for the week

Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio making the month emotionally intense or focused. They are in harmony with Pluto, Neptune and Venus, so the energy should be good except... For financial challenges in the changing of money evidenced by the ups and downs of the crypto-currencies and how they are to be handled by countries and big financial firms. Part of the energy wants to expand and part wants to contract, hence stress and control issues.

The November full Moon is the 19th in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, intensifying Scorpio energy against Taurus energy about financial issues that include expansion of the social programs with possible stand-offs that are all about who is in control, not about the bills themselves.

For those of you who know your charts, Pluto is still at 24 degrees Capricorn, Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. Uranus retrogrades between 12 and 12 degrees Taurus and Saturn at 7 and 8 degrees Aquarius, and Jupiter 22 to 25 degrees Aquarius.

Nov 7:  Moon goes into Capricorn adding practical or career planning to the day.

Nov 8 :no exact astrological aspects.

Nov 9: Moon goes into friendly Aquarius and you may be with your friends.

Nov 10: strong, focused financial communication with equally strong attempts to control the situation. This is stress about who is in control with strong emotions. Scorpio and Aquarius have a very tense day, along with Leo and Taurus. Cancer can help Scorpio but is off balance with Aquarius, meaning Cancer’s feelings are not being felt. Gemini can help Aquarius but is off balance with Scorpio who is not listing to Gemini’s attempts to show all sides of the situation. Libra may help Aquarius and Gemini but may step on Cancer’s feelings. Pisces is confused by the whole thing Taurus is in control of the everyday money and may be stressfully included. Aries either goes on alone of drops little comments to get some action. Sagittarius is the peacemaker so if you are lucky to have a Sagittarius with you they will help smooth things.

Nov 11: better but quirky day adjusting to yesterday. Quarter Moon in the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio indicating stubborn control issues over change, possibly including Leo and Taurus. Cancer and Libra can take leading roles to help resolve things.

Nov 12: better emotional day and a good day to escaping with creativity. Some successful adjustment from the past few days.

Nov 13: financial communication over who controls the checkbook and the portfolio. Scorpio pushes Taurus to make longer-range financial plans. Leo and Aquarius also experience control issues. Cancer and Pisces can sooth Scorpio, Virgo giving Taurus the detail and Capricorn leading Taurus.

Nov 14: no exact astrological aspects.

Nov 15: active but focused day with friends or groups but their may be two people trying to manage. Scorpio and Aquarius each want control; Gemini can reveal all facets and Libra lending gracious diplomacy. 

 Patty the Astrologer is available for your reading. Contact her for your accurate confidential reading just for you using your specific birth information. 


All of November Pluto continues the assault on established laws and agreements including the Supreme Court. This also indicates strong congressional opposition or stubborn negotiations about those laws. Because Pluto is the patron planet of secrets, power uprisings and is also the patron planet of the USA hidden house, this opposition could be fomented by secret enemies or just strong opposition from a member of Congress. (T Pluto oppose N Mercury).

All of November the USA’s expansionary outlook for the infrastructure looks successful, with good agreements. Also the nation’s technology expands with home-based manufacturing and business agreements. Very advanced ideas are successfully proposed and put into action. This is exact Nov 14 when there could be an announcement. (P Mercury trine N Mars).

The USA is a Cancer country so the planets in Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus gives an opportunity to get the financial house in order with careful changes. Jupiter the expansion planet is in the sign of Aquarius the sign of humanity or humanitarian projects and will be exact next month, so expansion of social activity should be successful. At the same time, Saturn is also in this sign, and Saturn is the planet of restriction, so expect continued congressional wrangling.

All of November the president is having some success and is better understood. The tax income for the proposed expansionary bills is possible. (P Moon trine N Saturn). Exact November 16.

Nov 7: good news about the president, or news about a good agreement or pass a law beneficial to the presidency, the president, the workforce and health situations. This means the pandemic could be waning.

Nov 8: another indication that Congress passes a law beneficial to the USA population, and good agreements with allies and the President interacting with allies but with the financial offering less than expected.

Nov 9: the president has a setback regarding financing his plan or is trying to balance incoming money with cost of his plan.

Nov 12: possible settlement of strikes with adjustments to demands.

Nov 13: continuation of the possible strike settlements.

Nov 2, 2021

Celestial forecast Oct 31 to Nov 8 2021

Venus enters Capricorn through March 2022.

Mercury into Scorpio November 5

New Moon Nov 4

WEAK CME IMPACT: A CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Oct. 31st at approximately 10:00 UT. The impact was weak--a far cry from the "big hit" we expected. What happened? It's possible that the bulk of the Oct. 28th CME missed our planet; after all, it was directed somewhat south of the sun-Earth line. Despite the feebleness of the impact, minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are still possible in the hours ahead. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text. Read here: .

AURORAS OVER ICELAND: Last night (Oct. 30th) on the south coast of Iceland, Christopher Mathews was waiting for the CME to arrive when, suddenly, the sky filled with auroras: beautiful picture at

Oct 31: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and Halloween. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Read more here. It should be a safe afternoon and evening to take the children out. Communication is more clear today and tomorrow, especially with Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Balanced plans for expansion of activities (is this a contradiction?) should happen. Sun and Moon getting along revealing the opportunity for good common sense for the day and good for going out.

Nov 1: yesterday’s clear communication continues through the first half of today. It should be a good day for everyone, but especially for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Moon goes into Libra.

Nov 2: tense communication, especially from the one trying to graciously deal with the powerful one about established ways of doing things. Especially tense between Libra and Capricorn and may bring in Aries and Cancer. Your day could have impulsive, argumentative conversations. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn.

Nov 3: Moon goes into Scorpio. 

Nov 4: resistance or confrontation between the one who takes care of the checkbook and the one managing the entire account. Could be a reckoning regarding the crypto currency. Put another way, stubborn resistance between these people because of control issues. Taurus and Scorpio refuse to agree or give in, possibly including Leo and Aquarius. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus. There is a new Moon today emphasizing the situations.

Nov 5: two planets change signs along with the Moon going into Sagittarius.

★    Venus goes into Capricorn Nov 5 through early March 2022 because Venus goes retrograde Dec 19 in Capricorn. Your loved one may be interested in saving money, going inward and seem to be distant. Be compassionate because they may be processing old hurts, not necessarily about you. Basic necessities may be in short supply because of the supply chain is still internationally disrupted. Conserve your resources and focus on what is necessary, saving the luxuriousness until March 2022. However, Capricorn may be more affectionate and loving with Taurus and Virgo and may just produce unusually loving work and artifacts. Cancer may feel your loved one retreating, but you understand this. Aries and Libra can have situations where your loved one is more interested in work and money than you. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to be included in successful career, household improvements or volunteer activities. Leo and Gemini adjust to your loved ones interested in work or accomplishing things than romance. Sagittarius and Aquarius neutral.

★    Mercury goes into Scorpio Nov 5. Conversation turns to intimacy, long-term money (investments). time to communicate in a focused, direct and inclusive way with your relationships, manage but not control conversations and communiqués. When others may be blunt or controlling not to take it personally and try to cooperate the best you can. Also to deeply examine your emotions to learn their cause. Scorpio is more conversationally assertive and may challenge Taurus. Leo and Aquarius experience conversational challenges. Cancer and Pisces have good communication, Virgo and Capricorn have opportunity to be included, Libra and Sagittarius are neutral, with Gemini and Aries adjust to intense or serious communication.

Nov 6: no exact astrological aspects.

Nov 7: Moon goes into Capricorn.

Nov 8 :no exact astrological aspects.


The President is at the World Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland Oct through Nov 12. He was in Rome, visiting the Pope prior and received Holy Communion from the Pope while there. The USA celestial forecast, though, is for the USA, not the personal forecast of the President. When the USA chart has indications for the president, that will be noted.

Oct 31: communication good with allies and those at WCS but the congress is still dithering over money.

Nov 1: Moon in Virgo in the house of the Supreme Court indicating focus on details of a case.

Nov 2: the President has the opportunity to be well received about share resources but is challenged.

Nov 3: exact date of an opportunity for success regarding finances, USA population, laws and agreements with allies. (P Moon sextile asc/desc).

Nov 5: congress comes to an agreement and may pass a good law and have good relations with foreign entities.

Nov 7: good news about the president, or news about a good agreement or pass a law beneficial to the presidency, the president, the workforce and health situations. This means the pandemic could be waning.

Nov 8: another indication that Congress passes a law beneficial to the USA population, and good agreements with allies and the President interacting with allies but with the financial offering less than expected.

Oct 19, 2021

Upcoming October and November events

Upcoming October and November 2021 events

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Ongoing weekly Tuesdays at 2:30 Eastern Time. Edgar Cayce study group, currently studying the A.R.E. Enlightenment Series for October, Famous dreams, including famous Bible dreams, with additional Cayce reading information. Free. Contact Patty to be included. It is helpful to be an Edgar Cayce A.R.E. member, but not necessary. Patty has been a member since 1976 and served many volunteer regional positions and is currently the volunteer ARE Delmar Area Representative.



Sunday October 24
at 1 pm ET. Gnosis and the Law discussion group, discussing chapters in the book. This month the discussion will be on Cosmic Evil and will include the Edgar Cayce readings on Good and Evil. Contact Patty for your invitation. Tuition $30.00. The November meeting is not scheduled yet but will be on a Sunday at 1 pm ET.

Saturday, November 6 at 1 pm ET. In person in Wilmington, Delaware. Advanced astrology interpretation of two personal charts about specific happenings. Contact Patty if you would like to join us, are able to meet in person and are vaccinated. Tuition $30.00. The November intermediate online astrology class is not yet scheduled.



Sunday November 14 at 1 pm ET. Online. Soul Writing with Joanne DiMaggio. This is the program that was re-scheduled from October 10 because of glitches (Mercury retrograde!).

What if you knew, really knew in every part of your being, that there is an answer to every question you have ever pondered and all you have to do is ask and the answer will be forthcoming? Soul Writing - a written form of meditation - can provide those answers. With Soul Writing, referred to as Inspirational Writing by Edgar Cayce, you communicate with a divine presence, asking soulful questions, and getting a response in writing. It's like a 24/7 direct line to highly-evolved guidance counselors who are just waiting to hear from you. This workshop includes an overview of the soul writing process - what it is and why it's different from automatic writing; what Cayce says about it; famous writers and composers who have used it; and how to establish a writing ritual of your own. You'll learn all the ways you can apply Soul Writing to your life - from tapping into your past lives to facilitating your self-awareness and healing. The second part of the session is experiential, with a guided reverie leading you into doing the soul writing for yourself. Have a pen and journal handy for the writing session. Soul Writing is something anyone can do and do well, even on the first try. See what a profound change it can make in your life! Free will donation. You will receive the formal invitation a little later, but if you want to let us know you are interested, you may email Patty. For those of you who have already registered, thank you. You will receive the new link information early in November.

Thank you for reading.

Oct 17, 2021

Mercury & Jupiter go direct Oct 18

 Oct 18 to Oct 25 2021

Mercury goes direct Oct 18 at 10 Libra 08
Jupiter goes direct October 18 at 22 Aquarius 19
Full Moon Oct 20 at 27 degrees Aries and Libra

The week again begins with Libra and Aquarius energy prominent, indicating possible good activities for both and offering an opportunity for Sagittarius to be included. However Pluto can put the brakes on Libra Aries and Cancer because of the need to heed already-in-place policies; this means the established way of things is the best for them for another week or ten days. Saturn and Uranus are sort of in tension; meaning the money supply and commodities continue to be disrupted. Sagittarius continues to attract people and situations from the past to enjoy or heal. Libra is at odds with Pisces and Taurus and needs to accommodate vagueness and slow-to-respond people. Gemini has a good week with Libra, Aquarius and Aries but may contradict Sagittarius, but Gemini may provide the ability to recognize all side of a situation and diplomatically help.

Oct 18 both Mercury and Jupiter go direct so expect a busy day. See the above signs and degrees to learn if they directly relate to your chart and if so, it will be extra busy. Patty your Astrologer can help you understand what it means and how to manage.

October 18 and 19: basically good days expect for possible glitches with Mercury and Jupiter going direct. Except for glitches which can be managed, a good day for humanitarian projects to go forward smoothly.

October 20: full Moon in Aries and Libra who will feel it the most, with challenging situations that may include Cancer and Capricorn. Aquarius can help with the big picture, Gemini can help with their ability to see all sides of the situation and diplomatically offer solution.

October 22: difficult day with tension between those who want to expand and cooperate and the one in established power or situation who wants to control it. There could be further symbolic tearing down of structures. Libra and Capricorn experience tense situation, along with Cancer and Aries. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra; Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries.

Oct 23 Eastern Time: Sun goes into Scorpio through November 21. Attention is now on  investments, money management, intimacy and being involved. Good month for Scorpio to begin projects with cooperation from the established way of doing things combined with a little creative vision. Scorpio tries to push Taurus to no avail, but Taurus can work well with Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer and Pisces.


The USA continues the preview of the upcoming transformation of the values of the country that will be exact beginning February 2022. Also, karma continues to be brought to the fore this week, meaning past mistakes, especially fiscal, need to be corrected. The USA chart indicates spending should be for the people, but in moderation. Also, karmic situations from the founding of the nation July 4, 1776, are brought to our attention. Can this be the slavery issue? If so that is already in process.

There is continued opportunity for positive change about higher laws and the Supreme Court, situations with foreign entities, the medical and workforce situations. This has an exact date of October 22.

Transiting Uranus is going through the USA area of the workforce, revealing big change. We are experiencing the workforce changing how and where they work, disrupting some industries, such as restaurants, long-distance trucking, but with an increase in local delivery and people going to better-paying warehouse jobs. It will settle because this is an opportunity for positive change.

There may be continued demonstration and court decisions about abortion. (The USA progressed Venus is in the USA fifth house of children opposite the USA P Saturn, meaning this issue will continue for about a year.)

Oct 18 Jupiter goes direct in the see-saw, quincunx relationship to the Supreme court. This will be in effect for the remainder of October and through the first week of November. We may see lower court decisions brought up by the Supreme Court and adjusted or changed. One of the issues will be freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. ( T Jupiter quincunx N Neptune).

Oct 20 is mixed, with good announcement from the office of the presidency that pleases the population, but is a challenge to finances. Could this be congressional resistance? (T Sun trine N Moon and square N Pluto).

Oct 21 is mixed, too. The president has the opportunity to solve an immigrations situation but there is challenge regarding the legality. (T Venus sextile N Saturn and T Mars square N Mercury).

Oct 22: opportunity for positive change about higher laws and the Supreme Court, situations with foreign entities, and the medical and workforce situations.

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Oct 3, 2021

Draconid meteor showers this week. Your celestial probabilities.

 Oct 3 through Oct 11 2021

Draconid meteor showers this week.
Your celestial probabilities.

Heads up! 2021's Draconid meteor shower happens this week on the evening of Friday, October 8. But you might see some meteors in the nights leading up to that as well. Full article here.with beautiful picture of Draco.

This week begins continues the social expression with three planets in Libra: Sun, Mars and Mercury and two in Aquarius: Jupiter and Saturn.  We begin with the Moon in Virgo, in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, adding practical endeavors to importance. Venus in Scorpio is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces, adding focused, loving creativity to the mix that also has the opportunity for a relatively easy transformation in relationships.

Libra is in a challenging, tense relationship with Capricorn revealing resistance from the established power base to the new cooperative efforts. With Libra in harmony with Aquarius, the harbinger of the new and possibly humanitarian activities, there can be success if Libra will appeal to the combnation of expansion of one phase and the contraction of another.

To get personal:

Libra is in easy relationship with Aquarius and Gemini. Libra can be the leader and diplomat to present new ideas in humanitarian and scientific activities. Libra may have tense and challenging situations with Capricorn over the established way of doing things and at odds with Pisces over what Libra may consider too generous give-away programs. Libra is also off-balance with the new money - cybercurrency - or Libra may want to spend more than is available and needs to adjust. Libra and Taurus off-balance with each other and need to accommodate each other’s points of view.

The new Moon on Oct. 6 is in Libra, adding energy to Libra and challenging Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. The new Moon is great for Gemini and Aquarius, iffy for Pisces and Taurus and reveals an opportunity for Leo and Sagittarius for good relationships. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral.

Aries experiences opposition in the form of others asking them to work together in cooperation instead of going it alone, but has a creative point of view and way of expressing the ideas for Aquarius.

Taurus is entrenched in not wanting to change, at odds with the speed of society and Libra, and may be resisting their loved ones intensity. Taurus can steady and offer a realistic outlook to  overly idealistic Pisces and help Capricorn with practical endeavors. Taurus has control issues with Aquarius who wants the new with Taurus clinging to the old, not wanting to change or move.

Gemini with their social and communication talent shows everyone how to pay attention to the everyday, your siblings, neighbors and especially communications. Their patron planet of Mercury is retrograde so what is offered needs to wait until after Oct 18 to implement.

Cancer experiences challenges from Libra and Capricorn, adjusts to the abstract with Aquarius and to new ways of doing things, has good interactions with Scorpio and Pisces, and has the opportunity to show Taurus how to change just a little bit and to take Taurus’ advice.

Leo experiences opposition, especially from Aquarius who wants Leo to pay attention to the group and abstract ideas. Leo experiences a lack of attention and also adjusts to people either not showing up or hogging the spotlight and to those focused on long-range work.

Virgo begins with the Moon in your sign, but that is only for a day or two. Virgo has a good work month, working with financial issues and helping those in long-range planning.

Scorpio has good interaction with Pisces, perhaps strengthening and helping Pisces, and has the opportunity to be involved in transforming the infrastructure via of money; either money itself or offering their valuable insight and management.

Sagittarius continues to deal with past-life and this-life situations. The good to rejoice, the difficult to correct. Sagittarius also is in a vague relationship with Pisces; neither of whom understand the other. If Sagittarius will avail of Libra or Gemini’s diplomacy, it will be better.

Capricorn is strong and focused on what is established and secure, and in tense relationship with Libra who is asking for Capricorn to cooperate with something new. Capricorn has the opportunity to offer their wisdom to the overly idealistic and to someone young and intense.

Aquarius is busy planning for future humanitarian or group projects and simultaneously figuring out how to establish them. Gemini can help with diplomatic communication and Libra can help put the ideas before others.

Pisces is either very creative or very dreamy. If Pisces will accept the opportunities from both Capricorn and Taurus for practical application, they will be happy. Pisces has good love and financial relationship with Scorpio. 

To the USA

Transiting Pluto continues its relentless opposition to the USA natal Mercury, meaning there is strong opposition to higher laws and agreements with allies or enemies or both. Pluto is the patron planet of atomic energy and this could mean a country with nuclear energy, such as Iran, continues to oppose the USA. On a more gloomy side, there could be more deaths from COVID. This continues through the end of November this year. Domestically, continued opposition from Congress to a higher court decisions, and opposition to creating new or opposition to existing laws.
This also reveals the strong congressional public opposition to creating laws and non-cooperation.

Last week saw the Democrat progressives and centrists each intransigent, refusing to budge from their own points of view and wants. Last week also saw the government avoid another shutdown. This is all about money and is astrologically revealed in part with transiting Saturn conjunct the USA South Node, the point of past mistakes. Saturn is the patron planet of the Democrats (Rex Bill’s Planetary Rulerships) who are, interestingly, trying to restrict the money.

The Republican’s patron planet is Jupiter, which is in uncomfortable relationship with Neptune of the Supreme Court, revealing the challenges of their laws and proposed laws to the Supreme Court. (T Jupiter quincunx N Neptune).

The multi-focused situations of the workforce, medical workers, the pandemic and immigration continue, with supply chain and worker disruptions and shortages. (T Uranus quincunx N Asc.).

October 6, 7, and 8 sees progress with the President’s agenda, at least for infrastructure because of impetus from congress and perhaps from cabinet secretaries. (New Moon at 27 Libra conjunct N Moon and T Mars conjunct N Saturn). However there are strong challenges to laws and perhaps a strong Supreme Court challenge. (T Sun square N Sun).

Patty the Astrologer is here for your own personal accurate astrology forecast.

Oct 1, 2021

October 2021 General & USA


October begins with six planets retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You know about Mercury retrograde glitches. The outer planet retrograde times are for you to re-evaluate what these planets represent generally and in your horoscope, meaning your life. With Jupiter look at where you may have too much excess; with Saturn where are the restrictions; with Uranus are you free without considering others; with Neptune are you seeing life clearly or through a mist; with Pluto what may be outworn and need to be replaced? After evaluating these, make plans to rectify what you think needs it when they go direct.

Pluto goes direct Oct 6, Saturn goes direct Oct 11, Mercury and Jupiter go direct Oct 18, adding momentum to their travels and symbolic activities, after which you may have evaluated how they have been retrograde in your life and how you may perfect any plans.

This is certainly Libra time with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Libra. The Sun and Mars will be conjunct, or within one degree of each other, from Oct 2 through Oct 14. This means strong initiative energy for cooperation, diplomacy and joint ventures. Libra will be energized and more assertive than usual, pushing or even opposing Aries’ tendency to go it alone. Cancer and Capricorn may be asked to be involved in cooperative activities, or be in challenging situations requiring cooperation. Gemini and Aquarius enjoy a nice social month; Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity to cooperate with social or diplomatic ventures. Pisces and Taurus adjust to cooperative activities, or dealing with others when they would rather be left alone. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral.

The Libra energy is harmonious with the Aquarius energy of Saturn and Jupiter, indicating possible cooperation and progress regarding the COVID situation or humanitarian needs. However, the same Libra energy adjusts to financial reality, experiences a crisis with outworn “structures” or what is thought as stable and tries to balance this with unrealistic expectations. This is not only for Libra but for all of us. (Libra trine Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius, quincunx Uranus in Taurus and square Pluto in Capricorn).

On Oct 7 Venus moves into Sagittarius and in a good relationship with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn but in iffy relationship with Neptune. Towards the end of October, be careful in your love, business and travel relationships because there may be confusion, vagueness and perhaps deception. Use your discernment to figure things out.

The immigration situation is in the forefront Oct 10 and 11, possibly with some immigrants being settled in communities where their countrymen are located. (Venus conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius).

The “purpose” (North Node in Gemini) until mid-January 2022 is to pay attention to everyday life, clear communications, siblings, close neighbors and stay close to home.

These predictions are very general and may not fit everyone. Each horoscope is unique. A personal reading using your specific birth information is uncannily accurate and very helpful. Contact Patty for your reading. 
USA October 2021
The USA this month experiences many challenges to laws possibly coming from the office of the presidency and the Democratic Party. (The Libra planets square the USA natal Cancer planets.) Financial reality causes common sense to be put to the humanitarian efforts coming from Congress. (T Uranus Quincunx N Saturn).The Libra energy is beneficial to the workforce and medical workers and stimulates innovation. (T Libra trine USA N South Node and the Moon and conjunct N Saturn).

The USA continues to experience strong opposition to Supreme Court law or decisions and to existing financial laws. Any proposed laws will be strongly challenged. (T Pluto oppose N Mercury).

The USA also continues to experience rebellion to the office of the presidency, the law and financial adjustments because of monetary restrictions. (T Uranus quincunx N Saturn).

Sep 20, 2021

Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde


Last week you received an in-depth explanation of the planetary situation for September. To read again please go here: .


Today we give you a picture of the equinoxes of which the fall equinox comes to the Northern Hemisphere September 22 , 2021 at 3:34:46 pm Eastern Time at Wilmington Delaware.

 The day and night are equal, hence the word Equinox. www. has interesting articles about the equinoxes and the solstices and is where the picture is from.

 The four points of change, called the solstices and equinoxes are when the Sun goes into zero degrees of one of the four cardinal signs: the Solstices Cancer and Capricorn; the Equinoxes Aries and Libra. In ancient literature these are called the four corners of the earth. We know the earth is round so it cannot have corners, but these four astronomical points were translated as corners. They are active “corners” of the zodiac, a sort of corner of the seasons, resulting in active times of the year. We call them active because Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are cardinal or active signs, signifying beginnings, especially Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

 When the fall equinox happens on Sept 22 this year, it triggers activity to people in the sign of Libra especially, who would be the catalyst or spark for activity and who may challenge Aries in relationships, spark Cancer and Capricorn with energizing, sometimes challenging circumstances. In astrology the word challenge is the keyword for the 90-degree square planetary relationship. These square challenges mean situations occur which require decisions, which these signs enjoy. Challenge? Tell them it cannot be done and they’ll do it, maybe not telling you but bring you the results.

 So for this Libra time, in addition to the Cardinals, other signs have activity, too. Gemini and Aquarius have nice social time; Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity to be included but need to accept to have the good time. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral, with Pisces and Taurus adapting to requests for cooperation or being with others, probably in unexpected social activities. These signs enjoy being along, hence the adaption.

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Mercury goes retrograde Sept 27.

Here is a picture of how a retrograde planet travels in the sky, so you can see it actually appears to go backwards and forward again to repeat where it has been. When it goes retrograde it has a “stationary point” where it seems to stand still, meaning it is in the same degree for a day or two, then moves forward, seems to move backward, traveling over the same degree; then it goes forward, traveling over that degree again. This can be likened to driving along a road, turning around and turning around again, passing the same point three times. In addition to the typical glitches of Mercury retrograde, if you have these degrees in your chart, it is more glitchy and annoying.

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