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Aug 14, 2015

Conjuction of Venus and the New Moon

Today and tomorrow, August 14 and 15, Venus will pass almost-directly between Earth and the Sun-an event astronomers call "an inferior conjunction of Venus." The night side of Venus is now facing Earth, with only a sliver of its illuminated dayside visible from our side of the conjunction. The new Moon in the sign of Leo is today, August 14, exact at 10:53:22 am Eastern Time. To see a beautiful picture of Venus, go here:

What does this mean for you?

Venus is retrograde in the sign of Leo, joining the Sun, Moon and Mars, energizing Leo to act on their projects. Venus adds to the Leo generous nature, and softens them. Because Venus is retrograde the relationship it makes to your natal planets will repeat after Venus goes direct September 6.

Aquarius may experience what they perceive as self-centered relationships out of their control. Taurus and Scorpio experience situations dealing with control of finances. Aries and Sagittarius enjoy good relationships and projects. Gemini and Libra have the opportunity for happy interaction with creative people and social events. Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Capricorn and Pisces adjust to minor interruptions.

For the full month's generic prediction for the month of August, please click here.

Jupiter traveled into the sign of Virgo on August 11, and it does seem like the weather has cooled a little, at least here on the East Coast of America. 

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Aug 1, 2015

Month of Leo, August 2015

Jupiter changes from the sign of Leo to the sign of Virgo on August 11 through September 9, 2016. Let us hope the weather cools down and the fires abate. Perhaps there will be more rain to douse the fires and water the land. We’ll see.

Remember that Venus is retrograde all month. Your relationships could be unsatisfactory, and if so, it is could be the woman is a little unreasonable. Money could slow down, too, so be careful with expenditures. This will pass.

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Aug 1 Moon goes into Pisces at 06:36:10 pm. The Sun is in a weird relationship to Neptune, indicating irritations for Leo and Pisces.

Aug 2 is a good day for communicating technical ideas and innovations, even though the Sun and Moon are out of sorts. Again, Leo and Pisces are uncomfortable with each other.

Aug 2 Saturn goes direct at 28 degrees Scorpio and will be at this point through the month of August. This is a repeat of the second week of December, 2014. If you have a planet or point at 28 degrees, Saturn will be in a relationship with it; how depending upon the relationship or aspect.

Aug 3 Moon goes into Aries. Jupiter and Saturn are tense, indicating expenditures are coming under scrutiny and perhaps being reigned in. Leo is challenged to be more careful, with Taurus and Aquarius also in tense situation. Nobody can get away with anything today. Aries and Sagittarius help Leo; Gemini and Libra help Aquarius; Virgo and Capricorn help Taurus. Pisces and Cancer help soften Scorpio;

Aug 4, but beginning by Aug 3, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct again in the sign of Leo, so look up in the sky at sunset to see them shining brightly. Great day for Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Perhaps relationship control issues for Aquarius, and financial control issues for Taurus and Scorpio. Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Capricorn and Pisces adjust to extravagance or drama. Gemini and Libra have the opportunity for good social events.

Aug 5 Moon goes into Taurus. Venus and Saturn are in a tense relationship, indicating financial restraints, especially to Leo from the money manager. Saturn will also be restraining Taurus and Aquarius, with Aquarius having difficult personal interaction. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo; Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus; Cancer and Pisces can soften Scorpio; Gemini can help others see all sides of the situation, and Libra can be the diplomat.

Aug 6 quarter Moon in the signs of Taurus and Leo, drawing Scorpio and Aquarius into a challenging day. This is a busy day! The Sun and Pluto are in a weird relationship, asking Leo to adjust to financial reality. Communication is mixed: Leo can be direct and forceful in commands, ticking off Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Ideas are extravagant or exaggerated and challenged by the money manager. Leo will need the creative ideas of Aries and Sagittarius; with Gemini and Libra attempting diplomacy. Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Capricorn adjusts to the drama, as does Pisces. Leo, if you experience people backing off or turning away, be more cooperative.

Aug 7 Mercury goes into Virgo, softening communication. Whew! Detailed, sequential communication is favored. Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus enjoy the common sense, practical tone of ideas; Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity to exchange ideas and offer intuition; Pisces could be irritated with requests for detail. Finally, Leo is neutral as is Libra. Aquarius and Aries adjust to more practical communication; Gemini and Sagittarius could be irritated by requests for detail.

Aug 8 Moon goes into Gemini. Mars goes into Leo through September 25. This may negate our wish for the weather to cool down. Leo is the patron planet of children and sports, and there may be news of such. Leo is energized to accomplish things, and could be pushy, especially towards Aquarius. Taurus and Scorpio could experience financial control issues demanded by either Leo or an administrator. Aries and Sagittarius enjoy this time of creative accomplishment; Gemini and Libra enjoy opportunities for more social, creative activities. Cancer and Virgo are neutral. Pisces and Capricorn adjust to strong activity.

Aug 10 Moon goes into Cancer.

Aug 11 Jupiter goes into Virgo through September 9, 2016. The last time was between August 27, 2003 and September 25, 2004.  Jupiter is not happy in the sign of Virgo because Virgo restricts the expansion and travel Jupiter enjoys. This the time for Virgo to carefully expand affairs, with Taurus and Capricorn enjoying “good luck.” Pisces could experience relationship discomfort because of the overly practical nature of others. Cancer and Scorpio have opportunities for careful implementation of plans; Aquarius and Aries adjust to practical, detail-oriented situations; Leo and Libra are neutral. Leo will be happy for the rest. Gemini and Sagittarius experience irritating delays and requests for practical details.

Aug 12 Moon goes into Leo. Mercury is at odds with Neptune, meaning communication is vague, confusing or misleading. It may rain.

Aug 13 Great day for Leo and Aries, with Sagittarius enjoying it, too. Unusual or vacation day is indicated, to maybe enjoy a show or sports event. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have opportunity for a great outing. The other signs enjoy a nice day.

Aug 14 New Moon at 21 degrees of Leo 31 minutes. Leo is again energized, challenging Aquarius; Aries and Sagittarius again have a good day. Gemini and Libra have the opportunity to join in the new start from Leo; Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Capricorn and Pisces adjust to interruptions; Taurus and Scorpio experience financial control challenges.

Aug 15 Moon goes into Virgo. Nice love day for Leo perhaps with gifts. The Sun is conjunct Venus, extending the new Moon influence through today. Communication today is good, with practical ideas and execution solving situations.

Aug 17 Moon goes into Libra.

Aug 19 A good day all around, with all relationships cooperative and happy.

Aug 20 Moon goes into Scorpio. Communication is iffy and changeable; details keep changing, be flexible.

Aug 21; Tense day, control issues abound. Leo challenges Scorpio, with Taurus and Aquarius being drawn in. The subject or issue is excess expenditures or grand ideas being brought up short by reality.

Aug 22; Quarter Moon in the signs of Scorpio and Leo, just like yesterday. Mars is in a weird relationship with Pisces, indicating projects are thwarted by someone not being there, the weather or vague excuses. The Moon goes into Sagittarius at 04:40 pm.

Aug 23 Sun goes into Virgo through September 23, joining Jupiter in Virgo. Now is the time for Virgo to put plans into action. Pisces experiences relationships working more than paying attention to them, and possibility requests for detail. Taurus and Capricorn enjoy this time to help Virgo and accomplish practical projects. Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity to put forth the practical details of a project. Aquarius and Aries adjust to request for detail, or being asked to work instead of play. Sagittarius and Gemini could be irritated because of too much detail and practicality. Leo and Libra are neutral.

Aug 25 Moon goes into Capricorn and eases into a quiet day of accomplishment. Towards the end of the day, the Sun and Mercury:

Aug 26 the Sun is conjunct Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Scorpio. A good day for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, followed by the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. A good day to work on practical things and even the garden, and communicate financial ideas.

Aug 27 Moon goes into Aquarius and forms the off-balance relationship with the sun. these days are usually experience with many interruptions that you need to accommodate. Mercury goes into Libra through September 2; going retrograde September 17. Good communication time for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Aries may experience indecisive communication, with Cancer and Capricorn experiencing communication challenges. Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity to express creative ideas and social events. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral; Pisces and Taurus adjust to a combination of direct speech followed by indecisiveness.

Aug 29 Moon goes into Pisces. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Mars is off balance with Pluto. The arrogant one may be pushing the established one to no avail because the established one is stronger. If this is the Iran Deal in the news, the United States is thwarted again by Iran. Leo needs to be as comprising as possible to avoid being bypassed. Guess who is a Leo? President Obama. Aries and Sagittarius can help. Gemini and Libra can be the diplomats to help communicate effectively. The United States is a Cancer sun-sign country.

Aug 29 Full Moon in the signs of Pisces and Virgo, which adds to the off-balance or weird things above. Pisces and Virgo do not understand each other; Gemini and Sagittarius are irritated with all communication or experience delays; Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces; Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo.

Aug 31 Moon goes into Aries and creates the off-balance, weird relationship with the Sun in Pisces. You experience irritating interruptions all day, and.. The Sun is in opposition with Neptune. It may rain. Relationships are vague and unsatisfactory. This is a day to experience and try not to be upset, it is transitory.

Remember that Venus is retrograde all month. Your relationships could be unsatisfactory, and if so, it is could be the woman is a little unreasonable. Money could slow down, too, so be careful with expenditures.

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