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Aug 27, 2016

Mercury goes retrograde Tuesday, August 30 at 09:03:07 am Eastern Time in the sign of Virgo.

Mercury goes retrograde Tuesday, August 30 at 09:03:07 am Eastern Time in the sign of Virgo.

Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and the North Node are all in the sign of Virgo, so this retrograde Mercury time should be noticeable. In addition, Saturn and Mars are in Sagittarius, with Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. These planets are in a restless, irritable relationship with each other and reflect the instability we are experiencing.

There are the usual cautions about signing contracts and care in travel. Expect changes in travel plans because the details are changed. As I’ve written before, I’ve often traveled under a retrograde Mercury, and indeed, the plans are changed, but for the better. If you are expecting glitches, you can treat it as an adventure.

Virgo will experience this the most because details can be delayed, incorrect or missing. Virgo may push for details and receive resistance, especially from Sagittarius and Pisces. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo.

Neptune in Pisces is in a challenging relationship with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, meaning that Sagittarius can be disappointed with situations and perhaps with people not showing up or being unavailable. Pisces may escape by disappearing. Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces.

The Moon will be in Leo, with Leo offering creative, firm management and stability. Venus will be in Libra, offering diplomacy, cooperation and leadership. If Leo and Libra would work together, the instability and grouchiness can be alleviated. Uranus is in Aries, indicating that Aries can offer a quick, unusual solution, working well with Leo to help Sagittarius.

Gemini can either use their ability to communicate all facets of the situation or stir things up with verbal quips: it is their choice. There is tension between Gemini and Sagittarius, with Sagittarius the stronger at this time.

Cancer can work with Scorpio to soothe emotions and to help Pisces. Capricorn can work with Taurus to give quiet leadership and financial help to Virgo. Aquarius is a group leader and can offer group management if they are not pressured to obey by Leo.

Finis. Enjoy.

To enjoy your personal explanation of this Mercury retrograde time, please contact Patty.

Aug 24, 2016

Italy, Burma quakes, 8/24 Louisiana Flooding, Vesuvius eruption, 8/24/79 California wildfires

On the anniversary of the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 70 AD or CE, high-magnitude earthquakes hit Italy and Burma; California is burning and Louisiana is experiencing unprecedented floods. All these disasters are devastating what they touch. The news reported that the town of Amatrice, Italy is devastated, as are the pagodas in Burma. The flooding and fires here in the USA are so severe, recovery will be difficult or maybe even impossible. People in all these areas have lost everything. 

When Mount Vesuvius erupted cataclysmically in the summer of A.D. 79, the nearby Roman town of Pompeii was buried under several feet of ash and rock. The ruined city remained frozen in time until it was discovered by a surveying engineer in 1748. The same Virgo stellium, or many planets together in the sign of Virgo, is in the chart of the Vesuvius eruption. In the year 79, when Vesuvius erupted, the planet Neptune was stationery in the fire sign of Sagittarius and in stressful relationship with the Virgo planets. Even though Neptune was not rediscovered yet, it was still effective.

What do these natural disasters have in common? All of these happened during Virgo time, with five planets in the sign of Virgo, an earth planet. For some time, we astrologers have been writing about the current unstable planetary configuration, which affects the entire globe.

August 24, 2016, the planets Mars and Saturn are conjunct (beside each other) in the fire sign of Sagittarius, in a challenging relationship with Neptune in the water sign of Pisces and in stress with the Sun, the Nodes, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the earth sign of Virgo. This reveals that the earth is challenged by water and fire.

Saturn and Mars are very strong when working together, and today they are exactly together at 9 degrees of Sagittarius in square, or challenging, relationship with Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces. The planets Mars and Saturn will be conjunct and in square, or challenging relationship, with Neptune through the third week of September, 2016 this year.

In addition to the above, Uranus, in the fire sign of Aries, is setting the Virgo planets off with a quincunx configuration. In a personal chart, this means a need to adjust to unexpected changes you have no control over. The nodes today are in stationary mode, which intensifies action.

Personally, if you have a planet, your ascendent or midheaven at 9, 10, 11 or 12 degrees of any sign, expect instability and changes. How depends upon the signs involved. To enjoy a personal, quick, interpretation of your chart, please contact Patty now.

Aug 3, 2016

August 1 through August 31 2016

Full Moon eclipse 18 August 2016 in the signs of Aquarius and Leo.
Mercury goes retrograde 30 August 2016 in the sign of Virgo
New Moon eclipse 1 September 2016 in the sign of Virgo.

Following is your general planetary happenings for August. To receive your personal interpretation, contact Patty now, either via email or (302) 378-0579.

Aug 1: Good, busy day with pleasant change, with affairs going smoothly and settled. Good especially for Leo and Aries.

Aug 2: Mars goes into Sagittarius through the end of September. Stalled projects go forward, especially for Sagittarius. Gemini experiences opposition, possibly manifested as arguments. Virgo and Pisces experience very fast situations. Good month for Leo and Aries to finish projects. Cancer and Taurus adjust to life speeding up a little and to changes. Libra and Aquarius have the opportunity for interaction with travel or plans for the future. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral.

Aug 2: New Moon in the sign of Leo, indicating good for Leo to get moving with creative projects and perhaps vacation plans. Aquarius could experience opposition over who is in control, with Taurus and Scorpio experiencing financial control issues. Aries and Sagittarius have smooth, fun times. Gemini and Libra have the opportunity to be included in grand social affairs. Cancer and Virgo are neutral; Capricorn and Pisces adjust to things not going as expected, but the change is better.

Aug 3: An irritating day for Leo and Pisces, who are not seeing eye to eye. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo; Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces.

SUMMERTIME AURORAS: As expected, a high-speed stream of solar wind (with a CME embedded in the flow) hit Earth's magnetic field during the late hours of Aug. 2nd.  The resulting G1-class geomagnetic storm sparked bright auroras across countries in Europe as well as several northern-tier US states. The show might not be over. NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of similar storms on August 3rd as Earth continues to feel the effects of the solar wind. Visit for photos and more information.

Aug 4: Moon goes into Virgo. The day is irritating or grouchy for Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces. Any disagreements are minor.

Aug 5: Venus goes into Virgo through Aug 29, indicating a nice month for Virgo, who may soften and be more expressive. Good month for Taurus and Capricorn, who enjoy good working conditions and love life. Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity for quiet, light financial gain or a surprise affection. Pisces may be piqued because of request for detail; Gemini and Sagittarius can be irritated by too much detail or work; Leo and Libra are neutral; Aquarius and Aries are thrown a little off balance because of lack of communication.

Aug 6: Moon goes into Libra. Testy day between Virgo and Sagittarius, with Virgo pushing for detail which Sagittarius does not enjoy. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo, Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius.

Aug 7: Communication is vague and incomplete; not a good day to make decisions. If communication is not happening, let it go because all the facts are not available.  Especially irritating today for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. However, the Sun and Moon are getting along, meaning emotions are good and you basically have a good day. Libra and Leo may be responsible for a grand social event, including Gemini, Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius. Enjoy.

Aug 9: Moon goes into Scorpio, and a generally pleasant day for all.

Aug 10: Quarter Moon in the signs of Scorpio and Leo, who have control issues, bringing Taurus and Aquarius into the mix. A day full of change, but communication of practical matters is excellent. This is the day for Virgo to present a financial consideration to the "financial controller." Also good for Capricorn and Taurus.

Aug 11: Moon goes into Sagittarius and is conjunct, or beside Mars. Great day for Sagittarius to initiate a project. Easy day for Aries and Leo, too. Gemini may experience mild opposition and can expect help from diplomatic Libra. Virgo and Pisces experience circumstances going too fast; Cancer and Taurus adjust to the unexpected; Libra and Aquarius enjoy the opportunity for travel. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral.

Aug 12: Busy day with mundane tasks.

Aug 13: Jupiter and Uranus are at odds with each other, indicating a day of things not going as expected, especially for Virgo and Aries. There could be an unexpected happening related to freedom or revolution. Saturn goes direct a 9 degrees Sagittarius 46 minutes. If you have a 9 or 10 degree planet or point in your chart, this will be noticed. Venus and Saturn are in a challenging relationship, revealing financial and love life are not perfect. There is a need for common sense. Virgo and Sagittarius could feel lack of love or money; this is temporary. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo; Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius. However, the Sun and Moon are harmonious, indicating an overall good day, especially for Sagittarius and Leo, followed by Aries.

Aug 14: Moon goes into Capricorn. Love life and money are disappointing today because either someone does not show up or money is delayed. Virgo and Pisces are not getting along, with Gemini and Sagittarius irritated. The Moon is in a better mood after 9 pm, so the day ends well.

Aug 16: Good day with easy change and fun. The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are favored today.

Aug 17: Love life and finances are better regarding practical matters. Virgo and Capricorn are favored, followed by Taurus.

Aug 18: Full Moon eclipse exact at 05:42:00 am ET in the signs of Aquarius and Leo. The degree is 25 degrees 52 minutes. If you have a 25 or 26 degree planet or point in your chart, it will be activated; how depending upon the aspect or relationship. This full Moon indicates stubborn financial control issues; with Aquarius and Leo in opposition; Taurus and Aquarius experiencing control issues that are not personal. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius; Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo. The areas of the body focused with this full Moon are the heart, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the calves of the legs.

Aug 19: Much communication that changes almost hourly; information is not good for making decisions.

Aug 22: Communication clears up from yesterday, with a lot of detail. Good day for Virgo to present, with Taurus and Capricorn experiencing clear, practical ideas. However, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius should be prepared to have details ready.

Aug 22: The Sun goes into Virgo through September 22. This is Virgo's month and is good for Virgo to stop procrastinating and put ideas and projects forth. Taurus and Capricorn can help and they enjoy a good month.. Pisces experiences opposition in the form of requests for detail and to be practical. Cancer and Scorpio have opportunities for successful detail-oriented tasks. Gemini and Sagittarius experience situations filled with practical tasks. Leo and Libra are neutral; Aries and Aquarius may be asked to produce unexpected detail, but their creativity and people skills can make the situation better.

Aug 24: Mars and Saturn have joined in the sign of Sagittarius, pressing them to activate a project, either future-oriented or travel. Aries and Leo experience a good day for goals. Gemini experiences opposition, with Virgo and Pisces having a day of interruptions. Taurus and Cancer adjust to a day with the unexpected. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral; Libra and Aquarius have the opportunity to join the activity.

Aug 26: Weird day. Minor interruptions, plus unsatisfactory situations because either people do not show up and plans are delayed or lost. Virgo is the most frustrated and irritated, followed by Pisces and Aries.

Aug 27: Much better day, especially for practical affairs and detail. Excellent day for Virgo, who is soft and generous. Taurus and Capricorn have a nice, smooth day. Cancer and Scorpio have another opportunity for successful, mundane tasks. Gemini and Sagittarius experience irritations, with Pisces feeling pushed. Aries and Aquarius are not really pleased with the detailed tasks; Libra and Leo are neutral.

Aug 29: Pleasant communications. Virgo is loving and may receive a loving gift.

Aug 30: Mercury goes retrograde until September 22 in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is the patron planet of Virgo, who may experience frustration during this time. Details are not forthcoming, plans get lost or delayed and travel is difficult. Mercury is the patron planet of the written word, contracts and agreements, so it is not a good time to sign anything now. Details are omitted and are revealed after Mercury goes direct September 22. Travel is difficult because details are omitted, or the fine print was ignored. Historically, printers, computers and other electronics malfunction under a Mercury retrograde. This time the culprit would be a tiny, necessary piece. If you are a Virgo, this will be especially irritating. Pisces will not necessarily notice the lack of detail, but Gemini and Sagittarius can be irritated because of snafues regarding social affairs and travel. Taurus and Capricorn can help with the practical aspects; Cancer and Scorpio helping with emotions and organization. Aries and Aquarius experience little things not going as expected, but can adjust. Leo and Libra are somewhat neutral, but still experience the Mercury retrograde glitches.

Sept 1: looking forward to the eclipse in the sign of Virgo: this will accentuate Mercury going retrograde and activate everything Virgo, meaning all the above is re-emphasized.

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