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Jan 17, 2013

USA 2013 Forecast

The United States begins 2013 with the continuation of a few cycles from 2012.

Uranus continues a challenging relationship with Jupiter that began April 19, 2013, and repeated October 14, 2012. The last focus date will be February 8, 2013. This cycle is all about breaking free of binding forces. In the United States chart, this reveals a change in relationship with allies with possible new allies. The breaking free could be allies breaking free from the United States.

There have been opportunities for positive economic change, but it seems to have been ignored. On May 1 and again September 28, in 2012, timing was right and the situation was beneficial for balancing finances by making changes. The last date for this is February 22, 2013. The other astrological indication on February 22 will be challenging; either the President publicly challenges everyone about the finances of the country, or many challenge his financial decisions and executive orders. 

The United States is in a long-time transit or cycle with Neptune indicating glamor, good press and a charismatic president. The press continues to praise him and his decisions, although all may not be revealed. There is continued mutual admiration with movie stars and other famous people, duly reported in the news. There is continued support for those out of work and protection for young people. This began May 23 and repeated June 16, 2012. It has a focus date February 28, September 29 and December 27 here in 2013. This means it is long-term and should be good for the president and certain allies. This could also be the developing application of Obama Care, with its attempt to cover everyone.

Jupiter has been prodding Uranus, forcing change and freedom in the work force. This began July 24, repeated December 21, in 2012 and will have its last focus date of March 11, 2013. This freedom could be unexpected freeing of workers from their jobs, including the news organizations. The above support for workers could mean more unemployment payments.

Super-storm Sandy hit the East Coast at Atlantic City on October 29, 2012, and the astrological situation was as dramatic as the storm. Jupiter returns to that degree on April 19, 2013, along with Saturn, revealing an unstable situation that is a Saturn repeat of December 24, 2012. The planets in relationship with each other in the sky reveal more instability and a requirement for great accommodation or adjustment to events. Let us hope the Sandy situation is in the process of finally recovering instead of another weather event. However, this could also be a business event involving the need for employees to adjust to changes.

The storm certainly changed the East Coast, and that change was evident November 16 and repeated January 9.

In between these situations, both Jupiter and Saturn are getting along with each other, promising cooperation, stability and responsibility – but... only if the interested parties actually cooperate. Jupiter represents the Republican party, Saturn represents the Democratic party. This means the situation is conducive to cooperation with members of each party. However, at this writing that has not happened. Let us look at the dates they are supposed to have cooperated to achieve financial balance and security: September 3, November 4, November 24 in 2012. This year the opportunities are April 17, May 31 and August 14, 2013.

There are two other Saturn situations that are challenging and strained. November 30, 2012 was a stalemate, with stubbornness and control over-riding the effort to bring about fiscal responsibility. December 24 was the first focus date of a group wanting the old way instead of transitioning into the new, and the situation was unbalanced and incomplete. The imbalance will repeat April 18 and again September 20 this year of 2013. The stubborn situation repeats May 20 and August 24, 2013.

So... what will they do? Choose to cooperate or choose to be stubborn and controlling, and continue to be unbalanced? The situations involve the entire United States, so the decisions - or non-decisions of the lawmakers affect everyone, keeping the country in a state of instability.

February 21 is the exact date in the middle of a few days of over-emotional challenges to communication regarding the budget or financial outlays.

Now we come to some new transits or cycles in 2013, the first one beginning April 5, continuing to a focus date of November 19 in 2013 and lastly, January 14, 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity for positive change in the work force and communications. Perhaps the communication business will hire more people. Technology is an important factor here, and there could be another new technological wonder revealed. The work force is especially involved, and would benefit from the opportunity to create a new relationship with the employers. Since this is an opportunity, it must be initiated and accepted for the benefits to be realized.

There are other, one-time, transits that would be easier understood when the monthly forecasts are written, which we will begin with a separate monthly article and posting on this blog. 

Your personal forecast is important for your planning. Contact Patty the Astrologer via email by clicking here. You will reach her personally.

Jan 7, 2013

2013 General Forecast

Following is the general world-wide forecast for 2013.

Of immediate interest is Mercury going retrograde on February 23, going direct on March 17 in the sign of Pisces. With Mercury being in Pisces, thinking is dreamy, creative and escapist instead of analytical and practical. It is a good time for visual tasks. The caution of Mercury being retrograde is to not sign contracts if you can help it and try not to make agreements. This is because something may have been omitted or misrepresented. If you must sign papers be sure to double-check them after Mercury goes direct on March 17. Your electronic affairs can malfunction, too. This includes computers, printers and especially the internet, email and your social networks.

The revolutionary long-term, world-wide trend continues. This cycle began with the two revolutionary planets, Uranus and Pluto in adversarial relationship on June 24, 2012. Even though it may have seemed to die, this revolutionary situation is simmering and works in the background and erupts on or around the exact dates. It repeated September 19, 2012 and continues with two dates in 2013: May 20 and November 1st. The tense situations go into 2014 with dates of April 21 and December 15. Groups of revolutionary anarchists are squaring off with established entities.

The last time in history that Uranus was in this situation was in 1767. The last time Pluto was in this situation was 1763, when the Proclamation of 1763 was proclaimed by King George III. These past situations preceded the American Revolution which created the United States of America, then a new idea in the history of the world: equality and freedom for all. The United States of America replaced monarchies which demanded the populace pledge to  kings, not the country; and the monarchies each had a state religion. The United States was the first country to have freedom to worship (or not) as one pleased and not obligate the people to belong to the state religion or be persecuted. During the beginning decades of America, there were tense political struggles between the so-called Federalists/Monarchists and the Republicans. (Note: Republicans in this article does not mean the current American Republican party; it means the men in this party wanted a republican system of government instead of a monarchy.)

The Monarchists wanted a monarchy, which was the very system some of our founding fathers wanted to change. They knew from experience that having family royal dynasties, elections for life of presidents, senators and representatives resulted in tyranny. The Republicans wanted freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and the press, even when the people and the press maligned them.  Each thought they were advocating their system for the good of the country. (See Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power by John Meacham).  France also experienced their revolution in the 1700's, forever changing their country. These two revolutions changed the history of the world, and the political alignments of nations. The reason for bringing up the 1700's is to let you know that turmoil precedes change, and that this current change will take a long time amidst struggle. The world is in the same planetary stress as in the 1700's. Currently, the revolutions are in the Middle Eastern countries, which are trying to throw off the mantle of suppression. Some African countries are stirring, too. Remember this is a process, it is uncomfortable and will result in political change following the end of the planetary configuration.

Back to now:

October 10, 2012 experienced established financial entities benefiting those in need. This repeats between June 11 and July 19, 2013.

December 22, 2012 was a repeat of May 16, 2012, which began the political dance of financial brinkmanship worldwide. Countries are without money and are trying to balance their affairs. This may seem like it is easing, but another adjustment is due on or about March 23, 2013.

On July 18, 2012, and repeated December 20, 2012 there was another adjustment regarding communication entities with a strong financial establishment that forced the accommodation.  There is some outrage over the press releasing certain information, which could result in changes to them. This repeats on March 29, joining the above adjustment.

November 15, 2012 began a cycle that repeats April 12 and October 5, 2013. Change is being urged to established financial organizations. This is an uncomfortable attempt, but the established financial markets will have made some adjustments or accommodations by the end of October 2013.

December 26, 2012 began a new cycle of opportunity that repeats March 8 and September 21 here in 2013. Saturn and Pluto are revealing an opportunity for financial transformation world-wide. Common sense begins to prevail to bring the financial markets into order. Behind-the scenes negotiations seem to be the opportunity for this change.

The planet Jupiter is now (January 2013) in the sign of Gemini, under which it is scattered and flighty, not being able to focus or make up its mind. This means financial markets are very changeable and flighty. Jupiter expands, or exaggerates, what it touches, and that has been so with communications since the middle of June 2012. Neither Jupiter nor Gemini like to pay attention to detail and prefer to communicate spontaneously, without checking the facts to scoop the story. The communication business, from Internet entities to newspapers, have been exaggerating stories, either not investigating details or reporting them and sensationalizing. Jupiter and Gemini have no secrets, and see nothing wrong with exposing what others would rather keep quiet. This will be corrected. On June 25, Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer, where it acts a little more discretely. Real estate should begin to expand and the agricultural business should be productive, after the past few years of floods and drought. Jupiter in Gemini, combined with Mars gave us high winds, Jupiter in Cancer may bring high waters under certain conditions.

July 13 the planet Mars goes into the sign of Cancer, joining Jupiter through the end of August. Mars does not operate well in the sign of Cancer, because Cancer’s humidity drowns Mars fire. However, when combined with Jupiter, the two can be powerful.

July 17 Jupiter and Saturn are in harmony, with Mars joining them on July 20. There should be financial balance, agricultural benefits, help for families and those in need. Look up in the sky to see Jupiter, Mars and Mercury shining brightly. Mercury should be far enough away from the Sun to be visible. July 22 there should be a burst of energy; let us hope it is not too much rain, although the Mississippi River sure could use more water.

The July 17 harmony or balance between Jupiter and Saturn repeats December 12, 2013 and lastly on May 24, 2014.

Between July 27 and July 31 and maybe beyond, in addition to the following there is a possibly of much strife, opposition and attempted overthrow to create change. This is a world-wide planetary situation, and it will be summer-time when the weather is more conducive to having camp-outs and protests. If this means changes in the weather or climate, it could be a lot of water, cold and weird fires.

On July 27 there is possible opposition to financial markets that comes to a head on August 7. August 7 sees the agricultural or dairy business opposing governments, or trouble because of weather or strife from another quarter. This repeats January 31, 2014 and April 20, 2014. This means July 27 is a prelude to 2014.

July 31 Mars is agitating Uranus, producing a tense situation demanding change. This could be the weather, with unexpected water. Jupiter repeats this in a more dramatic situation on August 21, when there could be earthquake and tsunami. August 21 repeats February 26 and April 20 in 2014. However, since Mars is in the sign of the United States, this country could be experiencing something dramatic.

  • Mercury goes retrograde June 26 and direct July 20 in the sign of Cancer.
  •  Mercury goes retrograde October 21 and direct November 10 in the sign of Scorpio.
  •  Venus goes retrograde December 21, 2013 and direct January 31, 2014 in the sign of Capricorn.
This is the mundane or generic forecast for the major planetary events for 2013. The forecast for the United States will follow. The world is experiencing these planetary events, and your life  revolves within these situations. Your personal astrological cycle or forecast will reveal how you can benefit or be forewarned about 2013. Contact Patty now for your personal forecast so you can be prepared. Email her by clicking here or phone her directly at302-378-0579.