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Dec 20, 2017

December solstice 2017 & what it means for you

The December solstice for 2017 is December 21 at 11:27:53 Eastern time. In our northern hemisphere, it is the winter solstice, in the southern hemisphere the summer solstice.

May you have blessed and happy Holy and Holidays. You are remembered and appreciated, just for being you. Let us look forward to a prosperous and happy 2018.

Few months present the multi-cultural "teachable moments" that December does!  Enjoy your chosen one. The following mult-icultural events and celebrations are among those that will happen this year:

    Saint Nicholas Day (Christian)
    Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
    St. Lucia Day (Swedish)
    Hanukkah (Jewish)
    Christmas Day (Christian)
    Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christian)
    Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish)
    Kwanzaa (African American)
    Omisoka (Japanese)
    Yule (Pagan)
    Saturnalia (Pagan)

The December solstice happens when the Sun travels into 00 degrees of Capricorn. This year, Saturn will have gone into Capricorn on December 19, with Venus following  on December 25 at 00:25:56 am Eastern Time.

December 25 will experience the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn. Mars and Jupiter will be in compatible Scorpio, Neptune and Moon in compatible Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Even though Uranus is in square mode to Capricorn the degree is too far to be exact. Let us hope this is a harbinger of a peaceful Holy-Holiday.

This means Saturn is the patron planet of the winter solstice, when the Sun begins to increase in light in the northern hemisphere, and decreases in light in the southern hemisphere.

forFor those of us born on a solstice or equinox, this is an important time. For Capricorn, it is a time of beginning, for Cancer focus on relationships, and for Aries and Libra challenges. This happens on the solstice  yearly, but this year is more noticeable because Venus and Saturn join the Sun. Venus will be in Capricorn until January 17, which is a short time, and Venus' aspects are usually mild and pleasant. However, Saturn will be in Capricorn for 2-1/2 years, basically until December of 2020. Saturn will go into Aquarius from late March 2020 to July 2, 2020, giving us a short reprieve. Then it retrogrades into Capricorn through December of 2020. This 2-1/2 year time asks us to focus on responsibilities; either taking on, letting go or challenges of.

The earth signs of Taurus and Virgo should enjoy Saturn time of practical accomplishments. For the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces, you may enjoy opportunities for what you consider security and stability. For Gemini and Leo, you may experience a time of adjustment or adaptation. Sagittarius is relieved of burdens, Aquarius is neutral.

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