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Feb 8, 2011

Jupiter, Uranus and the World Situation

Jupiter went into Aries again on January 22, 2011, and will be in Aries until June 4, 2011. Jupiter was in Aries between June 7 and September 8 last year (2010) when the idealism and leadership for what we are seeing now was initiated.

Jupiter in the sign of Aries indicates courage and action in spiritual, social and educational  areas. Actions are accompanied by enthusiasm and self-confidence, thereby inspiring confidence in others and arousing them to action.

Aries is associated with war, combat, guns, fires; explosions, automobiles and risks. The area of the body associated with Aries is the head. You only need to look at the news to see how this is playing out. Aries is also idealistic and somewhat naive, sometimes not following new ideas to conclusion, like the young people who began the revolution.

Mars has been in the sign of Aquarius beginning January 16 and will be there until February 22. Mars is associated with war, combat, guns, fires; explosions, automobiles and risks, and being in the sign of Aquarius includes large groups who are idealistic and will fight for freedom and change.

Jupiter began to approach  a stressful relationship with Pluto when it went into Aries Feb. 22, and is getting closer and closer to confrontation, with the exact date February 25. Between February 22 and March 2, the world situation may be even more tense. When Mars goes into Pisces on the Feb. 22nd, it begins a relationship with Pluto that indicates an opportunity for cooperation with the religious leaders. This is an opportunity, which means when the overture is given, it will be effective only if the opportunity is accepted. If it is ignored or rejected it will be a lost opportunity for a relatively cooperative change.

We could be  looking at intermittent uprisings. Mars goes into Aries April 2 and will create a very challenging situation with Pluto and will then oppose Saturn. What does this mean in English? Possible aggressive challenge against the established rulers and laws by younger, idealistic and combative people. This could be in a different country from Egypt.

Of interest is that Uranus has been in the sign of Pisces since the middle of March, 2003 and will be there until March 13, this year of 2011. Whatever sign Uranus is traveling through it brings drastic change, causing upheaval in old, outworn or over-structured entities. Pisces is associated with religions, dependency and also creativity and imaging. Pluto represents death and regeneration. When these two planets are in this stressful relationship, situations can erupt, forcing change that is as permanent as it can be until this relationship repeats. For you history buffs:  Uranus was in the sign of Aries and in a stressful relationship with Pluto from April of 1927 (joined by Jupiter in Aries from Jan. 1928 through May 1928) through March of 1935. There was world upheaval then and we should see world upheaval now. Things will certainly change.

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Astrology Feb.1 through Feb 8

Feb 1 through Feb 8:

Feb 1: The Moon goes into Aquarius early evening. Try to be invite others to be involved and be detached from the outcome of your plans at the same time.

Feb 2: New Moon exact at 21:30 in the sign of Aquarius. Continue to be inclusive and begin a project that involves a team or friends.

Feb 3: Mercury goes into Aquarius. Thinking is now somewhat abstract, decisions are made on those abstractions and what is good for future plans, not feelings. If you are a feeling person, be aware of this and don’t take others’ ideas personally.

Feb 4: Venus goes into Capricorn, indicating your loved one is now more interested in work and practical things than you. The Moon goes into Pisces bringing compassion and creativity to the abstract ideas. This is a good day to activate team projects. Try to combine work, creativity and team activities into one virtue.

Feb 5: The Moon is in a weird relationship with Saturn, so adjust your sensitive feelings to the reality of work and cooperate.

Feb 6: Yesterday’s adjustment pays off today with good relationships and excellent team activities. The Moon goes into Aries in the afternoon, changing the mood to action and courage. Express courage in new endeavors.

Feb 7: The Moon is at odds with Pluto, meaning bumping heads with the powers-that-be about a new project. Be courageous but conciliatory.

Feb 8: The Moon and the Sun are in good relationship, revealing an opportunity to present a new idea for the team project, or to take the initiative to contact friends.