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Dec 4, 2014

Meet King Sagittarius

King Sagittarius flew to his estate with his Knight Jupiter, the biggest knight in the zodiac. They had traveled all over the cosmos, absorbing new information as they went. After all, King Sagittarius wants to be the most learned of the Kings, so he has to see all the lands and cultures he can.

He said to Jupiter: winter is coming, so let’s give a big banquet in thanksgiving for their friendship and the bounty of the land. Knight Jupiter thought that was a grand idea. King Sagittarius called King Aries, asking him to take the initiative to contact the other kings because King Aries likes to meet new people and King Sagittarius would be traveling again before the party. Then he called King Leo, asking him if the Sun would radiate the party with his warmth, and help to create an opulent affair.

King Sagittarius realized he does not always have the best approach to the sensitive kings, so he called on King Gemini to help him with communication. King Sagittarius and King Gemini are opposites, and although they get along most of the time, both kings enjoy spirited conversations.  However, for the feast, they decided to be as harmonious as possible.

They would need the food of King Virgo’s harvest, so King Virgo was asked if he would donate the bounty of his harvest to the party. Kings Taurus (Virgo’s friend) and Cancer were asked to prepare the food. The Kings Taurus and Cancer are the hardest for King Sagittarius to understand because they are so different from him, but since King Sagittarius is a peacemaker, he put that aside so the party would have the best food. King Cancer then asked his buddy, King Scorpio, to help manage the preparations.

King Aries contacted his opposite, King Libra, asking if he would help King Leo bring opulent settings to the party. Both Kings Leo and Libra like beautiful, luxurious settings, so King Leo created the sumptuous decorations and King Libra created attractive food presentations.

King Sagittarius realized that Kings Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces had not yet been visited by the other kings and did not know King Aries, so he sent Knight Jupiter to invite them. King Capricorn is very quiet with new people and at first did not answer. But after a while, he accepted, to at least meet the zodiac family and enjoy good food, even though he would have to take time off work. King Aquarius was delighted to meet new people and make new friends. King Pisces is shy, so Knight Jupiter had to persuade him that it would be okay.

The day of the feast was nice and warm, thanks to Knight Sun. As the party went into the night, Lady Moon shined her brightest to light the party. King Sagittarius welcomed everybody, including some unexpected visitors from the solar system. King Sagittarius enjoys those from all walks of life, no matter what. He also loves to receive unexpected visitors, as he is sometimes an unexpected visitor to other king’s castles.

King Sagittarius showed the other kings his magnificent horses, (a few of which could fly) which had a large barn and very expansive pastures. For a while the kings talked about their pets, but then went inside to enjoy the thanksgiving banquet.

King Gemini talked and talked, charming everybody. King Libra met King Aquarius and they got along, with King Libra helping King Aquarius not to be so outspoken and to soften King Aquarius’ desire to control the gathering. King Gemini helped King Aquarius see the other king's points of view.

King Taurus was aghast at King Leo’s expenditures, thinking it was too expensive and was amazed at the generosity of King Virgo’s harvest, but enjoyed the food. Kings Taurus and Virgo get along, and they both get along with King Cancer, so they all talked about food, work and money. King Capricorn wandered over and discovered that he, too, has a lot in common with Kings Taurus and Virgo. He was a little wary of his opposite, King Cancer, who is more emotional than King Capricorn likes, at least in public. However, King Cancer likes to make people feel at home, so he did his best to make King Capricorn comfortable.

King Libra is also very charming, telling people how nice they are and how beautiful their outfits were. He was dressed in his best outfit and his very best crown, to impress others without having to say anything. Kings Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are leaders and competitive, so they spared over who would begin the next venture. The other leader, King Aries was on his own, talking with everybody.

King Scorpio noticed that King Pisces was almost trying to invisible, so he asked King Cancer to help him approach King Pisces to make him feel comfortable. In conversation, they realized King Pisces was a creative king, who enjoyed music, art and the dance, and could mimic others. They decided it would be nice of they could get together some time after the winter.

King Aries was going from group to group. King Aries has a great sense of humor and was telling funny stories. But... when he had the group’s attention, he would say something just a little out of the way and leave to meet more people. If you watched closely, you would notice the group King Aries just left was having heated conversations.

What happened to the knights? They had their own party in the chariot castle. Knight Sun was radiating beautifully, making sure the others noticed and admired him. Knight Mars started a fire for atmosphere and flirted with Ladies Moon and Venus who thought he was a little forward. Knight Mercury flew about, talking and flirting with everybody. Knight Pluto is quiet, but watches before he takes any initiative. Finally, Knight Pluto approached Lady Moon and they got along well; Lady Moon liked his strength. When Knight Pluto talked with Lady Venus, she was wary of his intensity, and backed off. Knight Jupiter made sure the other knights and the ladies had plenty of food and wine. This was the first time they had met Knight Saturn, who was serious and talked about his King Capricorn’s work. It was also the first time they had met Knight Uranus, who was friendly, but they realized he truly was a free spirit and loves change. Knight Neptune was elusive and so ethereal, sometimes he could be seen and sometimes not. 

When it got late, you could see the fire Kings, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in a group with the air Kings Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are outgoing and enjoyed their sparkling conversations.

The earth Kings, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn were in a group with the water Kings, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These kings are a little more shy and introspective and feel safe with each other.

Finally the party ended. King Aquarius managed calling the Knights and getting all the chariots together. Kings Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius had flying chariots; Kings Taurus and Virgo had land chariots, Kings Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces had boat chariots. They all told King Capricorn they would visit his castle on the top of the mountain the next month. King Capricorn likes to be prepared, so he was happy they told him so he could be ready. King Capricorn had a strong, sturdy land chariot that could climb mountains, pulled by a mountain goat. Of course, King Sagittarius was already home. 

All agreed it was a wonderful party.