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Sep 28, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh saga.

Sept 28 through Oct 12.

Judge Kavanagh’s nomination on Tuesday October 2 ?
The news is changing as this is being written.

9/28; global neutral.

9/28 USA: more surprises. Pres. Trump ordered another FBI probe, and both Mr, Judge and Judge K agreed to cooperate.

9/30 global: “adjustments” from the media.

9/30 USA: neutral

9/30 Judge Kavanaugh: communication good, with an adjustment regarding his family. Moon goes into Gemini, in good relation with his Aquarian planets.

10/2: The global planetary relationships (aspects) indicate more arguments. There is also a quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Libra, suggesting the planets urge for arguments.  It has been asked to delay the vote for one week for the FBI to conduct the seventh investigation. If this happens, this puts the floor vote to Tuesday, Oct 9.

The new Moon in Libra on Oct 8 may accelerate things, but is close enough to indicate continuing, powerful arguments.

10/2 USA: Continued, serious opposition. This trend began Jan 15, repeated Aug 10 and ends today. The opposition is to both the office of the president and to the person of the president. Continued incomplete and distorted news, coming from the area of the news media, challenging both the law and Americans ourselves. This is the dissolving of clear communication and dissolving of the rule of law itself, not specifically Mr. Kavanagh. This began March 17, repeats Oct 2 and goes through Jan 15, 2019. Additionally, strong forces dredge up past USA mistakes about or from groups of men, the subject sex, self worth and money. The only good astrological indication is good trend that began Feb 14, repeated March 31 and ends Oct 2, which is an opportunity from behind the scenes for truth and good news for the Supreme Court.

10/2 Judge Kavanagh: one aspect says he communicates well, another indicates there is an adjustment, and yet other is strong opposition to him and his family.

10/3 global: Moon goes into Leo.

10/3 Judge Kavanagh: more adjustment to communication from the news.

10/4 global: better emotional atmosphere with an attempt to harmony.

10/4 USA; more harmony with communication focused on the law.

10/4 Judge Kavanagh: communication is more balanced and focused on his legal expertise. 

10/5: global: Venus goes retrograde at 10 Scorpio 50, not making a direct relationship to either the USA or Judge K’s charts. However, when Venus goes retrograde, the general explanation is that any relationship glitches are usually from the woman or her mistakes.

10/5 Judge Kavanagh: communication more harmonious.

10/6 USA: vociferous, frequent challenges to the Supreme Court itself.

Oct 6 from the news: Obama AG Eric Holder questions legitimacy of Supreme Court after Kavanaugh confirmation. Protesters gather at Kavanaugh confirmation vote, shout ‘shame on you’ in Senate gallery.

10/7 global: legal communications causes an adjustment.

10/7 USA opportunity for good communications, but still opposing the president.

10/8 USA: conflicting communications with some conciliation but more strong challenges.

10/8 Judge Kavanagh: some in authority agree or are with him; he is forceful but the same strong forces dredging up past USA mistakes are bashing Mr K, his wife and his profession and continue through 10/10.

10/9 USA: Mercury goes into Scorpio, otherwise neutral.

10/9 Judge K: The opposition continues to him and his family. The same strong forces dredging up past USA mistakes.

10/11 USA: Mercury indicates the vote goes to the floor, with favorable aspects that are good for the Supreme Court and good communications. The charges would have been cleared, the situation for the Supreme Court good, and the office of the presidency receives good news.

10/11: Judge Kavanaugh: an adjustment.

However, October 12 is the last day of a process of strong activity trying to end the office of the presidency itself.

Sep 22, 2018

Happy Fall Equinox 2018

Happy Fall Equinox
Sept 22 2018 at 9:54 pm ET

The Sun crosses the celestial equator - moving from north to south - on September 23, creating the fall equinox. How is it possible for an equinox Sun to rise due east – and set due west – for everyone around the world? How can you visualize it? Illustrations here at t earth sky explaining the astronomy.

The equinoxes and solstices relate to each other. The Fall equinox is when the Sun enters 00 degrees Libra, the summer equinox is when the Sun enters 00 degrees  Cancer, the winter solstice is when the Sun enter 00 Capricorn and the spring equinox is when the Sun enters degrees 00 Aries. This is important to those of you (us) who are born on these dates, which are not always the same date each year.

The fall equinox is also happy birthday for early Libra. This is the time for you to begin new activities.

Happy challenges to early Cancer and Capricorn, related to what happened on the summer solstice. Challenges are times to make decisions to resolve a previous challenge or recognize a new one to operate with.

Happy challenging relationship to early Aries, who are asked to cooperate and be in a partnership for a few days.

More detail may be read here:

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Sep 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

Our prayers go out to those of you in the path of Florence. Even though the winds are lessened, the waters are high, those in her path are experiencing flooding and loss of  power.

When you recover from the storm, and if there is a gofundme page to help, please send the link to me and I will forward it to this newsletter group. Also know the Red Cross and other charities are already mobilizing to help. I am not on Facebook, so the link to gofundme would be appreciated, so our group may contribute directly, if we so choose.

You, and other weather “victims” world-wide are in the prayers of our weekly prayer group.

Thank you to those of you who know I live on the East Coast, asking if I am okay. To locate where I live, on the USA map, go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. My town is about 60 miles south and inland from the beach itself. Our location is just south of what they call on the weather “the I-95 Corridor,” which is north of our town, and sends the weather north of here. We very seldom have extreme weather in this little pocket of Delaware. Even when the beaches flood, we do not experience it. It is a blessed, although quiet, place.

Again, our prayers are with you to be okay, receive your Highest Good and recover quickly if needed.

Sep 6, 2018

Chaos in DC, Kavenaugh hearing

Chaos in DC,
the Kavenaugh hearing, Facebook & Twitter

Do the planets have anything to reveal about the current chaotic situation in DC with the Supreme Court nominee hearing? That there are angry demonstrators in what is supposed to be a place of respect reveals contempt for the elected creators of law and a demand that others voices should not be heard. This brings the current lack of civility in the United States to prominence, viewed by the entire world. There has been a lack of respect for others views, with the shutdown of those views on college campuses and at demonstrations nation-wide for some time. That it has now reached the governance of the country means - what? Let us see what the planets say. If you are interested in the global situation, it is at the end.

USA:   background for the Hearing. Remember the hearings are a sub-part of the global and USA situations.

The Op-Ed of the NY times Wed Sept 5, headlined “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” claimed Trump administration staffers are “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” Astrology indications are the source is in a secretive position, not seen or easily recognized by the public. Update: news Sept 8 indicated the author is“somebody in national security”

The outward display of rebellion in the USA seems to be after the November 2016 elections, when some were surprised and disappointed with the results. The rebellion of the past few years continued and continues to this day when the planets indicate it should have calmed, at least looking at common sense. 
·    The January 2017 Inauguration continued the tense rebellion, fomenting change.
·     Great, continued situations aimed at ending the presidency (not the president himself) began in January of 2018, again August and continues through middle of October. Simultaneously, there is opposition to the person of the president himself, thereby attempting to undermine the office of the presidency. This is against the office itself, in addition to the person of the current president.
·    Simultaneously, there is great confusion in the media, which may be broadcasting vague, misleading news, perhaps because they are being given anonymous, misleading information.
·    Immigration and the homeless situation is causing the consideration of caring for them, with a shift and adjustment in responsibility.
·     Business negotiations are resulting in an adjustment to the workforce in manufacturing returning to the USA, but is being overshadowed by the reporting of only chaos.
·    Responsibility is being urged upon the high-tech social media, asking them to adjust.
·    USA events catalyze moving towards the soul’s purpose of the USA, which is the Leo positive traits of generosity “to their own children.” Meaning not giving so much to the world, bringing resources back to the USA.

NOW: This is being written on the third day of the Kavannagh Hearing.

·    Day one began with vociferous opposition, with changing subjects.
·    Day two had the potential for respect, but was overshadowed by pushy women..
·    Day three began with media opposition more related to itself than the situation but creating a situation of unrest. Strong, focused, organized push to end the established way of the hearing.
·    If there is a day four, it should be a little better; at least the opportunity for respect is indicated. 

Will he be confirmed?
The stars, actually the planets, say probably yes, either Sept 13 or Sept 15. There may be one loud person to object, though.

At the same time, Facebook and Twitter executives assured Congress on Wednesday, Day three, that they are aggressively working to root out foreign attempts to sow discord in America, and they pledged to better protect their social networks against manipulation during the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. Amazon did not attend.


Chaos to be expected when the Ages change, such as now, which is from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. That is like the kaleidoscope where you turn the tube to see the different shapes and colors appear to be in chaos. That is what it is like now: the energies or frequencies of these two ages are mixing together. The old energy of Pisces is quickly receding, with a feeling of loss to those attached to unrealistic dreams. The energy of Aquarius is quickly incoming, focusing on equality, freedom and cutting ties from old limitations. No wonder the problems of the Church are forefront, because the Church is Piscean, with the old ways needing to be replaced with new equality and freedom of members. The same happened when Jesus came along: His teachings replaced the old Roman way of religion.

May of this year of 2018 experienced global sustained, focused, organized, militant situations of great tension resulting in resistance of that push.

 September 2018, the planets reveal global opposition from those criticizing what they consider unreal, but only for a few days.. Also, mostly women creating tense, active situations against an established procedure.

 However, almost overlooked by noisy chaos, the long-term indications are the opportunity to transform the established way of doing things, possibly regarding finances and business. Another long-term possibly is beneficial situation between business and finances, with common sense prevailing — eventually — and in spite of the chaos.

 Expect long-term change in what is considered secured possessions, liberating what is out-warn, but stabilized with new business entities.

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