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Jul 17, 2013

Meaning of Power

The word power evokes uneasiness and sometimes fear in the spiritual community. Why? I don’t know.

Astrologically, power is symbolized by the Sun. The Sun powers all life and growth here on the earth; without the Sun there would be no life as we know it on earth and we would not be here. Witness this spring and summer of 2013: the Sun has radiated very large solar flares, which have stimulated plant life. The parsley in my garden wintered over and is now, the beginning of July, six feet tall! Oh, I live in garden zone 7. Is the power of the Sun feared? Or should this power of the Sun be thanked for stimulating growth, and thereby increasing the crops to feed the world? If the power of the Sun was withdrawn, we would all die.

Power as defined in Webster New World Dictionary: great ability to do, act or affect strongly; vigor; force; strength. A powerful person is defined as having much power, strong, mighty, influential, effective. The opposite of power would be weak, feeble, helpless, ineffectual. 

Some spiritual friends actually cringe when the conversation turns to the subject of power and powerful people. They seem to think this means bullies, but it only means the above definition. The same women who cringe at power and powerful people also talk about developing their “Feminine Power”.

Let’s look at power: would you rather be around effective people who get things done, or around week, feeble people who need others to do for them? If we did not have people of power there would be no nations, corporations & businesses, modes of transportation, electricity, nice homes and nice clothing. Some may say the big nations and corporations are nasty, but... The powerful people who invented things are the ones who made better lives for us. Their inventions sometimes create mistakes, but these are usually corrected.

Powerful people are those who exude a lot of energy that can be felt by others. Powerful people usually do not experience fear and walk through difficulties with their eyes open and heads held high. Powerful people know when circumstances will be challenging, but approach those challenges with confidence.

The powerful are to help those who are weaker, not dominate them. However some who are weaker feel fear in the presence of powerful people radiating their strong energy and are repelled. In reality, the powerful or strong people are eager to help those who are weaker and need help, but they need to ask. The powerful or strong people know who to contact and how to get accomplished what is needed. The powerful need not be rich, or in government or politics, or head of a corporation. Your powerful friends are the ones you call when you need help.  You know they will either help you or show you where to go for it. When you befriend a powerful or strong person, with their help, you can learn how to develop your own personal power.

This discussion arose from writing the article about transiting Pluto and Uranus, who are at odds with each other in the sky, revealing powerful forces for change roiling or agitating the earth at the time of writing: July 2013.

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A Personal Story about Pluto

Anyone interested in astrology has heard or read about Pluto and Uranus in the sky revealing revolutionary forces world wide. As a matter of fact, these planets are in the same position as when English King George provoked the American Revolution. These two planets are at odds with each other, actually fighting each other, which will result in world-wide change by the end of this cycle.

Several times I have written that if you have a planet in your chart at 10 degrees, it will be hit by Uranus and Pluto. Let’s get personal. Transiting Pluto is at 10 Degrees of Capricorn, a cardinal sign. Transiting Uranus is going back and forth at 10 degrees of Aries, a cardinal sign. Specifically, if you have a planet at 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you are going through big changes, whether you can identify them or not. The cardinal signs are like catalysts, they trigger energy and change.

Pluto begins its cycle quietly, but it is relentless and life-changing. By the time a Pluto cycle or transit is over, something had been eliminated, to be replaced by something new that most likely was not perceived at the beginning of the transit. Pluto was discovered in 1930, after the First World War with Hitler rising in power, which changed the world in ways no one could have foreseen. If you watched the English TV series Downtown Abbey from the beginning, you would have seen this progress through the experience of an English family. In a difficult aspect, like an opposition or square, the process can be very painful, sometimes with a public airing and clearing out.

Pluto is associated with power, dictators, shared resources, and dredging up muck. Pluto tears down what is at the end of its reign. Relevant to our current discussion, Pluto also rules body eliminations and toilets. Capricorn, the sign transiting Pluto is in now, is associated with supposedly secure, stable, old and established things, (like a heavy, old, china toilet), and in the physical body the knees. Pluto is having a good time tearing down established, but outworn structures.
    Sidebar:    power is defined as the ability to be effective, to get things done. For a more in-depth discussion of power and the spiritual community, go to my blog, click here.

Uranus seems to unleash sudden, powerful forces of change. In reality, the pressure had been building for a long time, and Uranus is the catalyst, sparking people to be free, to  rebel and agitate. In a difficult aspect, like an opposition or square, the process can be a seeming disaster because of the sudden change that eliminates the outworn in your life. However, the old outworn systems will be replaced with what is more equal and gives more liberty.

Uranus is associated with sudden change, war and revolution, equality, groups of people and goals or causes. Aries, the sign transiting Uranus is now going through is associated with male energy, modes of transportation, guns, fires and aggression..

If you are paying the least bit of attention to the news, you will be aware of the revolutions in the mid-eastern countries, fires in the United States, oil accidents with railroad cars in Canada, gun control controversy in the United States and the United Nations and agitation and demonstrations for equality of gender. There are demonstrations all over the world to loudly proclaim whatever issue that particular group is for or against.

However, I wanted to tell you about my Pluto experience because it was different from what I expected. With transiting Pluto in opposition to my natal Mars the expectation was dealing with powerful people who could be demanding and dictatorial, or that I would be that way. It, thankfully, is not turning out that way. Pluto demands sharing and cooperation and refusal to do so can result in downfall.

The bathroom was renovated on the first Pluto opposition date and it took much longer than expected. The old, outworn Formica walls were torn down to the bare concrete and were redone. With this second Pluto focus date, the seal around the toilet leaked, with toilet water seeping underneath the floor tiles and eventually coming up through the tile seams. So I am dealing with bodily eliminations escaping the toilet, ripping up the new tile floor, drying out the wood under-floor and replacing the tiles. The relationship part of this opposition was having the plumber come to my rescue: the same one who did the plumbing on the first Pluto date. He was cooperative and gave me a reduction in his charges.

Another Pluto experience happened the other day. One of the tires on my car got punctured and shredded. It was disconcerting and I wondered how I would manage since I am not a member of AAA. The car limped home; I began to think and make phone calls. It turned out that everybody helped. The potential disaster resulted in being brought into a local network of friendly, helpful people. After the first phone call, which cascaded into others, a man came to change the tire, and I found how I could have a new tire delivered to the local car shop and get it mounted within a few days. All of this turned out to be very inexpensive, too, so that was lucky. My part of cooperating was to ask the other people what would be convenient for them, and I adjusted to their schedules.

This is only the second time in my life I’ve had relatively serious car trouble. My cars are lucky and usually only need the oil changed in a timely manner. The last time there was car trauma was many years ago when my progressed midheaven was in square to natal Mars. It needed a new, expensive transmission. At that time, the car was used for many business trips, hence the midheaven/career connection the last time around.

This is my long-winded way of writing that potentially difficult transits from powerful planets need not be horrible or feared. When you know the basic meaning of the transit, you can be prepared and act gracefully according to the nature of the planet. It was great that the people involved in both were as nice as could be and we all cooperated, as Pluto demands.

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