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Jun 30, 2014

Meet King Gemini

A light chariot flew over Kings Aries and Taurus kingdoms and set down on the newly settled Gemini kingdom, which was open and airy. King Gemini’s Knight, who is Mercury, lightly stepped out of the chariot and looked all around. Whenever Gemini and Mercury are around, the air is lightly scented, pleasant and slightly breezy. King Gemini loves to talk, so he had a running conversation with Mercury, commenting on everything he saw. When he looked to the kingdom to the east, he saw a farm with abundant crops. The king of that kingdom had a substantial body type, but instead of a knight, this king had a beautiful woman as his helper.

King Gemini motioned to Knight Mercury to quickly introduce themselves to this already established King. They flew over, lightly landed, walked to King Taurus’ door and introduced themselves. King Taurus was not pleased at being so unexpectedly interrupted. However, after King Gemini talked a little, King Taurus and Lady Venus were charmed by his banter, wit and compliments.

King Taurus had been counting his money and Lady Venus was preparing a yummy meal when they were visited. King Gemini wondered why anybody would actually take the time to count money because it was always available and did not need the detail of actual counting – unless someone else did it for you.

During their conversation, King Gemini told King Taurus that he was friends with King Aries who take advantage of their love of new ideas to talk and challenge each other. King Taurus thought this was too much conversation and fast thinking for him. After a few minutes of conversation, King Taurus realized Kings Aries and Gemini needed a stabilizing influence, which King Taurus was willing to be.

King Gemini offered to communicate to the other kings the results of King Taurus’ crops and a friendship was made, even though the two are so different. However, when King Gemini flirted with Lady Venus, who was pleased with the attention, King Taurus got jealous and told King Gemini to leave her alone because "she is mine".

King Gemini’s conversation was sprinkled with “I Think, I think.” King Gemini thinks so much and so quickly, he seemed to change his mind several times during the conversation, which confused King Taurus. King Taurus likes to ponder on new ideas, which bores King Gemini who likes to flit from thought to thought.

Both King Gemini and Knight Mercury are eternally young, love to socialize like butterflies and brighten everyone’s life when they visit. Knight Mercury wears wings on his sandals when he is with King Gemini so they can lightly fly wherever they think to go. Knight Mercury is so mentally quick he helps King Gemini communicate his many thoughts in a charming way.

King Gemini does not have a pet like King Aries and King Taurus. King Gemini is called The Twins because he is like two people in one and needs to keep up with himself, let alone an animal. Plus, King Gemini prefers to socialize instead of staying home to take care of a pet or possessions.

Gemini and Mercury did not stay long because they were eager to fly about to meet the other kings, knights and hopefully some Ladies.