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Dec 4, 2014

Meet King Sagittarius

King Sagittarius flew to his estate with his Knight Jupiter, the biggest knight in the zodiac. They had traveled all over the cosmos, absorbing new information as they went. After all, King Sagittarius wants to be the most learned of the Kings, so he has to see all the lands and cultures he can.

He said to Jupiter: winter is coming, so let’s give a big banquet in thanksgiving for their friendship and the bounty of the land. Knight Jupiter thought that was a grand idea. King Sagittarius called King Aries, asking him to take the initiative to contact the other kings because King Aries likes to meet new people and King Sagittarius would be traveling again before the party. Then he called King Leo, asking him if the Sun would radiate the party with his warmth, and help to create an opulent affair.

King Sagittarius realized he does not always have the best approach to the sensitive kings, so he called on King Gemini to help him with communication. King Sagittarius and King Gemini are opposites, and although they get along most of the time, both kings enjoy spirited conversations.  However, for the feast, they decided to be as harmonious as possible.

They would need the food of King Virgo’s harvest, so King Virgo was asked if he would donate the bounty of his harvest to the party. Kings Taurus (Virgo’s friend) and Cancer were asked to prepare the food. The Kings Taurus and Cancer are the hardest for King Sagittarius to understand because they are so different from him, but since King Sagittarius is a peacemaker, he put that aside so the party would have the best food. King Cancer then asked his buddy, King Scorpio, to help manage the preparations.

King Aries contacted his opposite, King Libra, asking if he would help King Leo bring opulent settings to the party. Both Kings Leo and Libra like beautiful, luxurious settings, so King Leo created the sumptuous decorations and King Libra created attractive food presentations.

King Sagittarius realized that Kings Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces had not yet been visited by the other kings and did not know King Aries, so he sent Knight Jupiter to invite them. King Capricorn is very quiet with new people and at first did not answer. But after a while, he accepted, to at least meet the zodiac family and enjoy good food, even though he would have to take time off work. King Aquarius was delighted to meet new people and make new friends. King Pisces is shy, so Knight Jupiter had to persuade him that it would be okay.

The day of the feast was nice and warm, thanks to Knight Sun. As the party went into the night, Lady Moon shined her brightest to light the party. King Sagittarius welcomed everybody, including some unexpected visitors from the solar system. King Sagittarius enjoys those from all walks of life, no matter what. He also loves to receive unexpected visitors, as he is sometimes an unexpected visitor to other king’s castles.

King Sagittarius showed the other kings his magnificent horses, (a few of which could fly) which had a large barn and very expansive pastures. For a while the kings talked about their pets, but then went inside to enjoy the thanksgiving banquet.

King Gemini talked and talked, charming everybody. King Libra met King Aquarius and they got along, with King Libra helping King Aquarius not to be so outspoken and to soften King Aquarius’ desire to control the gathering. King Gemini helped King Aquarius see the other king's points of view.

King Taurus was aghast at King Leo’s expenditures, thinking it was too expensive and was amazed at the generosity of King Virgo’s harvest, but enjoyed the food. Kings Taurus and Virgo get along, and they both get along with King Cancer, so they all talked about food, work and money. King Capricorn wandered over and discovered that he, too, has a lot in common with Kings Taurus and Virgo. He was a little wary of his opposite, King Cancer, who is more emotional than King Capricorn likes, at least in public. However, King Cancer likes to make people feel at home, so he did his best to make King Capricorn comfortable.

King Libra is also very charming, telling people how nice they are and how beautiful their outfits were. He was dressed in his best outfit and his very best crown, to impress others without having to say anything. Kings Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are leaders and competitive, so they spared over who would begin the next venture. The other leader, King Aries was on his own, talking with everybody.

King Scorpio noticed that King Pisces was almost trying to invisible, so he asked King Cancer to help him approach King Pisces to make him feel comfortable. In conversation, they realized King Pisces was a creative king, who enjoyed music, art and the dance, and could mimic others. They decided it would be nice of they could get together some time after the winter.

King Aries was going from group to group. King Aries has a great sense of humor and was telling funny stories. But... when he had the group’s attention, he would say something just a little out of the way and leave to meet more people. If you watched closely, you would notice the group King Aries just left was having heated conversations.

What happened to the knights? They had their own party in the chariot castle. Knight Sun was radiating beautifully, making sure the others noticed and admired him. Knight Mars started a fire for atmosphere and flirted with Ladies Moon and Venus who thought he was a little forward. Knight Mercury flew about, talking and flirting with everybody. Knight Pluto is quiet, but watches before he takes any initiative. Finally, Knight Pluto approached Lady Moon and they got along well; Lady Moon liked his strength. When Knight Pluto talked with Lady Venus, she was wary of his intensity, and backed off. Knight Jupiter made sure the other knights and the ladies had plenty of food and wine. This was the first time they had met Knight Saturn, who was serious and talked about his King Capricorn’s work. It was also the first time they had met Knight Uranus, who was friendly, but they realized he truly was a free spirit and loves change. Knight Neptune was elusive and so ethereal, sometimes he could be seen and sometimes not. 

When it got late, you could see the fire Kings, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in a group with the air Kings Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They are outgoing and enjoyed their sparkling conversations.

The earth Kings, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn were in a group with the water Kings, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These kings are a little more shy and introspective and feel safe with each other.

Finally the party ended. King Aquarius managed calling the Knights and getting all the chariots together. Kings Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius had flying chariots; Kings Taurus and Virgo had land chariots, Kings Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces had boat chariots. They all told King Capricorn they would visit his castle on the top of the mountain the next month. King Capricorn likes to be prepared, so he was happy they told him so he could be ready. King Capricorn had a strong, sturdy land chariot that could climb mountains, pulled by a mountain goat. Of course, King Sagittarius was already home. 

All agreed it was a wonderful party.

Nov 16, 2014

Venus and the Sun go into Sagittarius

Sunday, November 16, Venus goes into the sign of Sagittarius through December 10. Your loved one becomes more independent, although creatively romantic. Give them space and you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is a pleasant time for Sagittarius, who is liked and welcomed. However, Gemini may experience your loved one either disagreeing with you or wanting to go on a trip with friends instead of being close. Aries and Leo are happy with new adventures and good social life. Libra and Aquarius have the opportunity to experience a trip, or at the very least happy love life. Taurus and Cancer adjust to your loved one's independence feeling like they are not there; but they are. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral. Virgo and Pisces may be irritated by your loved one's absence or talk about travel and ideas instead of common sense.

November 22 the Sun goes into Sagittarius through December 21. This is a cusp day, so some born on November 22 are Scorpio and some are Sagittarius; the Sun changes sign on a different day each year. You may ask Patty which sign someone is who was born on November 22 by contacting her here.

It is wonderful that Thanksgiving is during the reign of King Sagittarius, one of the most generous signs of the zodiac. Of course, nothing is by accident; someone knew what they were doing way back then.

Let's get on with how the Sun in Sagittarius acts. This is the time for Sagittarius to begin your creative projects and try to be a little diplomatic when communicating with Gemini because there could be tension between the two of you. Your interaction with Libra and Aquarius is good and easy, with Libra offering some diplomacy and Aquarius introducing you to their friends. Aries and Leo get along with you well, with Aries giving you the needed push to get going, and Leo offering to manage. Virgo could get irritated with your impulsive visit. Pisces may be quiet about your surprise visit, but quietly delight in your creativity. Taurus and Cancer adjust to your unexpected visit and requests. Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral.

To learn how these changes can personally affect you, contact Patty.

Nov 12, 2014

Forecast for week of Nov 9, 204

Dear Me,
Intense Sun spots or flares continue to flare through the sign of Scorpio, so you may experience glitches or flickers with your communication devices. Mars and Pluto are in square with Uranus, so read on to learn of the potential for change and how it may relate to you.


This week, The Sun, Venus and Saturn are all in the sign of Scorpio in tense situation with Jupiter in Leo, portending financial tension between Leo and Scorpio. Mars and Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn, a very strong combination of force and determination. Capricorn may be very focused to lead and accomplish. They are both in a tense situation with Uranus, revealing changes in the world situation, especially oil, which is in a price drop. There could be corporate changes and publication of new inventions.

Today, Monday, 10 November, the Sun and Moon are uncomfortable with each other, so just go with the flow. Scorpio and Gemini do not communicate well.

Tomorrow, 10 November, the Moon goes into Cancer through November 12 at 1:44 p.m., when it goes into Leo. Today Mars and Pluto are in exact conjunction, so expect a surge of activity from or with your Capricorn. Cancer may have relationship challenges of leadership, with Aries and Libra dealing with impulsive changes. Taurus and Virgo enjoy harmonious work situations; Scorpio and Pisces offer to solve and sooth; Leo and Gemini adjust to the intensity and practicality of the day; Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral.

The eleventh is a nice, smooth day with harmonious emotions and communications. The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces enjoy a nice day, with Cancer maybe impulsive. Aries, Libra and Capricorn may experience emotional challenges with family or food. However, Taurus and Virgo offer common sense to the situation. Gemini and Leo are neutral. Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to the emotions of the day.

November 12 the Moon goes into Leo through the 15th. Today Mars is in exact square with Uranus, so expect impulsive changes. The signs of Capricorn and Aries are especially restless and may experience a situation that breaks apart a stalemate. The signs of Cancer and Libra experience a day full of changes, so be prepared. Taurus and Virgo can present common-sense solutions; Leo and Sagittarius may be able to help if their advice is not too extravagant or escapist. The other signs may be involved in the change and need to just watch. However, Venus is conjunct (or married with) Saturn, indicating strict control of finances, including your future or portfolio. Scorpio is especially focused on financial planning.

November 13 is another tense day between Scorpio and Leo, again probably about money, with Scorpio trying to reign in Leo's expenses.

November 14 is the quarter Moon in the signs of Leo and Scorpio, so expect fairly intense control issues over money, with Scorpio asking Leo to account for high expenses. Taurus and Aquarius experience control issues, too, but milder than Leo and Scorpio. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, and Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio. Gemini and Libra are the diplomats of the zodiac, who can also help Leo understand. If there would be any medical issues, they would involve the heart and reproductive organs.

November 15 the Moon goes into Virgo at 2:08 a.m., through November 17. Emotions calm and attention turns to the details of the previous situations, communicated by Virgo. Taurus and Capricorn have a calm day; Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity to interact pleasantly with Virgo. Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius may be irritated because of requests for detail. Leo and Libra are neutral. Aries and Aquarius adjust to the shift of attention to detail.

To learn how these changes can personally affect you, contact Patty.

Oct 28, 2014

Meet King Scorpio

Learn about King Scorpio and how he gets along with your sign.

King Scorpio plans far into the future, especially his money, which he wants to increase via investments. Knight Mars helps king Scorpio manage his insurance papers, stock portfolio, health insurance and other people's financial affairs. King Scorpio is very intense and seems to be secretive, but he only  plans thoroughly and does not want to communicate those plans until they are complete. King Scorpio is a very caring King and will help you, but you need to ask him.
King Scorpio and his Knight Mars were on their dock next to the swamp, enjoying the humid atmosphere while they planned their future. Their chariot was hidden in the garage. Next-door neighbors King Libra and Lady Venus came to visit in their beautifully-balanced chariot. King Libra and Lady Venus talked about their last social event, how elegant it was and how everybody cooperated. Lady Venus wore a piece of jewelry in the form of a balance-scale. King Scorpio was intrigued with Lady Venus and tried in his mysterious way to woo her. King Libra did not like that, but was averse to causing a rift with King Scorpio so did not say anything. However, Lady Venus is strong while she is with King Libra, so she quietly told King Scorpio she was committed to King Libra and to leave her alone. Even though they are different, since they are next-door neighbors, they get along, especially since Lady Venus is complimentary and diplomatic so she is liked.
King Virgo and Knight Mercury had visited last month. King Virgo is happy to have Knight Mercury take care of the details of King Scorpio's affairs. Both kings are discreet and don't like to talk about their affairs, so they get along well. They did talk about the wheat harvest that was planted during Taurus's month,though. Knight Mars, when he serves King Scorpio, gives a necessary push to King Scorpio to communicate and to actually do something about King Scorpio's decisions. Knight Mercury is quiet, practical and focused when he serves King Virgo.
The month before, King Leo visited in his shining Sun chariot, lighting up the entire atmosphere. King Scorpio does not enjoy the spotlight and wants to be in control. Well, King Leo is the King of the Zodiac and expects to be in control, admired and obeyed, something King Scorpio is not wont to do. Their conversation was challenging, in that King Leo continually said to King Scorpio, "You will," with King Scorpio responding with, "I do not want to." King Scorpio talked about his long-term investments and savings, and King Leo talked about how much he spent on expensive, opulent things. Since this visit did not go very well, King Leo left early.
The month before that, King Cancer and his Lady the Moon visited in their silver chariot, which is a boat. They docked at King Scorpio's and had a delightful visit. King Cancer is watery, like King Scorpio and Lady Moon and Knight Mars (with Scorpio) have an easy, friendly relationship. King Cancer is so psychic, he can intuit what King Scorpio is feeling. King Scorpio helps King Cancer with his investments and the philosophy of taking care of yourself before everybody else. King Cancer helps King Scorpio initiate activities, or does it for him. Both Kings enjoy the Lady Moon's silvery changeability. They had good feelings between them, good food and wine and enjoyed being on the dock in the nice, humid swamp with trees all around. Interestingly, scorpions were seen scampering along the ground and joined the crabs along the edge of the swamp.  
A few months prior, King Gemini flew across King Scorpio's swamp and did not even see it. However, King Gemini's chariot is glittering, mercury-colored. Knight Mercury saw the reflection of their chariot on the water and maneuvered their way to land beside the dock. King Gemini is quick, changeable, talkative and so very airy. The atmosphere of the humid swamp dampened his energy and thoughts. It took King Scorpio so long to answer King Gemini's rapid-fire questions that seemed to have no connection, that King Gemini got bored. King Scorpio thought King Gemini was not serious enough and got bored, too. Since they did not have much in common, they left, to the relief of King Scorpio.
When King Taurus visited, it was difficult. First of all, King Taurus did not want to leave his farm to visit King Scorpio's domain beside the swamp with scorpions around. Plus, Lady Venus charmed King Scorpio, who wanted to interact with her and King Taurus became jealous because he wanted Lady Venus all to himself. King Taurus likes to count pennies and manage the checkbook and does not truly understand King Scorpio's attention to long-range plans. King Scorpio got miffed at King Taurus' insistence on minutae and retreated into silence. Neither communicate well with each other, each wanting to be in control. So, after a short visit to become acquainted, King Taurus and Lady Venus got in their land chariot to visit another day
When King Aries visited, it was weird. King Aries flew by so fast, he missed it. His fiery chariot, though, caused a reflection on the water, so Knight Mars knew to turn around and land beside the dock. King Aries strode with supreme self-confidence to King Scorpio's door and tried to just walk in. King Scorpio keeps his doors locked, which baffled King Aries: who would want to keep him out? Eventually, King Scorpio opened the door and walked outside to greet King Aries. King Scorpio's domain is his and he does not want just anybody intruding. King Aries' conversation was about his impulsive, creative and daring adventures, which amazed King Scorpio, who carefully plans almost everything. King Aries did not understand King Scorpio's silence and their conversation dwindled. Knight Mars was getting confused: was he supposed to be fast and daring, or focused and secretive? They left to everybody's relief.
There is another Knight in the zodiac, who secretly serves King Scorpio: Knight Pluto, who helps King Scorpio understand life and death. Knight Pluto helps King Scorpio know when to end what is complete and let go. Knight Pluto's pet is an eagle, who flies high above problems to see everything in order to understand situations. Knight Pluto puts King Scorpio through very difficult emotional situations in order to transform King Scorpio into the Phoenix. After these ordeals, King Scorpio is a renewed, refocused person who has great understanding of human problems.

This explanation of King Scorpio only describes how the signs get along, without the influence of the other planets, and your free will. For clear understanding of your relationships, Patty can help you. Contact her via email or phone at 302-378-0579.

Sep 6, 2014

What Edgar Cayce readings say about astrology

Edgar Cayce Reading 3744

29. (Q) Please give a definition of the word astrology.
(A) That position in space about our own earth that is under the control of the forces that are within the sphere of that control, and all other spheres without that control. That is astrology, the study of those conditions.

In the beginning, our own plane, the Earth, was set in motion. The planning of other planets began the ruling of the destiny of all matters as created, just as the division of waters was ruled and is ruled by the Moon in its path about the earth; just so as the higher creation as it begun is ruled by its action in conjunction with the planets about the earth. The strongest force used in the destiny of man is the Sun first, then the closer planets to the earth, or those that are coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual, BUT LET IT BE UNDERSTOOD HERE, NO ACTION OF ANY PLANET OR THE PHASES OF THE SUN, THE MOON OR ANY OF THE HEAVENLY BODIES SURPASS THE RULE OF MAN'S WILL POWER, THE power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself. The inclinations of man are ruled by the planets under which he is born, for the destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets.

30. (Q) Do the planets have an effect on the life of every individual born?
(A) They have. Just as this earth's forces were set in motion, and about it, those forces that govern the elements, elementary so, of the earth's sphere or plane, and as each comes under the influence of those conditions, the influence is to the individual without regards to the will, which is the developing factor of man, in which such is expressed through the breath of the Creator, and as one's plane of existence is lived out from one sphere to another they come under the influence of those to which it passes from time to time.

In the sphere of many of the planets within the same solar system, we find they are banished to certain conditions in developing about the spheres from which they pass, and again and again and again return from one to another until they are prepared to meet the everlasting Creator of our entire Universe, of which our system is only a very small part. [See 900-25, Par. 3-A.]

Be not dismayed [deceived]; God is not mocked; "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." [Gal. 6:7]

In the various spheres, then, through which he must pass to attain that which will fit him for the conditions to enter in, and become a part of that Creator, just as an individual is a part of the creation now. In this manner we see there is the influence of the planets upon an individual, for all must come under that influence, though one may pass from one plane to another without going through all stages of the condition, for only upon the earth plane at present do we find man is flesh and blood, but upon others do we find those of his own making in the preparation of his own development.

As given, "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handyworks. Day unto day uttereth speech, night unto night sheweth knowledge." This from the beginning and unto the end. [Ps. 19:1, 2]

Just in that manner is the way shown how man may escape from all of the fiery darts of the wicked one, for it is self, and selfishness, that would damn the individual soul unto one or the other of those forces that bring about the change that must be in those that willfully wrong his Maker. It is not that which man does or leaves undone, but rather that indifference toward the creation that makes or loses for the individual entity. Then, let's be up and doing - doing - "be ye doers [of the word], and not hearers only". [Jas. 1:22]

31. (Q) Give the names of the principal planets, and the influence on the lives of people.
(A) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Septimus.

Influence as is given by many of those in and about the earth plane is defective. Many of the forces of each is felt more through the experience, by the entity's sojourn upon those planets than by the life that is lead other than by will, for will is the factor in the mind of man that must be exercised. The influence from any is from what planet that soul and spirit returns to bring the force to the earth individual, as it is breathed into the body, from whence did it come? that being the influence. Not the revolution of the ideas as given from those who study of those forces, but study those that come, as the Star of Bethlehem came to the earth as the individual pointing out the way to Truth, the Light, and others can only be such as prepare their way through that light and influence.

32. (Q) Are any of the planets, other than the earth, inhabited by human beings or animal life of any kind?
(A) No.

33. (Q) Give the description of the planet nearest the earth at the present time, and its effect upon the people.
(A) That planet now fast approaching the earth, under whose influence the earth's minds trend, will be for the next few years, as time is known here, is Mars, who will be only thirty-five million miles away from the earth in 1924. The influence will be felt as this recedes from the earth, and those of that nature; that is, given through sojourn there, express in their lives upon the earth the troublesome times that will arise, only being tempered with that of those who may be, and will be, coming from those of Jupiter, Venus and Uranus, those strong ennobling forces tempered by those of love and strength.

34. (Q) What effect will the planet, Uranus, have on the people during the next two years?
(A) We find in this planet those of the exceptional forces, those of the ultra forces, those that carry the extremes in every walk of physical life and forces, and these are those that will, in the next two years, especially, give of their strength to the greater force, as has been given. Those, tempered with the forces as received there, find in the tumultuous times that are to arise, the setting ready for their again forces. Well may the earth tremble under that influence in 1925 and 1927.

35. (Q) Is it proper for us to study the effects of the planets on our lives in order to better understand our tendencies and inclinations, as influenced by the planets?
(A) When studied aright, very, very, very much so. How aright then? In that influence as is seen in the influence of the knowledge already obtained by mortal man. Give more of that into the lives, giving the understanding THAT THE WILL MUST BE THE EVER GUIDING FACTOR TO LEAD MAN ON, EVER UPWARD.

36. (Q) In what way should astrology be used to help man live better in the present physical plane?
(A) In that which the position of the planets give the tendencies in a given life, without reference to the will. Then let man, the individual, understand how WILL may overcome, for we all must overcome, if we would, in any wise, enter in. Not that the position gives man the transport, but that that force as manifested in the creation of man wherein choice between the good and evil, exercising highest will force, may be manifested the greater in man. DO THAT.

37. (Q) Who were the first people in the world to use astrology, and what time in history was it first used?
(A) Many, many thousands, thousands of years ago. The first record as is given is as that recorded in Job, who lived before Moses was.

38. (Q) Are the tendencies of an individual influenced most by the planets nearer the earth at the time of the individual's birth?
(A) At, or from that one whom is at the zenith when the individual is in its place or sphere, or as is seen from that sphere or plane the soul and spirit took its flight in coming to the earth plane. For each plane, in its relation to the other, is just outside, just outside, relativity of force, as we gather them together.

Jun 30, 2014

Meet King Gemini

A light chariot flew over Kings Aries and Taurus kingdoms and set down on the newly settled Gemini kingdom, which was open and airy. King Gemini’s Knight, who is Mercury, lightly stepped out of the chariot and looked all around. Whenever Gemini and Mercury are around, the air is lightly scented, pleasant and slightly breezy. King Gemini loves to talk, so he had a running conversation with Mercury, commenting on everything he saw. When he looked to the kingdom to the east, he saw a farm with abundant crops. The king of that kingdom had a substantial body type, but instead of a knight, this king had a beautiful woman as his helper.

King Gemini motioned to Knight Mercury to quickly introduce themselves to this already established King. They flew over, lightly landed, walked to King Taurus’ door and introduced themselves. King Taurus was not pleased at being so unexpectedly interrupted. However, after King Gemini talked a little, King Taurus and Lady Venus were charmed by his banter, wit and compliments.

King Taurus had been counting his money and Lady Venus was preparing a yummy meal when they were visited. King Gemini wondered why anybody would actually take the time to count money because it was always available and did not need the detail of actual counting – unless someone else did it for you.

During their conversation, King Gemini told King Taurus that he was friends with King Aries who take advantage of their love of new ideas to talk and challenge each other. King Taurus thought this was too much conversation and fast thinking for him. After a few minutes of conversation, King Taurus realized Kings Aries and Gemini needed a stabilizing influence, which King Taurus was willing to be.

King Gemini offered to communicate to the other kings the results of King Taurus’ crops and a friendship was made, even though the two are so different. However, when King Gemini flirted with Lady Venus, who was pleased with the attention, King Taurus got jealous and told King Gemini to leave her alone because "she is mine".

King Gemini’s conversation was sprinkled with “I Think, I think.” King Gemini thinks so much and so quickly, he seemed to change his mind several times during the conversation, which confused King Taurus. King Taurus likes to ponder on new ideas, which bores King Gemini who likes to flit from thought to thought.

Both King Gemini and Knight Mercury are eternally young, love to socialize like butterflies and brighten everyone’s life when they visit. Knight Mercury wears wings on his sandals when he is with King Gemini so they can lightly fly wherever they think to go. Knight Mercury is so mentally quick he helps King Gemini communicate his many thoughts in a charming way.

King Gemini does not have a pet like King Aries and King Taurus. King Gemini is called The Twins because he is like two people in one and needs to keep up with himself, let alone an animal. Plus, King Gemini prefers to socialize instead of staying home to take care of a pet or possessions.

Gemini and Mercury did not stay long because they were eager to fly about to meet the other kings, knights and hopefully some Ladies.

May 17, 2014

Kentucky Derby and Middletown Delaware

We enjoyed the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May, 2014. California Chrome won, and he is the projeny of Northern Dancer. The AARP May Bulletin had a feature stating that fifty years ago a sleeper named Northern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby.

Middletown is a small town south of Newark and north of Townsend in the state of Delaware. Some people think it is a backwater town with nothing going on. Middletown is a bedroom community, meaning people live here and work elsewhere, but the state border of this part of Delaware is with Chesapeake City, Maryland, which at one time was the home of two of the most famous race horses in history: Northern Dancer and Kelso.  Windfield’s Farm, home of Northern Dancer, and Woodstock Farm, home of Kelso, are across the road from each other. These farms are on a road only a few miles west of the Summit Shopping Center and Summit Aviation. Information about both race horses follows. The information was gleaned from several articles found via Google.

Of personal interest, between 1964 and 1980, I owned and operated my dress shop, named Patricia F. Hawkins, located where Summit Dental is today, at the end of the Summit Aviation property. Across the road on the north side of Boyd’s Corner Road was a little country store, and on the south side of Boyd’s Corner Road was another country store and big grain elevators. All around us were farms. Since the population was so small, we all knew each other and socialized together. There did not seem to be a separation of cultures; it was all relaxed and friendly. We all shared in the excitement of Northern Dancer and the memory of Kelso. At one time, racing colors became fashionable and I bought a lot of women’s clothing in those colors, surprising the salesmen, who did not understand we had famous racing farms here. Of course, they sold well.

Northern Dancer, The Patriarch Stallion, “stood”, or lived at Windfield Farm in Chesapeake City, Maryland. If there's a heaven for horses, then California Chrome's great-great-grandsire will be peering down at Pimlico Race Course on Saturday to see whether his progeny can do what he did 50 years ago: win the Preakness and, with it, the first two legs of racing's Triple Crown.  Northern Dancer was owned by Canadian E.P. Taylor, and after four breeding seasons E.P. Taylor set his sights on the U. S.’s top broodmares.  Confounding conventional wisdom, he bypassed Kentucky and sent Northern Dancer to Chesapeake City, Maryland. Mr. Taylor was familiar with the region from his stays at Mrs. Allaire duPont’s Woodstock Farm in the 1960’s when her gelding Kelso was racking up five consecutive “Horse of the Year” honors. On one particular visit the late Mrs. duPont inquired, “Eddie, why don’t you get your own place?  My neighbor lives in a falling down house, let me see if she’ll sell it.” Taylor purchased the 200-acre farm in July 1968 and set up Windfields’ American breeding operation. There, for 19 years, Northern Dancer serviced mares who cranked out thoroughbreds the likes of whom the racing world had never seen — including Nijinsky II (1970 English Triple Crown), El Gran Senor (twice European champion) and The Minstrel (British Horse of the Year). His prowess translated to stud fees that soared from an initial $10,000 for a live foal to $500,000, no guarantee, in 1984. However, private deals saw a $1 million change hands for the services of the world’s top sire. Taylor was offered an astounding $40 million for Northern Dancer in 1981. He was 20 years old. One shareholder wired back: “Over my dead body!” When he was pensioned at age 26, Northern Dancer’s lifetime stud fees tallied up to $117,752,000. All told, Northern Dancer sired a record 147 stakes winners and offspring who sold for $183.7 million. In 1983, one of his yearlings brought a then-record $10.2 million at the Keeneland (Ky.) Sales. In his prime, his stud fee reached $1 million, regardless of whether the foal lived. "His semen is literally worth its weight in gold," Windfields manager Joe Hickey once said. It was more than his owner, Canadian multimillionaire E.P. Taylor could have asked of the colt — a grandson of the great Native Dancer  — whom he'd tried unsuccessfully to sell for $25,000 as a yearling. (In 1980, the Taylor-led syndicate turned down an offer of $40 million for Northern Dancer, then 20.) A good article to read is here:

Kelso, the most successful gelding in racing history and one of the finest horses to ever step on an American racetrack also lived in Chesapeake City at Woodstock Farm. You can see Kelso’ picture in the restaurant The Bayard House on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal at Chesapeake City, MD.  Kelso’s owner, Allaire duPont, named the horse after a friend, Kelso Everett. With Kelso’s cantankerous nature only getting worse as he grew, duPont decided to have him gelded. It didn’t help. Kelso remained stubborn and difficult throughout his life. Hall of Fame jockey Eddie Arcaro became the regular rider and raced in the name of Allaire’s Bohemia Stable.  Kelso's triumphs on the track attracted a large following of loyal fans. He received tons of mail, for which he was given his own mailbox at Woodstock Farm in Maryland. The famous horse even had his own fan club, which nicknamed him King Kelly. His loyal supporters were present every time he ran, often waving banners that proclaimed their love for their hero. After Kelso's retirement from racing, Mrs. Allaire duPont frequently took him foxhunting with the Vicmead Hunt in Delaware and the Andrew's Bridge Hunt in Pennsylvania, and he also spent time making public appearances. Kelso passed away in 1983, shortly after making a final appearance at Belmont Park in the company of the horses Forego and John Henry, and he is buried at Mrs. Allaire duPont's farm in Maryland. 

 Arcaro, however, retired in early 1962. Thirty-five years later, during his final public appearance, Arcaro was being honored at Lone Star Park in Texas. He was having dinner with Chick Lang, former executive vice president and general manager at Pimlico. “Eddie, the stock question everyone always asks is, who’s the best horse you’ve ever ridden?” asked Lang. “And you’ve always answered Citation.” Arcaro responded: “Chick, I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anybody, and I promised to myself I would never say it unless I outlived Jimmy Jones (Citation’s trainer). I’d never say this in public while Jimmy is still alive, because if I did, he’d be on the phone the next day and he’d be really upset with me. But between you and me, I’m going to tell you right here and now that the greatest horse I ever rode, without question, was Kelso. He could do anything. He could sprint, go two miles, run on off tracks, fast tracks, inside, outside – anything.” To read a great article about Kelso, go here:

A great picture of the late Allaire duPont.

It may seem that the 1960's through 1983, was a long time ago, but those times are still fresh in our memories, along with many adventures during our younger years. Middletown may have been a small town, but we had our share of characters and the kinds of adventures only a small town and close relationships make possible. 

As you have read, nearby we did have two of the most famous thoroughbred race horses in history. By the way, Chesapeake City, Maryland is a very small town, too.