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Oct 23, 2012

Prediction for High level solar flares

NASA reported HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY:  New sunspot AR1598 has boosted solar activity to high levels.  This morning, Oct. 23rd, it produced a powerful X1-class solar flare.  There have been four significant flares since the active region emerged three days ago, and it seems that more could be in the offing. Check for more information and updates.

No wonder people are tired and grouchy, or restless and impulsive; solar flares send a lot of energy to the earth, which excites the ions in your body, as well as all life on earth. Even pets, wild birds and insects are feeling it, and are exhibiting different behaviors; usually being nervous. The flares flowed through the sign of Libra the past few days, and today through the next 3 days, the sign of Scorpio.

For those born at the end of Libra, about October 19 through yesterday, you would have felt off balance from the high solar stimulation. You are usually diplomatic and cooperative, but the past few days you may have shown your strong self because of being pushed too far. 

The following explanations are for those born the last three days of the sign. 
Aries may have experienced your normally nice partner a little more uncooperative.  Cancer and Capricorn would have experienced challenging, changing circumstances, possibly because you  did not take details into account or forgot to write something down, especially regarding family and work plans.

Gemini and Aquarius could help with diplomacy and the ability to be more objective.  Leo and Sagittarius are stimulated to provide stability, creativity and peacemaking to others. Taurus and Pisces are off balance, and could have felt too much stimulation and change, wanting to retreat. Virgo and Scorpio are somewhat neutral, but still stimulated, just not experiencing disruptions - until today. 

October 23, the Sun went into the sign of Scorpio, with the solar flare stimulating the sign of Scorpio.

The following explanations are for those born the first 3 days of the sign. 

Scorpio is intense, persistent, caring and reliable. Stimulated by the solar flare, Scorpio could be over-caring to the point of domineering insistence of "doing for your own good."  Scorpio does not like to reveal plans before they are ready to be implemented, and may experience pushing, especially from Taurus. 

Taurus does not like change and could experience forced change, which in reality, could be relatively minor. Control issues could surface and be unpleasant unless you choose be your usual, sweet self. Cancer and Pisces are stimulated into activity, beginning what was put off  or completing what was interrupted.  Virgo and Capricorn have the opportunity to help others pay attention to detail, analyze and go according to plan.  Libra and Sagittarius are somewhat neutral. Aries and Gemini experience irritating interruptions. Leo and Aquarius can experience control or management issues, which could upset you, but go along and you will be okay. 

About December 21:
The Sun is in a period of heightened solar activity, which is hastening the change in consciousness predicted by many, including the Mayan Calendar. All is leading to the December 21, 2012 solstice when this shift is supposed to take place. You may want to take note of changes in your own life and figure out how they are beneficial, whether or not they are comfortable. These changes could be a sign of how your consciousness would change, or is in the process of changing. 

The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius don't like change unless they initiate it, and hate being out of control. During this shift in consciousness, or this shift in Ages, there is no control, only the ability to  what is happening and somehow provide management and stability. The cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn make change and tend to be impulsive and act without thinking and can unwittingly facilitate the 2012 changes. The Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are flexible, and can perceive all sides of a situation and the need to make changes. Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are the communicators, so if you are one of these signs, please speak up. The rest of us would do well to listen to them. 

For those of you who know astrology, the usual interpretations of the transits may change. For instance, a square could stimulate activity to get you out of the doldrums instead of being a challenging block. You could be more likely to act on a sextile or trine instead of expecting something to come to you. The adjustment situations could be perceived as such instead of being irritating. the interruption has within it a sign for change. The opposition could stimulate you to heal a difficult relationship instead of pushing back or leaving it. 

The earth has left the age of Pisces or the Sixth Ray and has entered the Age of Aquarius and the Seventh Ray with great speed and stimulation, which is why time seems to have speeded up.

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