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Jun 7, 2013

Gemini and Solar Flares

 What do the solar flares mean to you?

GEOMAGNETIC STORMS: Last night, (June 6) Earth passed through a region of south-pointing magnetism in the solar wind. This triggered a G2-class (Kp=6) geomagnetic storm. At its peak, the storm spawned Northern Lights in the USA as far south as Kansas. More auroras are in the offing as a CME is set to deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on June 8-9.  Check for photos and updates.

The force of the geomagnetic storms or solar flares will come through the astrological sign of Gemini, joining the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter! Today, June 7, Mars is in a square with wet Neptune and we on the East Coast of America are experiencing rain from tropical storm Andrea.  

To you, this means the area of your horoscope influenced by Gemini is activated with nervous energy. This area of your life can be more active than usual with more communication from neighbors, or you could experience being nervous when dealing with those issues.

Gemini people, in particular, may be more nervous than usual, evidenced by rapid or silly talking, nervous hand movement or being irritable.  Gemini is not keen on keeping track of details, although they sometimes ask others to do so for them, so they may be avoiding details now. Gemini's are social and bring a social atmosphere in all their activities, so your Gemini friends may be more social and talkative today and tomorrow. This is a good day to be social, and put some details aside for another day. 

You may have noticed that plant life this year is lush. Do you think this could be because of the solar radiation from the solar flares? The parsley in my garden is three feet high, the roses have been spectacular and the peonies have bigger and better flowers than in years past. Let us thank the Sun for the extra life radiated to us this year. 

However, the strong radiation from the solar flares has caused some to get out of balance, particularly if that person is used to a fixed, predictable routine. The routine becomes un-routine or unbalanced, causing adjustment to small changes, which is disconcerting to those who enjoy control. 

We are in a time in earth's history of great change, and the best way to handle it is with as much understanding and flexibility as possible, especially during Gemini time, which is from May 20 through June 21 this year. 

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