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How is my reading valuable to me?

First of all, you are a soul who lives in your body, not the other way around. You are a soul, you do not have a soul that is somewhere out there. 

Your astrology reading helps you understand yourself and your relationship to others and your life situation. Your year ahead forecast alerts you to upcoming challenges, opportunities, times of ease and more. 

Your birth chart or horoscope is your plan for this lifetime. It is chosen by you and your guides before you were born, thereby exercising your free will before you were born. When you decided to reincarnate, you and your guides figured out your life plan. You chose the date, time and place of your birth, which created your horoscope when you took your first breath. When you become interested in astrology, you are ready to study your personal life plan via your chart.

Your chart reveals the challenges you want to experience, the important types of relationships, the talents you already have and the opportunities that are ready to be activated for this lifetime. You as a soul want to grow towards greater awareness and the recurring themes are revealed in your birth or natal horoscope. Some ask if the challenges ever go away. The challenging themes remain in your horoscope, but... they change to a higher level. When you succeed in experiencing challenges gracefully, you are given more challenges, but since you have gracefully succeeded in some, the subsequent challenges become enjoyable. It is the same for talents and opportunities. When you develop a talent you become more proficient and you become an expert. When you take advantage of your natal opportunities, the subsequent opportunities bring you to a higher level of experience and communication. The astrological aspects, or planetary relationships, in your chart reveal your inner struggles and latent talents.

 You want to grow towards greater awareness.This is revealed in your astrological forecasts, which are your soul's plan for you. Here on earth we experience via a sequence of events, know as time.Your year ahead reveals your plan for the upcoming year.

Your natal horoscope or the year ahead forecast does not replace God, God's plan for you, or your free will. Astrology is a tool that reveals God's plan for you this lifetime. You are the one who can study your horoscope to learn that plan and put it into action the best you can. Your intention colors your choices, which causes the consequences or your life's experiences.

The way to use your chart and forecasts is to know yourself, try to improve, and when the forecast reveals something, make choices for the highest good of everyone. For instance, if a day says it will be contentious or challenging, you will know it will be busy with no time for details, which can result in impulsive words. The challenge could come from you or from someone else. Your  response would be to be aware of the possibilities and help the situation with energy, common sense and appreciation of others to avoid confrontation and have a strong conversation another day.