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Patty the Astrologer is your trusted advisor

How is my reading valuable to me?

Astrology is one tool Patty uses to help you understand life
Your purpose, when, how and where of events.

   A Reading with Patty can help you:

   Identify your life purpose and how to achieve it.
   Your relationship(s)
   Understand your career situation and why.
   Identify money patterns and how to correct them.
   Your parents and parental pattern
   Your children, each of whom experience you differently


When we begin your reading, your information is in front of us to interpret quickly and accurately. You may ask and have answered questions about your life’s purpose, career, personal life, love life, parents, children, friends and more. Your horoscope represents your plan or blueprint for this lifetime, which Patty can help you understand; especially why things are; whether relationships or challenges. Patty connects with you and the akashic records during your session. You may also ask about those on the other side, your guide or question the Ascended Masters. You may ask as many questions as you want during your session.

All readings are with the utmost confidentially and trust. Patty’s clients are from all walk of life, including professional psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, radio talk show hosts, psychologists.

All readings are over the phone, are recorded and emailed to you so you can listen to your valuable information over and over, and are securely and safely held in Patty’s personal “cloud” if you need to receive it again.

Your reading may include astrology, tarot and contact with those on the other side in one reading.

“Patty is your go-to person to answer your most profound questions...” MG, Delaware.

I wanted to say thank you for your time, it was insightful, and refreshing to hear about potential up coming events that shape our future. GR Pittsburgh.