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Jan 23, 2018

Feb 1 through Feb 28 2018 forecast

Valentine’s Day Feb 14
Solar or new Moon eclipse Feb 15
President’s Day February 19

Feb 1: Moon goes into Virgo.

Feb 2: see-saw or quincunx Moon, meaning a day when things do not go as expected. The signs of Virgo and Aquarius are not seeing eye-to-eye. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo, with Gemini and Libra helping Aquarius.

Feb 2: USA: from behind the scenes, diplomatic activities do not go as expected by either party, requiring each to give a little and cooperate. Repeats April 13 and September 27, 2017. This could be an ally, enemy or activity near the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Feb 3: Moon goes into Libra. Also, new technological or future ideas have the opportunity to be accepted. Good day for Aquarius to present long-term plans and to cooperate with Sagittarius or plan travel. Good day for Gemini, Libra, Aries and Leo.

Feb 4: Sun and Moon getting along, indicating a good day overall, but especially good for the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Diplomacy succeeds for future plans; legal dealings and cooperation amongst groups.

Feb 5: Moon goes into Scorpio.

Feb 6: your loved one is more friendly than romantic, but social life with friends excellent. Aquarius reaches out for new experiences, perhaps catalyzing Aries. Good day for Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Feb 7: quarter Moon in the signs of Scorpio and Aquarius, who experience control issues over finances, large groups or future plans. Taurus and Leo could have a tense day over finances. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio; Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius.

Feb 8: Moon goes into Sagittarius.

Feb 8 USA: glitches and minor changes communicating about either legal, finances or allies.

Feb 9: no astrological aspects.

Feb 9 USA: great day with the USA’s progressed Sun trine USA natal Sun; USA progressed MC trine USA natal MC. The president or businesses of the USA are doing well and may be honored.

Feb 10: tense day with control or management issues. The one managing groups may be challenged by the one  handling the finances, resulting in stubbornness. Aquarius and Scorpio are especially challenged, followed by Taurus and Leo. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius, Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio. Also, Sun and Moon in a cooperative mood, easing the above tension. Sagittarius is a peacemaker (even though most books do not state this) and may be the one to bring peace. Good day for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius if they cooperate.

Feb 11 & 12: No astrological aspects.

Feb 12 USA: first date of a cycle or process that repeats June 26 and November 12, 2018. Transiting Saturn opposes natal Jupiter.  In the USA chart, Jupiter rules, or is the patron planet of the first house of the population and lives in the seventh house of allies and open enemies. Indications are of opposition or negotiations that also involve money, possessions and self esteem. Transiting Saturn is in its own sign, and natal Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, so each are strong, so the opposition or confrontation may be from the USA. Let us notice Feb 12, to learn if this will be a confrontation or an attempt at negotiation. The opposition in astrology usually means one-on-one interaction with another.

Feb 13: Moon goes into Aquarius, joining Mercury and the Sun. communication may be stubbornly controlling about finances, with future ideas more idealistic than within the budget. Aquarius and Scorpio can know resistance, along with Taurus and Leo. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio. However, new ideas or a new group effort succeeds by cooperation. Technology is good regarding the mechanical or machines. Aquarius and Aries are especially cooperative today with the innovative. Gemini and Libra also benefit, as do Leo and Sagittarius. An exciting day for all if cooperative, open to the new and a nice day with friends.

Feb 14: Valentines’ Day. Interestingly, Valentine’s Day is an Aquarian event, although the hearts of Venus are the symbol. This can mean your love relationship is better when experienced as loving friends, non-jealous and accepting of your significant other’s freedom and friends. This may mean that in astrology Uranus, the modern ruler or patron planet of Aquarius, is the higher octave of the Sun. The Sun, the patron planet of Leo, is the outward symbol of Love via the Son/Sun of God and the giver of life in this solar system. However, in the astrology we use, the Sun is not supposed to be at its best in Aquarius because the Self of Leo is lost in the crowd of Aquarius. This will be an interesting topic for our astrology class and perhaps your own research.

Feb 14: USA: First date of a cycle that repeats March 13 and October 2, 2018. Opportunity for cooperation between the USA and a foreign entity, or a case put before the Supreme Court involving a group or groups. This is the first focus date, it will be prominent on March 31, and conclude Oct 2 of this year.  Let us notice what happens Feb 14.

Feb 15: excellent communication of new ideas and dealings with friends and groups. The tension of Feb 13 can be alleviated today. Great day for Aquarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra, Leo and Sagittarius. Love is good, too. Your loved one may accept an opportunity for a steady or committed relationship. Pisces softens Capricorn, maybe luring Capricorn away from work. Good for Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus. Virgo may be irritated from clingy relationships or vagueness.

Feb 15: solar or new eclipse at 27̊ Aquarius 05'. This is very close to the eclipse of Aug 21, 2017, which was at 27̊ Leo 53, and is in opposition. If you have a 27, 28 or 29 degree of a planet, your ascendent or midheaven in your chart, it will be set off. Eclipses are triggers, catalyzing a point that had, or will be, focused by a transit. How your chart will be triggered depends upon the sign, planets and houses involved. To learn how this will affect your chart, contact Patty for a quickie interpretation just for you. Jupiter in the sky is at 22̊ Scorpio, triggering the Feb 13, 2017 eclipse, which as at 22̊ Leo 28'. Look to that date to learn if you experienced anything, knowing a similar happening will occur. A busy day, possibly happening yesterday for Valentine’s Day. Aquarius can be the instigator for change, opposing Leo and challenging Taurus and Scorpio, al of whom experience control issues. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, Cancer and Pisces help Scorpio. Contact Patty to learn how all this will affect your chart.

Feb 15: eclipse to the USA: exactly on the USA Moon at 27̊ Aquarius 5' in the house of liquid assets. The USA Moon is the patron planet of the USA eighth house of fiances, and welfare expenditures. If this is a crisis, it could be resolved by May 7, 2018.

Feb 15: after all this, the Moon goes into Pisces at 09:41:pm, ET, perhaps calming things down.

Feb 16: no astrological aspects.

Feb 16 USA: last focus date of a cycle that began April 17, 2017, repeated Aug. 18 2017. Ideal situation and good communication with an ally, the public and just maybe an enemy. If there has been a process to include the public schools, success could be announced.

Feb 17: travel plans may change because of the weather, the airplane or train is late or does not show up. Projects are delayed. Disappointing day for Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. The Sun joins Mercury indicating strong communication regarding technology or groups from Aquarius. Leo will have opposition, Taurus and Scorpio experience control issue communication. Gemini and Libra enjoy good friendships and communication. Aries and Sagittarius have the opportunity to cooperate; Cancer and Virgo adjust to friends interrupting. Capricorn and Pisces are neutral.

Feb 18: Moon goes into Aries. Sun goes into Pisces through Mach 20, joining Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This is the time for Pisces to begin creative ideas for success. Your allies are Cancer and Scorpio for ease; Capricorn for practical leadership, Taurus to help with financial details and nutrition. Virgo can be irritated from lack of detail and preciseness. Gemini and Sagittarius irritated with vagueness, although they are flexible and can adapt. Pisces can be dreamily romantic, too.

Feb 19: no astrological aspects. President’s Day, honoring all the Presidents of the United States. President’s Day was established in 1885 as George Washington’s birthday, Feb. 22, to honor him as the first President of the USA, and the winning General of the Revolution, which created the United States of America.

Feb 19 USA: if this is noticed, the first date of a cycle that repeats June 17 and November 19, 2018. Financial adjustments to bring the budget to balance and reduce the trade imbalance. The USA chart indicates we should have a surplus to be generous with, and perhaps this cycle will restore a surplus. Perhaps some of the groups demonizing the founders of the country adjust to the reality of how we got where we are.

Feb 20: Moon goes into Taurus and creates a nice relationship with the Sun in Pisces, the two signs who have a nice day, followed by the rest of us. These are gentle signs, cooperating to enjoy stability or security with creativity. Very nice day for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.

Feb 21: Venus and Neptune are together in Pisces, indicating a very creative, possible romantic day for vacation or escape. Pisces is communicating more strongly than usual, especially with Capricorn, or a person considered wise. If Virgo is out of sorts, you may find help with Capricorn, or a quiet authority figure you admire.

Feb 22: Moon goes into Gemini, stirring the Pisces energy, and could be an irritating day.

Feb 23: quarter Moon in the signs of Gemini and Pisces who are irritating each other, followed by Sagittarius and Virgo. A day of slightly unexpected changes. Libra and Aquarius can help Gemini with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces.

Feb 24: Moon goes into Cancer.

Feb 25: Sun and Moon are getting along in the signs of Cancer and Pisces, benefitting Scorpio, too. Good communications similar to that of Feb. 17. Opportunity for ideal or creative ideas to be successful with the cooperation of the top authority figure. However, a romantic escape or vacation day may be changed because of an urgent diplomatic situation, which could be of politics, higher education, travel or a foreign situation.

Feb 26: Moon goes into Leo.

Feb 27: see-saw or quincunx day between the Sun and Moon in Pisces and Leo. Pisces can flex, Leo usual ly does not, but will be happier they do. Things do not go as expected for the dramatic or extravagant. There is the opportunity for success by cooperation between the creative and practical. Attention to common sense finances is favored.

Feb 28: possible arguments between Pisces and Sagittarius, followed by Gemini and Virgo. Nobody is being practical or using common sense. The instigator is being unrealistic. Otherwise, good communication if Pisces or the creative one takes the opportunity to consult with the person considered strong and wise. 

Contact Patty for your personal interpretation.

Jan 1, 2018

January 1 through January 31 2018

There is a super full moon eclipse January 31.

A super moon is when it is close to earth, causing higher and lower ocean tides, and a greater pull on our emotions.

Could it be the excessive cold reflected by Saturn, the Sun, Venus and Pluto all in the cold, winter sign of Capricorn with Mercury joining Jan 11. ? If so, this line-up continues for a while. Venus leaves Capricorn January 17,  Mercury leaves Capricorn January 31, and the Sun leaves Capricorn January 19. Saturn and Pluto will be in Capricorn for a while.

With many planets in Capricorn, the established, law-abiding governments are stronger, and may be challenging the revolutionaries or activists. This also means the signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra are challenged and Capricorn is more visibly active and vocal than usual. 

Jan 1: The year begins with the Moon going into Cancer at 03:10:02 am, and becoming a full Moon at 09:24:01 pm in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. These two signs will be the most affected, focusing on trying to balance family & emotions with duty & being stoic. Aries and Libra may have a challenging day, too. Tension is over family and work. Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn. For those in law enforcement and medicine, the areas of hte body for this full Moon are the stomach & breasts, and the skin & bones, especially the knees.

Jan 2: opportunity for a  vacation day, good for escape or romance. Capricorn and Pisces have the opportunity for collaboration on a creative project. Also a good day for Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio. Uranus goes direct at 24 Aries 34. It has been in the 24 degree point all of December and will be through February 3. If you have this degree in your chart, it will be noticed; how depending upon the relationship or aspect transiting Uranus makes. Aries is more catalytic than ususal, with Libra experiencing relationship challenge; Cancer and Capricorn experience challenging, circumstances. Contact Patty for your personal guidance.

Jan 3: Moon goes into Leo. Nice day for romance and shopping. Your loved one may be practical but giving. Practicality applied to creativity works well. Capricorn and Pisces are favored, followed by Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio. The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may be off balance because of gentleness.

Jan 4: Quincunx, see-saw Moon in the signs of Leo and Capricorn who are off balance. The day does not go as expected, but when you are flexible with the minor change, it is better. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn; with Aries and Sagittarius helping Leo.

Jan 5: Moon goes into Virgo.

Jan 6: Sun and Moon are compatible in the signs of Virgo and Capricorn, giving them and Taurus a nice, calm day .Also, communication regarding change is good, and a good day for Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Also, a project of transformation or reorganization is pushed and could be financial. Scorpio is focused and persistent. Scorpio energy is the strongest today, so Taurus could have financial opposition, with Leo and Aquarius experiencing financial control issues. Cancer and Pisces can benefit financially, Gemini pay think they are being opposed, but it is only new information.

Jan 7: Moon goes into Libra.

Jan 8: Quarter Moon in the signs of Libra and Capricorn, who experience challenges, along with Aries and Cancer. Energy between Scorpio and Capricorn reveals  opportunity for practical financial or money situations. Prices of expensive items may be drastically cut; there is an opportunity for reorganization of a project to be successful. The day is all about being frugal, practical and reorganizing, probably money. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; and fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius  may think they are ignored because of the above interests.

Jan 9: Moon goes into Scorpio. The Sun joins Venus, both joining Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn. The weather may be very cold.  Focus on career, business, practical projects and perhaps the elderly. Capricorn's ambition may be more evident, with Cancer feeling opposition, and Aries and Libra challenged. Taurus and Virgo have a good day with work and projects; Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral, Gemini and Leo adjust to the very practical. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to cooperate in a good project. Also, another opportunity to reorganize finances. Your loved one may be quiet, but loving and giving.

Jan 10: More opportunity for financial reorganization. Capricorn and Scorpio have opportunity to cooperate and inviting Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Pisces. Cancer may feel a strong relationship, but it is good.

Jan 11: Mercury goes into Capricorn through January 31, turning conversation to the practical and career. Capricorn is more talkative than usual. Cancer experiences stimulating communication, Aries and Libra challenged by practical requests. Taurus and Virgo enjoy pleasing communication. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to cooperate with practical ideas; Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral, with Gemini and Leo adjusting.

Jan 12: Moon goes into Sagittarius.

Jan 13: busy day of challenges and change. Your loved on may be more practical than you want, preferring safety to adventure. Capricorn is challenging Aries, possibly bringing Cancer and Libra into the situation. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries. This is not too serious and can be a fun day if you enjoy mild challenges.

Jan 14: Moon goes into Capricorn, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. The challenges of yesterday repeat and are more active or challenging. The one in authority is trying to initiate  challenging changes, or it may be a day of sudden, unexpected change from the one in authority. Capricorn is challenging Aries, with Cancer and Libra again drawn in. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries.

Jan 15: Things calm, with the opportunity for negotiation, transformation and reorganization. This repeats April 14 and September 12. Globally, this could be the opportunity for peace and renegotiation of prior agreements. Personally, Scorpio and Capricorn are cooperating. This is a good day for them, and for Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Pisces. Aries and Gemini may be adjusting, but they are good at that.

Jan 16: New Moon in the sign of Capricorn! More Capricorn!  Capricorn is focused and more talkative again, and may be furthering their career. Virgo and Taurus benefit at work or with practical projects. Cancer feels opposition, Aries and Libra are challenged by practical situations. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to bring feeling into the project. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral, with Gemini and Leo adjusting.

Jan 17: Moon and Venus go into Aquarius, Venus through February 10. Aquarius is the "February" and shortest  month. Your loved one becomes abstract and distant, interested in friends instead of romance. Aquarius reaches out to friends and may make relationship changes. Ardent  Leo rues the distance of romance; Scorpio and Taurus are romantic and also feel "abandoned" from their loved one. Gemini and Libra enjoy social times; Cancer and Virgo adjust to the abstract, Capricorn and Pisces are neutral. Also today, a strong nation "asks" the revolutionary to make adjustments and the stronger nation is really stronger. Personally, Scorpio is asking a new project to adjust, probably because of finances. Scorpio is strong today, aiding Cancer and Pisces, but challenging Leo and Aquarius. Aries is put off balance and can adjust. The day does not go as expected, but when you are flexible the day is better; this is especially for Aries.

Jan 18: no exact transits.

Jan 19: Moon goes into Pisces. Sun goes into Aquarius, joining Venus. Aquarius is strong now, reaching out to friends and groups, and making changes. Leo experiences love-life control issues, as does Taurus and Scorpio. Gemini and Libra enjoy social times with friends; Aries and Sagittarius have opportunities for inclusion in friendly groups. Cancer and Virgo adjust to the abstract, possible unexpected visits from friends and your loved one seeming distant. Capricorn and Pisces are neutral.

Jan 20: no exact transits.

Jan 21: no exact transits

Jan 22: Moon goes into Aries and creates a pleasant day. Aries and Aquarius enjoy each other with new, fresh ideas. Leo and Sagittarius, along with Gemini and Libra enjoy good communications. Cancer and Capricorn may have mild challenges or changes, with Scorpio and Leo having mild stubborn conversations.

Jan 23: no exact transits

Jan 24: Moon goes into Taurus and forms a quarter Moon in the signs of Taurus and Aquarius who experience stubborn control issues, followed by Scorpio and Leo. Mercury joins (conjunct) Pluto in Capricorn at 19 degrees 35 minutes. Communication is serious and focused on practical reconstruction, hoping to lay a secure foundation. Capricorn may be presenting a new project. This is almost like an engineer presenting a new blueprint for a solid, strong structure. Cancer may experience opposition, especially if the 19 and 20 degree point is in the chart. Aries and Libra experience challenges, which they enjoy. Taurus and Virgo may be invited to participate and will help the project if they do. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to provide their intuition, Gemini and Leo adjust to seriousness. Sagittarius  and Aquarius are neutral.

Jan 25: Seriousness eases. Communication is an opportunity for practical resolutions. Capricorn and Scorpio have the opportunity to coordinate a practical project that succeeds. Taurus and Virgo also have a good day of communication, as does Cancer and Pisces.

Jan 26: Moon goes into Gemini. Mars goes into Sagittarius through March 17. Projects turn to travel, with Sagittarius energized and on the move. Gemini thinks they are being opposed, but they enjoy a spirited discussion. Aries and Leo enjoy travel, higher education or higher spirituality. Libra and Aquarius may be given the opportunity for travel with friends. Scorpio and Capricorn  are neutral, Taurus and Cancer adjust to either travel or scattered situations. Virgo and Pisces can be irritated from spontaneous interruptions.

Jan 27: Sun and Moon are getting along in the signs of Gemini and Aquarius who have a nice day, followed by Libra. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, who  have an active day.

Jan 28: Moon goes into Cancer. Also, the serious entity is verbally challenging the activists or revolutionaries. Active day of spontaneous communication, especially  for Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer, with Capricorn being the spark. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn, with Leo and Sagittarius helping Aries.

Jan 29: Quincunx or see-saw Sun and Moon between Cancer and Aquarius, who are off balance with each other. Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, with Gemini and Libra helping Aquarius. Generally a day that does not go as expected, but when you are flexible, it is better.

Jan 30: Moon goes into Leo.

Jan 31: eclipsefull Moon eclipse at 11 degrees 37 minutes; Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius. This continues the eclipse series in the sign of Leo, although the degrees are different. During 2017 the Leo eclipses happened February 10, August 21 and September 5. Leo and Aquarius will feel this the most, with stubborn relationship control issues. Taurus and Scorpio experience stubborn control situations. If you have 10, 11 or 12 degrees of a planet, your ascendent or midheaven in your chart, this will be felt; how depending upon the planetary relationship. For your personal guidance of this eclipse, please contact Patty. For those of you in law enforcement and the medical community, the areas of the body associated with this eclipse are the heart and upper back, the calves of the legs and high blood pressure.

For your personal astrological and spiritual guidance, please contact Patty.


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