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Apr 3, 2018

April 1 through April 30 2018

April 1:    Sun conjunct Mercury at 11 degrees Aries, one degree within the March 31 full Moon. A lot of communication with challenging ideas, perhaps initiated by Aries. Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may be involved.

April 2:    Quincunx/see-saw day with Scorpio and Aries not seeing eye-to-eye. Expect the day not to go as expected, but if you are flexible, it is better. Effective conjunction with Mars and Saturn at 8 degrees Capricorn 57. Excellent day for Capricorn to begin a practical project. Cancer may experience a day of needing to choose between work and family. Aries and Libra experience challenging day regarding projects. Good day for Taurus and Virgo for practical endeavors. Scorpio and Pisces have the opportunity to cooperate in practical endeavors. Gemini and Leo adjust to the practical and frugal. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral.

April 3: No exact astrological aspects.

April 4:    Moon goes into Sagittarius. Mercury in Aries square Mars in Capricorn, revealing challenging communications, perhaps an attempt to hurry a project to no avail. Aries may be pushing Capricorn. Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn. Cancer and Libra may experience a day with a lot of communication.

April 5:    Mercury in Aries challenges Saturn in Capricorn. Yesterday’s situation continues and is stronger. Repeats April 25 because Mercury is retrograde now. However, the Moon in Sagittarius is in harmony with the Sun in Aries, meaning a good day for creative projects. If Aries will contact Sagittarius the peacemaker, or if Aries will be open to another’s ideas, the situation will harmonize.

April 6:    Moon goes into Capricorn, joining Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Good day for Capricorn to move ahead. Cancer may experience challenge to balance work and family; Aries and Libra have a challenging day regarding building stability or security. Taurus and Virgo have a good day. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral, with Gemini and Leo adjusting to the very practical and frugal.

April 7:     Venus in Taurus (it’s own sign) in trine with Saturn in Capricorn (its own sign). Yesterday’s challenging communication may calm and be reasonable. Day of good finances and love, especially for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may have opportunities for inclusion in love or practical endeavor, but it requires flexibility and cooperation. Also a good day to beautify an area, but keep within the budget.

April 8:     Quarter Moon in the signs of Capricorn and Aries, another challenging day for them, and for Cancer and Libra. Everyone’s day is full of unexpected change. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn; Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries.

April 9:     Moon goes into Aquarius.

April 10:    Moon in Aquarius getting along with the Sun in Aries, indicating a refreshing day with new, creative ideas and opportunity for time with friends. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are favored, but everybody has a good day.

April 11;        Moon goes into Pisces. Busy day with the planets. Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn = power play, with the impatient one stopped by the one who is in charge of the project. However, with Venus in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn, a practical approach to the situation works. The opportunity of April 7 may be realized today. The Sun is in quincunx/see-saw relationship with Jupiter, indicating a need for the impulsive or idealistic idea to adjust to financial reality.

April 12:    Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. Quietly romantic day, especially for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Good day to escape from what you consider routine. Everyone experiences a good, quiet day.

April 13:    Moon goes into Aries.

April 14:    Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn through April 17. Repeat of Jan. 15 and will repeat again Sept. 12. Opportunity to realize what was offered Jan. 15, which is the opportunity for financial reorganizing for or about a practical project that will be effective long-term. Scorpio brings opportunity to Capricorn, possibly including Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. Also. Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces indicates more opportunity, this time it is good to present a practical effort to the visionary. Good day for Pisces to accept opportunities to be active with their creativity. Wonderful day for everybody.

April15April 15: Mercury goes direct at 4 degrees Aries 46 minutes. Also a new Moon in Aries, which may trigger a glitch. Aries is presenting new ideas, with Libra possibly opposed. Cancer and Capricorn enjoy a challenging day. Pisces and Taurus are neutral. Leo and Sagittarius enjoy a good day, with Gemini and Aquarius having an opportunity for social activities and good communication. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to fast ideas.
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April 16:    Moon goes into Taurus.

April17April 17: Venus in Taurus opposing Jupiter in Scorpio, indicating financial opposition between the checkbook and the portfolio. A need to balance the immediate with the future. Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus, with Cancer and Pisces helping Scorpio. Also today, the same Venus is trine Pluto in Capricorn, so the balance does occur with the assistance of the one in charge of the project. The fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius may experience tension because of budget overruns. Gemini may be out of sorts because today is practical and frugal. Saturn goes retrograde at 9 Capricorn 08, setting off the April 2, 4 5, and 7, and will be at this degree through May 1. If you have a 9 degree planet, your ascendent or midheaven at 9 degrees of any sign, expect it to be assented. This will repeat December 2018, this year. Back to the top.

April 18:    Moon goes into Gemini. Sun conjunct Uranus at 28 degree Aries. Expect sudden change, possibly brought on by an Aries friend. Libra experiences opposition; Cancer and Capricorn have a busy, challenging day. Leo and Sagittarius may expect change, but it is harmonious. Pisces and Taurus are neutral. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to sudden interruptions. Gemini and Aquarius have the opportunity for unexpected, good changes. If you have a 28 or 29 degree planet, your ascendent or midheaven expect it to be assented.

April 19:    Sun goes into Taurus through May 20. Now is the time for Taurus to get moving. Scorpio experiences opposition. Leo and Aquarius have control issues over finances. Virgo and Capricorn have a smooth month for practical endeavors. Cancer and Pisces have opportunities for quiet, stable experiences, possibly with money. Aries and Gemini are neutral, with Libra and Sagittarius adjusting to stubbornness or slowness.

April 20:    Moon goes into Cancer.

April 21:    No exact astrological aspects.

April22Pluto goes retrograde:  Moon goes into Leo and into a quarter Moon, with the Sun in Taurus. Expect stubborn resistance to change, with Taurus and Aquarius drawn in. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo; Virgo and Capricorn can help Taurus.  Pluto goes retrograde at 21 Capricorn 17 and will be at this degree through May 20.  If you have a planet, your ascendent or midheaven at this degree, expect it to be assented.
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April 23:    No exact astrological aspects.

April 24:    Moon goes into Virgo. Venus goes into Gemini through May 19. Your loved one is more social than usual. Gemini may be more romantic. Sagittarius may experience arguments, with Virgo and Pisces irritated by your loved one’s restlessness. Libra and Aquarius enjoy more social life; Aries and Leo have the opportunity to be included in spur-of-the-moment invitations Taurus and Cancer are neutral. Scorpio and Capricorn adjust to light-heartedness. Also Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio revealing an opportunity for a practical project to go forward, but within budget. Good day for Capricorn and Scorpio, and also Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Pisces. However, Cancer may need to balance work and family, with Taurus helping to balance the checkbook..

April 25:    Mixed day. The Sun and Moon are getting along, bringing harmony, especially for Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. However a new, impulsive idea may be challenged by the one in charge of a project. The project is stronger.

April 26:    Mars conjunct Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn 17: good, powerful day for security and stability, or to build something. Capricorn is especially effective today, so listen to them. Cancer may experience strong opposition, with Aries and Libra having challenges. Virgo and Taurus have a good day, Scorpio may have the opportunity to help financially; Pisces may bring a creative idea to the project; Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral. Gemini and Leo adjust to frugality. Moon goes into Libra, adding to challenges.

April 27:    Quincunx/see-saw day when things do not go as expected, asking you to be flexible and accommodating. When you do, the day is better. Libra and Taurus are especially not seeing eye-to-eye. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus.

April 28:    No exact astrological aspects.

April 29:    Moon goes into Scorpio and into a full Moon in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. Leo and Aquarius may experience stubborn financial situations. Cancer and Pisces can help Scorpio, with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus. For those of you in law enforcement and medicine, the areas of the body for this full Moon are the reproductive organs, neck and throat.

April 30:    No exact astrological aspects.

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