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Jul 29, 2019

July 29 through Aug 3 2019

Mercury goes direct July 31!

Saturn and the south node are together or conjunct at 14-16 degrees Capricorn, bringing past and past-life responsibilities to the fore. Pluto is there, too, adding intensity or persistence to any situation. If you are a Capricorn, you may be taking responsibility for others, or the reverse; others caring for you.. Work would bring previous decisions to be completed or corrected. Cancer is experiencing relationships that may be family related and involve responsibility. Aries and Libra experience challenging situations regarding family. Taurus and Virgo can not only help Capricorn but enjoy good, practical results about work or tasks. Scorpio and Pisces may help Cancer and give financial and creative, emotional support. To emphasize all this,

Many planets are in Leo the sign of hot weather. Your Leo friends may be decisive and active, planning grand social events and purchasing dramatic outfits. They may invite Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra to join them. Aquarius experiences strong opposition. Cancer and Virgo are neutral, with Capricorn and Pisces adjusting to the drama, perhaps by withdrawing. Uranus is challenging the status quo of Leo, who hates to make changes that are not their idea, but Uranus will be stubborn, too. Look out for Taurus, who may be the unexpected iniator of change for both Leo and Aquarius.

Jupiter and Neptune are in a challenging relationship, so be aware of some situations being unrealistic or just too expensive.

Neptune is still stuck at 18 degrees Pisces. If you have this degree in your chart, you are still being influenced by its radiation. How? Depends upon your chart’s details. Contact Patty for a short explanation.

To learn how this may impact your chart, contact Patty for a quick consultation.

Jul 14, 2019

Mercury is retrograde & eclipse

Mercury is retrograde until July 31. In the sign of Leo, then retrograding, or apparently going backwards, into Cancer. This means it is relatively benign, with Leo and Cancer having the most glitches. I am a Cancer and the email is acting strangely. Generally it is printers, computers and travel plans that glitch. Please wait until after July 31 if you can before signing contracts, making agreements and purchasing electronics. However, if you have a retrograde Mercury in your chart, things go very well for you. Want to know how this will impact you? Contact Patty for a short reading. 
July 16 there is a lunar, or full-Moon eclipse in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. The quickly-moving Moon for the few days prior to the eclipse indicates stimulating feelings of responsibility or lack, then it brings up things from the past to be re-evaluated, then triggers strong emotions or situations that need to be transformed. None of this is easy and it is focused on Capricorn. So your Capricorn friends may need some careful emotional support. Capricorn does not display emotions so if you have a Capricorn friend, pay close attention. Virgo and Taurus can be the most help. Cancer experiences much opposition or relationship situation to balance work or responsibility with emotions and family. Scorpio and Pisces can be the most help. The areas of the body associated with this full Moon are the knees, teeth and skin and the stomach and breasts.
(Astrologese: the Moon will first activate Saturn in Capricorn, then the south node in Capricorn, then Pluto in Capricorn then oppose the Sun in Cancer, creating the full-Moon eclipse. The degree of the eclipse is 24 Capricorn 03, so if you have a 23 or 24 degree planet or point in your chart, it will be activated. ) to read more from Earth Sky news, go here:
From Does a regular alignment of planets make a strong-enough tug to regulate the sun’s 11- and 22-year cycles?

No, it’s not pseudoscience. A study expands upon the commonly accepted model for the solar dynamo and supports a long-held theory that planetary configurations are responsible for the sunspot cycle and magnetic solar cycle.Read more in this story via Eos – a source for news and perspectives about Earth and space science – from the American Geophysical Union. Posted by EarthSky Voices in Space | July 7, 2019. To read the full article go here: to read the full article go here:

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Advanced astrology study group monthly on Sunday afternoons. Working knowledge of astrology necessary. Next meeting Sunday July 28, 2019. Contact Patty to join.

Basic astrology class monthly on Sunday afternoons. Next class Sunday August not scheduled yet.

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Where will Patty Be?

July 13, WDEL Saturday Hot Spot with Frank Gregory.

July 15: Monday giving free lecture at the Corbit-Calloway Library in Odessa, DE. 6:30 to 7:30 pm. No reservations required, just show up.

July 18 to 21 Edgar Cayce conference in Virginia Beach, Va. If you will be there, please touch base.