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Mar 28, 2020

Corona virus, Age of Aquarius and the Capricorn planetary line-up.

Corona virus, Age of Aquarius
and the Capricorn planetary line-up.

These are connected. We have talked several times how the current chaos is because the Age of Pisces is receding and the Age of Aquarius is incoming causing sort of a whirlpool of chaos. The Age of Aquarius cannot be entered with the baggage of the old age, and true to itself, is eager (like a lightening bolt) to bring change to mankind and the planet. The planetary line-up in Capricorn indicates we have a lot of baggage or karma waiting to leave. As each Age reaches its end, what were good beginnings become the exaggeration or excess of those beginnings. The Age of Aquarius brings freedom, inclusiveness, and equality.

To explain further:

★   Moses brought the people out of Egypt, leaving the Age of Taurus symbolized by the bull, and into the Age of Pisces, symbolized by the Ram or lamb. They had to leave behind the past baggage of worship of idols. Moses also brought in the Law of God, law and order, adventure, war and fire. As the age of Aries neared its end, the excesses of war, killing (both people and animal sacrifice) had to end, along with death sentences for what we consider slight offenses.

★   Jesus brought people out of the Age of Aries into the Age of Pisces, symbolized by fishes and water. The karma of Aries was too much killing for sacrifice and strict laws and order that crushed the people. Jesus brought in love & forgiveness, lessened the burdensome laws and asked us to love one another. The excesses of the Age of Pisces are fanaticism, exclusion and dependency.

★   We are at the stargate of the Age of Aquarius. What does this have to do with the Capricorn planetary line-up? The Capricorn line-up symbolizes karma that must be met. Capricorn in excess symbolizes fear, security, ambition & avarice, limitation, contraction and strict law and order. The line-up includes the South Node, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and in December the Sun, emphasizing the qualities and the mistakes of Capricorn. Why mistakes? Because the South Node in Capricorn symbolizes the past that comes back to be corrected, or karma. I had been writing that something would be contracted (Saturn) but did not expect the pandemic. Should have, with Pluto in the line-up.

★   Capricorn and Saturn symbolize the building of solid walls to enclose things for security and order. Aquarius symbolizes breaking through those walls for fresh air and freedom. Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto are symbols of death, symbolic or emotional and physical. In nature a seed needs to die before a plant or tree can become, so in man’s lives, at least a symbolic death of the out-worn needs to happen before understanding and spiritual growth becomes.

★   Let’s look at each planet in the line-up:

   ○   South Node in Capricorn: the past or karma, bringing to our attention ambition greed, symbolic slavery to perceived security, work to the detriment of family and the environment. (North Node in Cancer).

   ○   Saturn: Stable structures or entities, patriarchal society; the old and out-warn which is considered stable and permanent, big business, fall or collapse of businesses or people, using people, things and the environment for one's self.

   ○   Pluto: power, dictators, plagues and viruses and mobs. Have you noticed that demonstrations are ended because of the lockdown?

   ○   Jupiter expands what sign it is in; in this case expands the contraction, meaning excess constriction or contraction of out-worn entities. Jupiter also symbolizes big money, so it is contracted.

   ○   Mars: the ability to work, fever, war, violent or sudden death, the military. As the old patron planet or ruler of Scorpio, intensifies Pluto in action.

★   The beginning of December, Venus joined Pluto, indicating the virus, even though not publicized, would have seemed mild. The end of December the first seemingly mild cases would have been seen. Perhaps this is when the Chinese doctor discovered it but was silenced. Jupiter also joined Capricorn indicating it would be wide-spread. However, Neptune was in opportunity or sextile to Jupiter, hiding the news.

★   In January, Saturn and Pluto came together, exactly the 7th through the 23rd when the seriousness of the virus and deaths became evident.

★   February 17 Mars joined Capricorn, indicating rapid spread and perhaps unexpected deaths.

★   Now we are in March. Mercury went into Capricorn the 4th, revealing news was spreading fast. The 20th Mars and Jupiter were together, indicating quick and unexpected spreading. The 23rd Mars and Saturn were together, or conjunct, indicating more death. However, March 28 should see an easing, with supplies becoming available. Mars goes into Aquarius March 30, with either many deaths, more people going back to work, or announcements of resumption of work. Also, the military may be available to help.

★   Saturn went into Aquarius March 21st, when social distancing went into effect, giving us a glimpse of independent acting. This was also the time the governments announced massive financial help to the masses or everybody. This bill was signed in the USA March 27. The everyman is symbolized by Aquarius. However Saturn backs into Capricorn July 2 through middle of December, indicating the effects of the virus may linger. The effect could be continued unemployment because of the collapse of businesses.

★   There is hype about Jupiter and Pluto being conjunct on April 4, with the publicized information going back prior decades. This could be many deaths. To my mind, it is more serious with Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto than Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

★   With all of this, Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, the sign of money. When this is over, our financial systems will have changed. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, the Roosevelt administration brought in the New Deal, which included the CCC, Social Security and Unemployment. Perhaps with the current situation, there will be a world-wide new deal of some kind.

To recap: the planetary line-up in Capricorn, which includes the South Node of karma, Saturn of greed, Pluto of power; Jupiter of excess; the reaping of greed and ambition, excess power, selfishness had to be rectified and we are experiencing it. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction reveals the deadly effects of the virus.

As the planets move into Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius will finally be ushered in. Pluto is the last planet to go into Aquarius, which will be end of March 2023.

Saturn in Aquarius should bring stability to the masses, Jupiter in Aquarius brings prosperity to the masses and Pluto in Aquarius the transformation of financial systems, hopefully for the benefit of the masses. Remember Pluto tears down what is symbolized by the sign it is in (the symbolic death) for resurrection in a new form. We are experiencing the tearing down of what were considered stable entities to be reborn into what will be good for many. This is a process, although forced by the world-wide lockdown because of the virus.

If you would like to join a discussion of this, please email me at and we’ll set up a virtual meeting to do so.

Thank you for reading this long discourse.

Mar 22, 2020

March 22 through March 29 2020

March 22: opportunity for creative or compassionate activities to be successful with prudent finances. Your loved one is loving and caring. Taurus helps Pisces bring an idea to reality. Good day also for Capricorn and Cancer. Early morning Saturn goes into Aquarius, the sign of humanity. The virus could spread to more people.

March 22 USA: opposition to an agreement, ally or enemy, with possible disagreements publicly announced. This would be about COVID-19. Remember there is false information circulating about this. it may be wise to go directly to the CDC for your information.

March 23: Pluto and Mars exactly together indicating more deaths from the virus. Another aspect reveals more challenges world wide to family and work because of the world-wide lockdown. Personally, the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn experience challenges. Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries, Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, and Taurus and Virgo to help Capricorn. This is a difficult day. Moon goes into Aries just before 9 pm ET.

March 23 USA: Mixed: health challenges for younger people mixed with overall good news regarding agreements and legal situations.

March 24: new Moon in the sign of Aries, indicating more activity and possible provocation in the news. Libra may experience opposition, with Cancer and Capricorn enjoying challenges. Leo and Sagittarius have a relatively good day, with Gemini and Aquarius having opportunities for activity; Pisces and Taurus are neutral, Virgo and Scorpio adjust to impulsive activity from others.

March 24 USA: changing news about money being distributed to business and individuals. This is mild so don’t get upset.

March 25: Health is strengthened and self confidence is slowly returning. Aries can be a catalyst for activity, possibly creating mildly challenges for Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Activity returns to some countries in addition to China and South Korea.

March 25 USA: travel challenges focused today. Good news about the virus detection kits, with some false news about the virus. Energy begins to balance family and careers or work and the health situation begins to improve. Unions may be generous to their members.

March 26: Moon goes into Taurus, adding calmness to emotions.

March 27 USA: either Congress issues a quick infusion of money or there is a well-known person dying or a spike in deaths. Sorry about this, but this is the planetary scenario.

March 28: better day. Venus is in good relation with Pluto indicating money is being distributed to those in need, some business is slowly either re-opening or having better days. Money institutions are cooperating with governments to alleviate the financial situation. Moon goes into Gemini after 9 pm ET bringing some relatively light-hearted conversation and news to the day.

March 28 USA: good news about agreements, health care situation and taxes. Opportunity for a breakthrough in the virus situation and perhaps some people can go back to work.

March 29: Sun and Moon getting along indicating a nice day for everyone, but especially for Gemini and Aries, followed by Aquarius and Leo.

March 29 USA: news changes and may be incomplete or misrepresented.

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Mar 19, 2020

A little good astrology news about COVID-19

The planets are moving into slightly better relationships.

Today March 19, transiting Uranus has moved to a good relations to the north and south nodes indicating the opportunity for COVID-19 to abate. Why? Changes apparently necessary are in the process of happening. What changes? The move away from greed and too much work towards family and caring for others.

On the afternoon of March 21, Mercury and the Moon will be together at the same four degrees in the sign of Pisces, in good relationship to the north node of family and to the South Node of work and stability. This time the South Node of the past is interpreted as responsibility and stability, so the situation will slowly begin to stabilize.

March 22 Venus moves into a favorable position with Neptune, indicating the opportunity for help to small business to bring a little security. The Moon is also with Neptune, urging compassion to help those in need and perhaps a focus on religion or spirituality. Maybe what we are interpreting is religions will be helping. 

We knew that when Uranus went into Taurus May 2018 there would be financial changes. Well, this situation has certainly changed finance and business world-wide. We have written that the planetary line-up in Capricorn signified restriction or consolidation and the reaping of karma. The virus has brought all this about. This line-up began January 2018 when Saturn and Pluto were in Capricorn, added to March, April and May 2018 when Mars went into Capricorn, abated a little in September 2018 when Mars went into Aquarius, picked up December 2019 when Jupiter went into Capricorn, increased February 2020 when Mars went into Capricorn again. All this Capricorn could indicate the good building of corporations, infrastructure and stable entities. However, the South Node of the past went into Capricorn November 2018 revealing the other side of Capricorn which is greed, selfishness and restrictions. The news revealed that when the airlines were bailed out, they used the money to buy back their own stock, meaning selfishness instead of improving the safety of their airplanes. Combined with Pluto in Capricorn, it signaled the death of what were considered stable and secure entities. With Jupiter in Capricorn we should have expected restrictions in travel, but this is extreme,

Another meaning of both Saturn and Pluto: they are the planets of death, along with the sign of Capricorn. When this is over there will symbolic deaths of ways of life and hopefully re-birth of family, food and caring for others.

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Mar 15, 2020

March 15 through March 22 2020

The week begins with the South Node, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn, continuing the line-up. Venus and Uranus are in the complementary sign of Taurus and the Sun, Chiron and Neptune in the complementary sign of Pisces. Mercury begins in Aquarius and moves into the complementary sign of Pisces. The Moon begins in Sagittarius. Ordinarily this would mean the world’s affairs are going well, with opportunities for cooperation. Covid-19 is raging, but the citizens of countries are cooperating with suggestions to stay home to contain it. The line-up in Capricorn indicates consolidation of resources easing into permanent change, with the opportunity for compassion and more ideal conditions, 

March 15: no exact astrology aspect.

March 16: Mercury goes into Pisces through April 11. Communication is now more compassionate, religious. Good time for Pisces to talk about their dreams and creative projects. Virgo may be annoyed because communication is not detail-oriented. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy good communication, with Taurus and Capricorn having opportunities to offer practical advice. Aquarius and Aries are neutral, with Libra and Leo adjusting to either vagueness or people being late. Gemini and Sagittarius irritated or annoyed because of vagueness or lack of clarity. Quarter Moon in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces who have the most challenges, followed by Gemini and Virgo. Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. The morning is full of changes until the Moon goes into Capricorn just after 12 noon when things calm.

March 16 USA: continued adjustment to the caronovirus with a possible spike in cases.

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day: no exact astrology aspect. Interesting and may mean a very quiet, no-parade and no-party day.

March 17 USA: good news from or about the president and possibly the containment of the virus. Also the first date of a cycle that repeats July 13 and November 9 2020. This is a good cycle regarding money and resources, foreign nations or the Supreme Court. It is quiet, so we’ll have to watch for it.

March 18: Sun and Moon getting along with opportunities for the leader to help the creative or idealistic one. Capricorn and Pisces getting along; also a good day for Taurus and Cancer. Moon goes into Aquarius after 9 pm shifting emotions to being abstract and unattached.

March 18 USA: continual adjustments and tweaks in agreements or the law, such as travel restrictions, etc. with the news continually changing.,

March 19: First day of spring, the Sun goes into Aries through April 19. More activity as the weather is warmer, the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves of the trees open more. Time for Aries to get into action. Libra experiences others wanting more freedom or space; Cancer and Capricorn experience challenges. Leo and Sagittarius enjoy creativity and fun; Pisces and Taurus are neutral, Gemini and Aquarius have opportunities to be included in the action and offer diplomacy and the big picture for Aries. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to fast action. Also there is an opportunity for compassion and creativity, or help, to stabilize the situation, with change for the good of families and homelands using common senses and helping infrastructure. Perhaps the compassion will be countries helping travel businesses to survive. Personally, the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are able to offer their talents of patience, detail and leadership.

March 19 USA: good news regarding foreign travel, foreign nations and trade possibly with a resumption of important and relief of travel restrictions.

March 20: an ambitious push to further contain the virus by continued carefulness. Hope this is not fear. Capricorn may strongly advise and put into action a common-sense plan. Cancer experiences opposition, with Aries and Libra having challenges. Taurus and Virgo can offer their steadfastness, money smarts and detail to the plan. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral, Scorpio can offer financial long-range planning and integration, with Pisces offering compassion and a creative idea. Gemini and Leo adjust to restrictions.

March 20 USA: strong focus on the physical White House with possible opposition to the office of the presidency. This happens every year about this time, so is not a long-time cycle.

March 21: Saturn goes into the sign of Aquarius through July 1 when it retrogrades, or goes backwards, into Capricorn again. Responsibility and consolidation may be experienced by groups, with goals of groups being more practical. Aquarians born early in their sign may now have restrictions or responsibility. Early Leo’s experience opposition and early Taurus and Scorpio have challenging control issues. Early Gemini’s and Libra should have responsibility eased. Aries and Sagittarius have opportunities within practical projects. Cancer and Virgo adjust to changes in friendships and groups. Capricorn’s responsibilities ease and Pisces is neutral. Moon goes into Pisces after 8 am with the mood softening and compassionate.

March 22: opportunity for creative or compassionate activities to be successful with prudent finances. Your loved one is loving and caring. Taurus helps Pisces bring an idea to reality. Good day also for Capricorn and Cancer.

March 22 USA: opposition to an agreement, ally or enemy, with possible disagreements publicly announced.

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Mar 8, 2020

March 8 through March 15 2020

A caution for everyone: it seems Amazon got hacked. One of the cards I used for amazon is frozen, thank goodness, and there was an attempt for an unauthorized charge. A friend’s Discover card used on Amazon got hit, and another person had everything hit, seemingly from Amazon. I keep the three credit reports frozen, along with every credit card that offers this. Please double-check your cards and take precautions against your information being stolen and used.

The planetary lineup in Capricorn continues: South Node, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, indicating the continued consolidation or restriction of resources. The saving grace is the opportunity for active compassion and careful or loving use of resources to help others. Saturn and Pluto indicate the deaths, but not nearly as many as during the regular flu.

(In the USA chart, the planetary line-up surrounds USA natal Pluto, with the progressed Moon and progressed South Node also in Capricorn! A lot of change for the USA during this time affecting self esteem and assets.)

March 8: could be a lot of rain causing change of plans. The other scenario is ideal or romantic day, especially for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. It looks like an escape day instead of practical work, with creativity focused, if focused is a good word for Pisces energy. Your loved one may make a surprising change coming from Taurus and upsetting Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. This part of the day is good for Virgo and Capricorn. Moon goes into Virgo early morning, with Virgo perhaps wanting to work, but not receiving needed detail.

March 8 USA: difficult challenges to the presidency which may be financially related to the virus’ impact on global trade. The challenge is from big business or big banks.

March 9: Mercury goes direct at almost midnight ET at 28 degrees Aquarius. Yay! Wait a few days before rushing to sign documents. It seems the virus will seem to slow down the infection rate. A quietly good day to work on practical projects and maybe even pay attention to the garden or plants. The birds are singing their spring songs. Taurus and Capricorn cooperating in a good project and may invite Virgo. Also good day for Pisces. Scorpio should have a good relationship, but be careful of mild control issues related to money.

March 10: Moon goes into Libra clashing with the Capricorn lineup, indicating a mildly challenging day. The energy focus on balancing relationships, with Libra’s diplomatic talent soothing the day.

March 10 USA: Opportunity for agreement regarding healthcare. Also transiting Mars goes into the second house of the USA money, actually money spent, so there may be expenditure of money, which is promised for the caronovirus situation. Mars will be here through early May 2020.

March 11: opportunity for ideal or creative activities to be fruitful. The opportunity comes from the creative one to the established, practical one in authority. Pisces and Capricorn work well together, with Virgo and Taurus included. Cancer and Scorpio may be involved in the creative, compassionate activity, although Cancer may have an exciting relationship. However, today is a see-saw or quincunx day when things do not go as expected, especially for Libra and Pisces who are off balance with each other. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces.

March 11 USA: challenges with foreign partners or enemies, most likely because of the virus and mild challenges to the balance of payments, because of the expenditure regarding the virus. Also, today is the first day of a cycle that repeats July 21 and ends November 3, 2020. Possible financial adjustment or negotiations beginning with a trading partner. The situation is ongoing with continual adjustments, with attention again July 21 and should be complete about November 3 this year.

March 12: Moon goes into Scorpio, with emotions or outlook towards finances or intimacy. This Moon gets along with the planetary lineup, adding a longer view of the future, especially financial.

March 12 USA: this one in effect between March 10 and March 13: financial adjustment of an agreement with a trade partner or enemy. Also communication about the virus which may be contentious or at least challenged.

March 13: health crisis or an accident involving cars, trucks, or fire. Mildly challenging day because of impulsiveness for Aries and Capricorn, followed by Cancer and Libra. Sun and Moon getting along indicating a good day for everyone, especially for Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. The mood is inclusiveness. This may over-ride the challenges.

March 14: breakthrough regarding the virus. Opportunity for the test kits to be released, along with the possibly of the spread stopping or slowing. A strong leader is pushing the medical industry and the medical industry is accepting an opportunity. Working together, there should be success, with establishment and experimental medical community are cooperating. Personally, it is Pisces and Capricorn cooperating to bring about stability. Scorpio and Taurus can offer financial advic.. Cancer and Virgo may experience separate relationship challenges. Moon goes into Sagittarius adding a little restlessness to the day.

March 15: no exact astrology aspect.

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