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Nov 27, 2010

Mercury goes retrograde Dec. 10

So you are forewarned, the planet Mercury will go retrograde on December 10 at 08:05 Eastern Time. He will go direct on December 30 at 03:21 Eastern Time.

He goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and backs into the sign of Sagittarius. This means practical work and career communications and papers can go awry. Now is the time for you to double-check your job applications to make sure they are accurate. If you had applied for a job that did not work out, re-apply until December 17 and you may get that job. When Mercury backs into Sagittarius on December 18 you will want to double-check all travel plans for accuracy. Personally, I would not make travel plans until after December 30 if you can possibly do this. If you are traveling, double-check every detail every day to avoid arriving somewhere and the times were changed.

For those of you with a retrograde Mercury in your horoscope, this is a good time for you to communicate and make plans but please remember that others are operating under the retrograde. You may want to help others now because your communication is in sync with Mercury, the planet of communication.

If you want to have your retrograde Mercury story published, please send an email to Patty.

To have your personal interpretation of the three-week Mercury retrograde time, please contact Patty. has stories about a Mercury in Retrograde.

Nov 14, 2010

Venus went retrograde October 8, 2010

Venus went retrograde on Friday, October 8 in the sign of Scorpio and goes direct on November 18 in the sign of Libra. Hopefully you prepared your finances so you have enough money to cover your basic expenses. Also be aware that there may be bargains in luxury goods between October 8 and November 18. As time goes by, more and more money flees your account because of extra expenses. You could need a necessity like fuel oil and you order more than you usually do because you think the prices is better than it will be after November 18. You are right.

If you are a Taurus or Libra, you may be more affected than people of the other signs. This is because Venus is your patron planet. However Venus is in the sign of Scorpio, meaning Scorpio and Taurus people can experience tense love relationships. Venus in the sign of Scorpio can mean a drop in the money or stock markets because both Taurus and Scorpio are associated with (or rule) money. Taurus may have the feeling of being pushed, this will pass. 

Scorpio may be either more intense and persistent than usual, or absorbed in financial issues and not be amorous at all until after November 18.

Taurus, Leo and Aquarius could experience control issues in financial situations and close relationships. The Scorpio energy with Venus is intense, focused and persistent. 

Cancer and Pisces may have good love relationships with a tinge of feeling controlled or the opposite: your significant other seems not to be interested. This will pass. 

Virgo and Capricorn may be working too hard to notice a lack of affection, but will be acutely aware of any lessening of income and work hard in response. Money will come back to you after November 18. 

Aries and Gemini may need to adjust to their loved ones moodiness or seriousness that comes to the surface; something both signs are not comfortable with. Your loved will not always be this way, so adjust and all will be well after November 18. 

Libra and Sagittarius should be neutral with your love life, but you will notice added expenses that are relieved after November 18.