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Apr 26, 2020

When will we be let out?

The world has had a huge shock and everything has changed. In previous articles, it was written that fear, greed and selfishness abounded. This had to change, and it has.

There is Light!   
    To look on the good side of this, what have you seen and experienced in your area that shows sharing and helping others? Here in Delaware, people are sewing masks, taking food to food banks and shut-in people and I am sure they are doing this in your area, too. Nationwide, the heroes are those in medical jobs, and the military who are helping hospitals and distributing food. Crime and drug use are down. Nationwide, shopping center parking lots are lanes for cars to drive up for food and medical checks for the virus.  At first I was dismayed that here in America, where we grow much food, the farmers were getting ready to throw out food because there was nowhere to distribute it because restaurants, schools and other places are closed. Lo and behold, I saw on the news last night, the truckers decided to do this themselves. They are taking their trucks to the farms, picking up the food and taking it where it is needed. It began with one trucker! See, when we are in crisis, creativity rises. For years we have been saying to buy locally; now it is imperative.

The Aquarian Age, which we are in,  is the Age of technology and electronic communication and that has certainly surged! The schools and corporations are Zooming (video conferencing), families are Skyping and others are having classes and events online, even music bands. My three groups are meeting online, too, which expands the availability of the astrology, Ray and spiritual meditation group to anyone anywhere.

What does the astrology say about letting us out of quarantine? At the height of the pandemic, there were many planets in Capricorn. Now only Pluto and Jupiter are together and Jupiter is easing away, indicating the virus’ effects are waning. The South Node is still in Capricorn, but has stopped, getting ready to back into Sagittarius, releasing the world of the karma of greed, fear and selfishness. Saturn has just gone into Aquarius with Mars marching to the middle of Aquarius, revealing the help to the people and that people have taken responsibility for others.

When will we be let out?   
    The South Node goes into Sagittarius May 5 letting us out! Sagittarius is a sign of freedom - don’t fence me in - and methinks the states will slowly lift the sanctions. As this is written, it is already happening, but perhaps May 5 the “stay home” edict will be lifted.  We certainly are ready.

To learn when your personal being let out may happen, please contact Patty for a short session.

Apr 19, 2020

COVID-19. Will there be more waves?

Will there be more waves?
Compared with other pandemics
Is history in the process of being changed?

The virus pandemic occurred during the current planetary line-up, which included the South Node, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, in Capricorn and joined for a while by Mercury, Mars and the Sun.

*   Will be there be other waves? Yes. This happens when Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct, or together, again. 

*   June is mixed. There will be three eclipses: June 5, June 21 and July 5 activating current planetary positions. June 18, 20 and 28 Mars indicates an opportunity for quick recovery. Jupiter and Pluto will be together exactly on June 30 but in effect between June 22 and July 1 indicating a spike of infections. Saturn retrogrades, or goes backwards into Capricorn July 1, not exactly joining Jupiter and Pluto, possibly indicating continued or another consolidation or restriction.

*   Aug 4, Aug 14 and Aug 24 when there could be unexpected deaths of younger people or those in the military.

*   November, exactly Nov 12, but in effect between Nov 8 and Nov 14 there could be be another mild wave. This should be the end of the virus, but Pluto indicates the consequences of it last through November 2024. This is when the Pluto transit through Capricorn, which began end of January 2008 ends.

Curiosity led me to Rex Bills’ book “Planetary Rulerships,” where I discovered Pluto is the ruler of epidemics. Pluto is a factor in the current planetary line-up in Capricorn so I thought, “I wonder if any of the other pandemics are similar to this one?” When researching many, it came down to:

* Bubonic or Black Plague of 1346-1353. Spread by ship trade via rat fleas and devastated 60% of Europe’s population. Here is a link
There was a planetary line-up with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun . The South Node was in Neptune, which could signify shipping. Neptune was in Aquarius square Chiron in Pluto, indicating the sea impacting the land. So many people died, it changed history by ending the feudal system. How? The land owners had to till the land themselves because so many vassals died. The History Channel had a documentary on the Bubonic Plague or Black Death and how it changed history.

* “Spanish” 1918 Flu epidemic, which was during WWI, one of the most severe in history. Started in Kansas in the United States and went to Europe with soldiers from America. Here is the link: There were three waves; the first of which had Saturn and Neptune conjunct, opposing Venus and Mars opposite Chiron. * The second wave Sept and Oct had Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in the sign of Cancer, with Saturn and Uranus in opposition. The United States is a Cancer country and where the flu began. *2 Third wave had Jupiter and Pluto still conjunct with the Sun and Venus opposite them in December.

★   Flu of 1968, called the Hong Kong flu. Here is one link: Soldiers brought it home from Viet Nam. There was a planetary line-up with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars.

Is history being changed?

When Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct, or together, changes occur which include epidemics or pandemics which change history. When Jupiter joins a planet, the energy of Jupiter expands the situation of the planet it is joined with, or conjunct. This means the transformation of established entities signified by Pluto is magnified. Pluto tears down and rebuilds what is represented by the sign it is in; currently regarding entities we consider permanent or stable. This will continue until Pluto leaves Capricorn end of November 2024, when the Pluto transit through Capricorn, which began end of January 2008 ends.

This means history began to be changed November 2004, which was not noticed as a big change. But the planets fly along their paths, and at the changeover from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, flew into the sign of Capricorn, the sign of karma, constriction and consolidation. Jupiter joined to magnify the consolidation, Saturn joined which caused symbolic death of established entities and Mars joined for a while to accelerate the process. With all this planetary force, something had to happen and is happening right now. Big changes occur when the Ages change, which is where we are now.

If you would like to comment or begin a dialog, please email Patty.

Thank you for reading this long discourse.

Apr 9, 2020

May you have blessed Holy Days

This month of April 2020 Commemorates the religious festivals of Passover, Easter and Ramadan. You are wished Spiritual Blessings and your Highest Good during this time.

The earth is shown to remind us that we all live on this beautiful sphere, which does not show the boundaries of countries and reveals that we are all in this together.

May our combined prayers and invocations bring healing of COVID-19 and other ills and may we all cooperate to bring about community friendship and world-wide goodwill, peace, Love and Light.

From the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, by Levi, Chapter 157, Verse 29 “And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky.” This is now; the Age of Aquarius, the symbol of which is a man with a pitcher pouring forth the water of life. A new Age begins when the constellation signifying the new age rises above the horizon in the east between the paws of the Sphinx. Each new age leaves the old behind, creating new ways of being, which we are now experiencing.

The planet Saturn and Mars have just moved into the sign of Aquarius, soon to be followed by Jupiter. Pluto will join them for a short while March 2023, fully January 2024, thus bringing more Aquarian activity into being. In the meantime, we are experiencing the shift out of Pisces into Aquarius with change, confusion and maybe chaos. Remember, out of the center of chaos is the seed of the new. This situation has certainly created new ways of being!

Aquarius symbolizes the common man, large groups and importantly, aspirations and goals. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, so let us be in friendship with all nations and all people, celebrating our seeming differences, which actually enrich society.

April is the monthly sign of Aries, the bringer of the new. We may see many new things this month, to be stabilized the month of May of Taurus.

Your comments and insights are welcome. Please email Patty to begin a dialogue, which remains private between you and her.

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Apr 3, 2020

Corona virus and the USA

April 3, 2020

The previous article dealt with the world-wide situation with the corona virus, including the Capricorn planetary line-up and what it means, including karma. 

This article is about how the virus and karma impacts the USA, focusing on the specific area of impact or interest. The included horoscope wheel is to help you see the cluster of planets.

How about the United States? The USA’s birthday is July 4, making her a Cancer country. We who live in the USA live within the arms of our country, so the events of the country affect us. How is individual.

The wheel has two circles: the inner circle is the birth wheel of the United States. The outer circle is where the planets are April 3, related to the USA wheel. You only need to recognize the clusters to understand the article.

You can see the inner circle has a cluster on the right side in the areas marked 6 and 7. Now look opposite in the area marked 2, where there are three in the inner circle and the planetary line-up of four is in the outer circle. What does this mean?

The meaning of area 2 is money, possessions, self-esteem, and what is valuable to us. The planet with its arms in the air around the circle above a cross is Pluto. The symbol of the upside-down earphones is the South Node, the symbol that looks like a 4 is Jupiter, the symbol that looks like a chair is Saturn, the symbol  of the quarter Moon is obvious. During the next 2-1/2 years there will be activity in this area of the USA, triggered by the planets traveling through.

The planetary line-up in the area 2 outer circle waited a while to hit with the corona virus, changing society overnight, both with the virus and presidential and governor decrees. Obviously, money has been severely restricted with the national and world-wide closing of businesses, thereby closing down salaries. Fear triggered hoarding, selfishly causing shortages of what is normally available. Fear and shortages are symbolized by Saturn and Capricorn.

★    March 29 through April 8, Jupiter (looks like a 4) and Pluto are exactly together or conjunct. Our astrology study group did research on pandemics going back to the bubonic plague and discovered that when Jupiter and Pluto are in that position, the pandemics intensified, spread rapidly and then waned. So we can expect the pandemic to continue its intense spread through at least April 8. The degree is 24, making the Jupiter and Pluto union opposite the point of 24 in the USA chart. This indicates more laws or restrictions of public gatherings and perhaps interactions or altercation with trading partners and enemies that affect foreign travel and trade.

★    Jupiter will leave its union with about Pluto about April 12, but return the third week of June, go away again, and return for its last union with Pluto the second week of November 2020. Saturn has left karmic restrictions and consolidations, but will return in July through the middle of December 2020. This could mean the results, consequences or effects of the virus will still with be us.

★    When will people go back to work? That area in both circles is the one labeled 6. In the inner circle, you can see the planet Uranus, which looks like an H and in the outer circle, Venus, which is the symbol of women. When Venus goes into the sign of Aquarius April 4, there should be a favorable change in employment. China and South Korea have released people from their homes and they will be working, gearing up international production. Venus will join the USA Uranus April 12 and 13, with sudden return to work and manufacturing of necessities.

★    When will students go back to school? The area of school in the circles is section 3. The planet Mars, which is the symbol of man or men, will travel into that area May 9, indicating children going back to school.

★    Now to the karmic situation: in the outer circle, look in area 1. You can see the upside down earphones which is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of karma, limitation and restriction. People are still afraid, hoarding and restricted to homes. This will change about May 6 when it goes Gemini. Now the what needs to be balanced is too much travel, attention to foreign things such as imports, with new focus and activity to include local, near-at-home businesses and donations to local organizations and people. Activity with near neighbors and local schools is what will balance too much travel away from home and possible neglect of close family members and neighbors.

★    To re-cap: the virus is in the process of profoundly changing what is important (values). The energy of the transformation is focused on money, but the karmic balance is away from greed, too much work, selfishness and towards family, food and the environment. As te planets ease away from the restrictions, humanity should be helped, values will have returned to family and the environment. Also, the education system and method of communicating will be in the process of change.

How this affects you is particular to you and is evidenced by your horoscope. Contact Patty to learn how your life may be affected by this planetary line-up. There is no need to fear. Knowing your horoscope helps you understand and make good decisions.