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Jun 16, 2011

Musing about fires and floods

For some reason I was thinking during my first cup of coffee (now on the second), that the United States is being renewed. The fires in Texas, Arizona and now New Mexico will renew the land, so crops and grasses will grow more vigorously.  The Indians used to fire the land on a regular basis and then let it lie fallow for a year to have better crops. The floods down the Mississippi seem like the Nile floods, bringing soil down the banks to fertilize the land for their crops. When the big earthquake/tsunami hit Indonesia years ago, the scientists said the land would be barren for a long time because of pollution from the ocean. The natives apparently did not hear that and planted anyway and the resulting crops were better than before. So, the stuff from the bottom of the ocean fertilized the land. It is like volcanic eruptions: a few years later the land is more fertile, with plants and trees growing well. The best coffee in the world is grown on volcanic soil. That is what is happening now. But… the people need to get out of the way and let nature change and rejuvenate the land for us. Actually, mankind should not have been in the way to begin with. Getting out of the way is the hard part; mankind thinks we can control nature, but she occasionally says enough is enough. I wonder if Shakespeare was thinking of nature, too, when he wrote, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”