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Mar 26, 2014

About Your Aries

   When the zodiac was being put together, Spring was made the beginning. The kingdoms with their kings were in existence, but were not a zodiac yet. A king was needed who was courageous and eager for new adventure to begin. He would be contacting the next eleven kingdoms, and he had to do this with no prior experience. This required courage and ingenuity. Springtime is windy, so this king needed to be able to dash about here and there somewhat impulsively without too much thought of danger and consequences. After all, he would have had no experience to look back on to make him afraid. He was named Aries and lived up to what was needed.

   He had creative ideas for meeting the kings of the next eleven kingdoms, but finally realized he needed help. He thought, "I Am a king, should I be doing all this myself? I need a knight to do the work for me." Suddenly a knight appeared: Mars, who is the perfect knight for impulsive, directing Aries.

   Mars drove their chariot with a force that warmed all around them, following Aries every command. Occasionally they went to extremes with their adventures, flying high up and diving straight down just for the thrill of it. The kingdoms needed to be stirred from their sleeps, and Aries with Mars, was the perfect pair for this. They dashed here and there, lighting occasionally, and with humor stirred things up.

   "I Am, I Am," Aries said as he entered each new adventure, delighting in just being alive. However, as Aries and Mars dashed here and there, they left things unfinished. Oh, dear, they will need other kings and knights, after all. They really cannot do everything alone.

Aries and Mars eagerly look forward to meeting the other kings, which is the rest of this story.
They will meet Taurus next month.   

What is happening with Aries now?
Aries is being challenged by transiting Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars right now (March 2014). Since Aries enjoys challenges, this time should be "fun." This is a quadruple whammy, though, so be prepared for change. Not all Aries are so challenged, only those of you who have your Aries planets in the middle of the Aries sign.

Also challenged are those with the signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn; again those with planets in the middle of those signs. For an accurate, confidential reading of your situation, please contact Patty, who is here for your reading.