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Nov 21, 2011

Mercury goes retrograde November 24.

Mercury goes retrograde Thursday, November 24, American Thanksgiving Day.
Mercury goes direct - or apparently forward again - December 13, 2011.

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and revolves around the Sun more quickly than the other planets. Since it is faster than the others, there are times when it seems to go backwards. This can be compared to a faster-moving train passing a slower-moving train. The sensation of the people in the slower-moving train is that they are going backwards, which feels weird. This is what a Mercury retrograde time-period is like: weird. Mercury is the planet which rules, or is associated with, communication, especially the written word and contracts and electrical things. When Mercury is retrograde, when things glitch or go wrong, it is most likely because of an electrical malfunction, especially printers. If you purchased something electrical during a retrograde Mercury time-period, it could malfunction during a subsequent Mercury retrograde time-period.

Be very careful of signing papers and contracts, because there is the possibly there is a mistake which will be noticed during the next Mercury retrograde time-period. An example is the story of a friend who experienced a divorce which was final during a Mercury retrograde time. About a year later, during another Mercury retrograde time, his wife took him to court for more money. I recommended that he wait until after Mercury retrograde, but he “did not want astrology to rule his life.” His wife was awarded more money. This happened two more times, under two different Mercury retrograde times, and she received more money from him each time. One day he came to me, asking when Mercury would be retrograde, because she was taking him to court again, for yet more money; this time she asked for more than he earned or had. He took the advice and scheduled his court appearance after Mercury went direct. The judge not only denied her the latest request, but adjusted the payments to her for an amount he could give and still pay rent and eat. He was grateful for the information and did not criticize astrology any more.

Mercury is retrograde this time in Sagittarius, the sign of travel, foreign contacts, publishing and import/export. If you know you will travel during that time, it is wise for you to make your plans now, if you can. If you do travel between Nov. 24 and Dec 13, expect changes to your plans and be flexible.

The sign most impacted is Sagittarius, of course. They may not believe it can happen to them, but Sagittarius is a most flexible sign, so travel will be okay. A Sagittarius would experience the changes as an adventure. However, if you are a Sagittarius please ask someone to double-check the details in any contract, or delay signing until after December 13. Gemini can experience mistakes in communication, so be careful and pay attention. Virgo can have a most irritating time of it because others are careless about details, and Pisces may not be paying attention at all. Aries and Leo have an easier time of it and can benefit from changes if you are flexible and creative. Getting your own way does not work during this three-week period. Libra can have changes in social plans - ouch! - do not panic, it is okay, just be your gracious self. Aquarius can have fun changes with friends. Cancer and Taurus adjust to changes in communication and perhaps interruptions. Flow with it. Scorpio and Capricorn are somewhat neutral with glitches, but not entirely so.

Remember that if your car, computer, printer or other electrical things malfunction, check the electrical connections. Be very careful - or better yet - do not sign papers until after December 13.

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