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Sep 14, 2016

Nightmare Mercury retrograde Sept 2016

This retrograde Mercury is a nightmare! When you have a reading with me your information is confidential, and no one knows you've had reading unless you tell them. Since others' information is not talked about, I'll tell how this weird time is affecting my chart. What is your experience? If you want to share your experience, please email me at and I'll answer. Your story will not be published unless you ask me to publish it on the blog.

First of all, Mercury retrograde usually hits electrical or electronics, which are apt to malfunction. That Mercury is retrograde in its own sign of Virgo makes it worse, especially for details and the little nit-picking things. If you are traveling now, be sure to double and triple-check the details and adapt when they change.

Your readings are paid by your credit card numbers, which are keyed in on the desktop computer to the entity which processes them. One day it did not work. I tried everything I could, and finally called the entity. Come to find out, they decided they did not use Windows  any more. It would have helped if they had told us. They switched to Android. Well, I have an Amazon Fire Phone and an Amazon tablet, neither of which are an Android that will work with them. The customer service rep wanted to sell me their desktop virtual terminal, that by the way, will work on Windows, but costs $30 a month, plus the credit card fees. That is too much. However, I am happy (so far) with their transactions and security. So, did the research, went on Amazon and found a Fusion 5 tablet with Android 5.1. I put it on the wish list, tried to purchase it, and everything about my Amazon account disappeared! Finally, called Amazon customer service and the man was wonderful. He not only restored everything, but when I asked him if he knew anything about Android, he asked me why. Telling him the saga, he asked me to type a number into the Amazon search box. Lo and behold, it was a Fusion 5 Android 5.1 that had just been put on sale. I quickly purchased it and was happy. The price was much less than paying $30 a month just for service. So, things were not going as expected, but better.

To continue: delivery was supposed to be Sunday, and I looked for the package all day. Amazon always emails the tracking information, so I knew it was coming from our local post office and had a note that the package had been left on my front porch. It did not arrive, so I tried, mind you, only tried, to contact USPS to see where it was. It was Sunday, when nobody answers the phone or email, so I had to wait.  Monday I called the local post office and the woman was very nice. She said she would call me back when she traced it. Early afternoon on Monday, I saw the mailman come to the door, waving the little box. I hurried out, asking if that was the package I was anxious about. Yes. It had been delivered a block down from me; the package was on top of their mailbox with the flag up, so the mailman knew to check. Guess the Sunday mailman could not read the very clear address on the box.

The tablet hooked up and worked perfectly. A few days later, though, dear Mercury decided to play another trick. When I tried to process another card, it said the location needed to be active, so I learned how to find that and made sure it was on. Did not work. Did this three times and it did not work. Frustrated, I decided to wait until the next day, when it did work.

Fast forward to today, the 14th. All of a sudden, the anti-virus will not update because it says there is no internet connection! Huh!? I've been into email and on the web, but Microsoft does not work?

This means if you are so very frustrated, realize it is Mercury playing tricks. He is sometimes called the trickster and he is having fun this time.

Now to an astrology lesson on the see-saw quincunx that was described above.
In the sky, Saturn is at 10 degrees Sagittarius in a square or tense, challenging relationship with Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces. This is the base for the weirdness. Mercury in Virgo creates a square with Saturn and an opposition with Neptune, which is called a T-square. It is the retrograde that causing the havoc, at least we'll blame it on that.

For those of you who have had a reading with me, there is a symbol for the aspects, or planetary relationships, in the left column of the date pages you receive. There is a symbol that looks like a see-saw and is called a quincunx. This aspect acts just like a see-saw, with your day going up and down, with nothing going as expected. However, if you can adapt or adjust, it is usually better than expected, as the Fusion tablet turned out for me. The day began not expecting to have to purchase yet another electronic item to add to the collection of desktop computer, laptop, Fire Phone and Fire Tablet, but it turned out better. I had to adapt my day to accommodate things that did not work, find a replacement, adapt to waiting an extra day, etc. By the way, Saturn delays, so it is not surprising the tablet arrived a day late.

My chart has natal Mars at 10 degrees Cancer in the eighth house of business finances and is the patron planet of my sixth house of work. Transiting Saturn at 10 degrees Sagittarius is in a quincunx relationship with it. Transiting Saturn is going through my second house of spending and is the patron planet of the the third house of everyday happenings. This quincunx certainly is affecting how I do my work: having had to spend on a necessity for business and disrupting both third-house, everyday activities and sixth-house work.

You may ask what transiting Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces is doing to my natal Mars? The aspect or relationship is quietly wonderful. Neptune is transiting, or going through, the fourth house of home and family and in trine or ease aspect with Mars in the eighth house. The fourth house is one of the psychic, spiritual or clairvoyant houses, along with the eighth house, which also reveals the ability to contact those on the other side. The family situation always was, and still is, close and harmonious. The Neptune-Mars trine reveals that my clairvoyance is heightened.  This includes heightened hearing, sense of smell and sense of knowing, all in a good way.

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Sep 5, 2016

Sept 1 through Sept 30, 2016

Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd in the sign of Virgo. When it goes direct it will be  in a wonderful relationship with Pluto, so please be patient with annoyances because they will work out for you after the 22nd.

Sept. 1: New Moon eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo and in a tense relationship with Saturn. Challenges regarding details and travel and between Virgo and Sagittarius, with Gemini and Pisces being brought in. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo; Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius. Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity for practical projects to go well; Pisces can experience demands for being on time and for details. The eclipse throws Aquarius and Aries off balance and is neutral for Leo and Libra.

NASA spacecraft captures rare double eclipse on video.  Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the stunning double eclipse. It was also visible in parts of southern and central Africa. The space agency said early Friday morning Earth completely eclipsed the sun from the satellite’s perspective just as the moon began its journey across the face of the sun. Observers can tell the Earth and the moon apart by their edges: Earth’s is fuzzy, while the moon’s is sharp and distinct. The video clip relased by NASA lasts 34 seconds. Here is the link:

Sept. 2, repeats Oct 11.: vague, perhaps disappointing day if you are expecting practical or detail-oriented work; it is a better day for the movies or an escape. Many detail requests from Virgo, irritating Pisces, but Taurus and Capricorn enjoy this. Cancer and Scorpio have the opportunity to cooperate with practical projects; Gemini and Sagittarius are irritated with details requests; Leo and Libra are neutral; Aries and Aquarius adjust to things not as expected.

September 4: From The solar wind is flowing from an unusually large coronal hole on the Sun, shown here in an image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Coronal holes are regions in the sun's atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. This hole is spewing a stream of solar wind so broad, it could influence Earth's space environment for days to come. High-latitude sky watchers, including those in northern-tier US states, should remain alert for auroras throughout the weekend. For this means the astrological activity is also intensified.

Why are cosmic rays intensifying? The main reason is the sun. Solar storm clouds such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep aside cosmic rays when they pass by Earth. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay. Now, however, the solar cycle is swinging toward Solar Minimum, allowing cosmic rays to return. Another reason could be the weakening of Earth's magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space. To see the beautiful pictures, go to

Sept 6: Sun and Moon are offering an opportunity for Scorpio and Virgo to cooperate with financial matters and a good day for Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn. Today is quietly harmonious and a good to focus.

Sept 7: overall, a good day with harmony and cooperation. Practical details regarding the secure or structured work out well, especially with Virgo and Capricorn and benefits for Taurus. Also, an opportunity to cooperate with established entity to plan for travel or future plans. Good day for Libra and Sagittarius to work together, and for Gemini, Aquarius, Aries and Leo. However Libra adjusts to perhaps Pisces either not showing up or late.

Sept 9: quarter Moon in the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo, who are irritated with each other. The tension today is about the future vs the immediate. Gemini and Pisces are also irritated. Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius, Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo; Libra and Aquarius can help Gemini, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. Also today, Mercury is at odds with Uranus, meaning communication about detail needs to adjust to a new idea not yet fully developed. Virgo is unsuccessfully pushing Aries.  This is a repeat of August 19 and will repeat again Oct 6.

Sept 9: Jupiter goes into Libra through October 10, 2017. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, freedom, travel, higher education (both secular and religious). Libra is the sign of cooperation, marriage and legal agreements, working with the public, allies and enemies. This year of Jupiter traveling through Libra should bring a release to Libra, freeing the details that were the base for this coming year. Gemini is in the right place at the right time to accept offers to smooth relationships, have a good year in sales and to take the initiative to communicate. Aquarius is in the right place at the right time to manage new or larger groups, make new friends and make future plans. Aries experiences a year of relationship focus, with others demanding that you cooperate instead of being so independent. Leo has the opportunity to expand and to enjoy more social life; just try not to be too extravagant. Sagittarius has expanded travel opportunities, perhaps with a partner. Cancer and Capricorn are challenged to expand activities, meaning a busier year, with less time for details. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral. Taurus and Pisces adjust to circumstances not being what is expected because of directed activity.

Sept 10: Saturn and Neptune are not getting along, meaning that practical plans are thwarted. The older, or business-minded person is trying to push the creative one, to no avail. Wait a few days. This is a repeat of June 17, 2016. Sagittarius and Pisces are irritated with each other, as are Gemini and Virgo. Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius; Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces.

Sept 11: challenging tension between Libra and Capricorn, with Libra wanting to spend more than Capricorn “would allow.” Diplomacy or cooperation is challenged to be more realistic. Aries and Cancer can be drawn in. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Scorpio and Pisces helping Cancer. However, the Sun and Moon are harmonious, urging Capricorn to a be little softer and more cooperative. Capricorn and Virgo work well together, so the better part of today can be practical and work-oriented.

Sept 12: Mercury is repeating its challenge of August 25 and will repeat again Oct 19. Challenging, irritating communication with arguments over details. There could be disagreements involving either Sagittarius or travel. Be careful making travel plans because they are subject to change because Mercury is still retrograde and in this challenging aspect. Virgo is strongly demanding, setting off Pisces in particular, followed by Gemini and Pisces. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo. Pisces may just escape.

Sept 13: another challenging day, with the challenges of yesterday stronger and more emotional. Virgo and Sagittarius are not getting along again, with Gemini and Sagittarius again irritated. Taurus and Capricorn help Virgo, Aries and Leo help Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius help Gemini. A lot of Virgo energy today, which is normally compatible with Cancer and Scorpio, but it is too irritating even for them.

Sept 14: a see-saw day, full of unexpected minor interruptions, asking you to adjust to others. If you can be flexible, the day turns out better than expected.

Sept. 15: the see-saw continues but is a stronger. New ideas or change adjusts to the reality of the details. Remember Mercury is retrograde, and those pesky details need a lot of attention. Especially affected today is Aries.

Sept 16: full Moon eclipse, at 24 degrees Pisces and Virgo. If you have a planet or point in your chart at 23, 24 or 25 degrees, this will be noticeable. Uranus is at 23 degrees Aries adding energy to the eclipse - if - this impacts your chart. Mars will be at the degree of the eclipse on Sept 19 in the sign of Sagittarius, which will challenge the energy.  A full Moon brings out the emotional natures of people and this may be a little stronger, with Virgo and Pisces disagreeing, bringing Gemini and Sagittarius into it. The energy is unstable and irritating and not conducive to making decisions. The areas of the body associated are the eyes, feet and upper colon, experienced as stomach irritations.

Sept 16 through the 19th: Venus, Mars and Uranus will be in the same degree as the eclipse. The signs involved are Aries, Libra and Sagittarius, so persons of these signs will be influenced, mostly with opportunities for good activity with a little change. Libra gets bad press about not making decisions or being too diplomatic, but I find Libra to be a decisive, daring leader and these are good days for Libra to initiate. Aries may be asked to cooperate instead of going it alone, but will be happy to do so.

Sept 20: the eclipse energy has dissipated, and today is nice and calm. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn enjoy a great day, followed by Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Mercury in Virgo is in trine with Pluto in Capricorn, indicating communication is practical and cooperative. This energy is in effect through the 23rd. However, Mercury goes direct tomorrow, so if you can, put off signing documents until after the 22nd.

Sept 22: Mercury goes direct at 01:30:30 am ET. Yay! Review your detail-oriented documents for mistakes and to be signed perhaps tomorrow, the 23rd when communications are favored. If documents had to be signed under Mercury retrograde, review them now.

Sept 22: the Sun goes into Libra at 10:21:04 am ET, the fall equinox and first day of Fall. This is Libra’s month to initiate. Aries may experience demands for cooperation, with Cancer and Capricorn challenged to more activity. The Sun has joined Jupiter through Oct 22, adding to Libra’s expansiveness and to the others’ challenges. Gemini and Aquarius enjoy a month of social plans and good communication. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral. Taurus and Pisces adjust to active and relationships.  Leo and Sagittarius have opportunities to cooperate and enjoy social life.

Sept 23: quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Libra, who are challenged, followed by Aries and Capricorn; most likely with family situations. Aside from the quarter Moon, communications are excellent, so concentrate on practical details and all will be smooth.

Sept 23; Venus goes into Scorpio through Oct 18. Your loved one is more intense and may be a little stubborn, at least focused. Scorpio is focused on managing investments and intense love. Taurus experiences financial control situations. Leo and Aquarius experience control issues. Cancer and Pisces enjoy a close love life and good finances. Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities for financial investments and love interests. Libra and Sagittarius are neutral. Aries and Gemini adjust to your loved one being closer than you like and maybe focused on finances.

Sept 25: harmonious day, especially for Leo and Libra, followed by Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius. Everybody else has a peacefully good day.

Sept 26: good day for Libra to initiate, but don’t push Aries too far. If you need to, ask Gemini for communication help. Cancer and Capricorn may feel challenged, but are up to it. Gemini and Aquarius have a good day, Leo and Sagittarius enjoy the opportunity for a directed social event. Virgo and Scorpio are neutral; Taurus and Pisces adjust to the day not going as expected because of directives from others. Pluto goes direct today at 14 degrees Capricorn 55 minutes, which is within one degree as Mercury direct. These two planets are in harmony, so it is a good day for communication of long-range plans or agreements.

Sept 27: Mars goes into Capricorn through Nov 9th. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning it operates well because the energy of Mars is channeled into practical projects. This time is excellent for Capricorn to initiate well-thought-out plans. Cancer may feel challenged to balance work and family, or experience opposition from a co-worker or boss. Aries and Libra are challenged to produce. Taurus and Virgo enjoy good relationships and nice progress with projects. Scorpio has opportunity to achieve what they want; Pisces has opportunity for support with creativity. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral. Gemini and Leo adjust to a more structured, practical month.

Sept 30: new Moon in the sign of Libra, indicating a great day for Libra, and a challenging one for Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.  Gemini and Aquarius enjoy a good social day; Leo and Sagittarius have the opportunity for social time; Virgo and Scorpio are neutral; Taurus and Pisces adjust to more directed activity.

Since this is a time of change and instability, many call me for a mini-reading on specifics. To enjoy your personal, accurate interpretation,  please email or phone me at 302-378-0579.