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Aug 27, 2010

Improve an undesirable trait

The week of August 16: We chose one characteristic or habit about ourselves that we wanted to change or improve. Then we chose the opposite good quality and wrote that down. Every morning we were to look at what we wrote down to anchor it in our minds for the day. During the week, we were to try to express the opposite of the trait we wanted to change.

Week of August 24 we discussed this.

One chose the habit of thinking and speaking criticism. She caught herself several times and substituted respect and praise. The result was a renewed appreciation for the good traits of the person or situation being criticized, including herself.

Another woman chose to be a good listener instead of trying to fix another's problem. It had been a habit of hers to fix things when her friend asked for advice. She said it was tricky because the other person was used to her fixing things for her. When this woman gently refused to fix it, her friend found a solution for herself that was good.

Mercury Retrograde

The planets only move forward, they cannot actually move backwards.  Several times a year, though, it appears like they do.  It is like two trains going in the same direction on side-by-side tracks.  When the faster train moves past the slower train, those sitting in the slower train feel like they are moving backwards, but they are not.  This is the analogy for retrograde planets, they only seem to be traveling backwards.  But.... they do go backwards in whatever sign they are going through.  When Mercury, Venus and Mars do this, they can wreak havoc in the areas of your life they rule.  They also repeat the situation when they go retrograde the next time.

    Mercury rules communications such as the phone, internet, newspapers, is associated with your siblings and written papers; especially legal papers.  When it goes retrograde it is not a good time to sign papers or make agreements.  The legal part of marriage is ruled by Mercury, so when it is retrograde it is possible the legal paperwork is not right.  Mercury rules electricity and electronic gadgets such as your computer, Ipod and cell phone, so when it goes retrograde these gadgets can malfunction, especially printers and be quite irritating.  If you must sign legal papers as part of your job, make sure you re-check them after Mercury goes direct.  If your car, printer or copier glitches, check the electronics first, it is most likely something simple but electrical.  It is not wise to purchase anything electrical during this time because something hidden is wrong and will surface when Mercury goes retrograde the next time. Check to some of the previous Mercury retrograde times to see what good happened, knowing this will repeat, too. If you are a Gemini or Virgo, expect troublesome communication misunderstandings and travel glitches.

Mercury went retrograde 20 August and goes direct or forward again on 12 September.

You may leave comments on things that happen when Mercury is retrograde. Your stories help others understand.