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Feb 27, 2017

Venus goes retrograde March 4 2017

And goes direct April 15, 2017

The signs and degrees of retrograde Venus during this period is 13 Aries 08, backs into Pisces and goes direct at 26 Pisces 54.

Planets move forward, they cannot actually move backwards.  Several times a year, though, it appears like they do.  It is like two trains going in the same direction on side-by-side tracks.  When the faster train moves past the slower train, those sitting in the slower train feel like they are moving backwards, but they are not. This is the analogy for retrograde planets, they only seem to be traveling backwards.  But.... they do go backwards in whatever sign they are going through.  When Mercury, Venus and Mars do this, they can wreak havoc in the areas of your life they rule.

Venus rules love & marriage, partnerships, money, harmony and diplomacy and the finer things in life.  When it goes retrograde, your money could slow down.  It is good to look ahead and be sure you have enough money to pay your basic expenses during the time Venus is retrograde.  There should be bargains in luxury goods.  If you have plenty of money coming in, there could be unexpected expenses forcing you to be at your basic financial level.  Getting married now is not a good idea.  If you are in a relationship that is not compatible, the differences will arise, asking you to re-evaluate the relationship and make adjustments or end it.  If you are a Taurus, expect money control issues, if you are a Libra, expect challenging relationships.  Relationship troubles are especially focused on the woman in the partnership.  If you begin a new love relationship, something could be wrong with the woman's reason for being with you, which will surface the next time Venus goes retrograde.

Venus retrograde in Aries could bring bargains in automobiles and other mechanical items. Venus retrograde in Pisces could bring bargains in movies and related subjects and bargains in romantic-looking apparel.

If you meet a new someone during this time, enjoy the person for a while and re-evaluate it after Venus goes direct April 15 to learn their intentions.

Astrologese: look to the houses with Taurus and Venus on the cusp and the house and sign your natal Venus lives and you can learn where and how a retrograde Venus may act up.

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Feb 9, 2017

February 1 through February 28 2017

There are two eclipses this month:
Full Moon eclipse Feb 10 at 07:44:00 pm ET
New moon eclipse Feb 26 at 09:53:00 an ET.

Feb 1: busy day with communication, especially for Capricorn and Libra.

Feb 3: Venus goes into Aries all month and into March, because it goes retrograde March 4. Aries are romantic to begin with and may be more so; Libra experiences relationships wanting to be independent and alone; Leo and Sagittarius could have romantic getaways; Cancer and Capricorn experience mild challenges or adventures with romance or money. Gemini and Aquarius have opportunities for romance; Pisces and Taurus are neutral; Virgo and Scorpio adjust to loved ones being a little more assertive. Venus rules money, too, so be careful of impulsive spending, especially on adventures.

Feb 6: Jupiter went retrograde at 23 Libra 08. If you have a 22 or 23 degree planet, your ascendant/rising sign or midheaven at these degrees, it will be noticed. Freedom-loving Jupiter will continue to be in opposition to sometimes radical, change-maker Uranus. Expect demonstrations, uprisings and opposition to everything to continue, whether sensible or not.

Feb 7: Mercury goes into Aquarius through Feb 25. Aquarius already knows a lot and may be more active in communicating that knowledge. Leo experiences stubborn resistance to ideas; Taurus and Scorpio experience control issues over ideas or communication; Gemini and Libra enjoy social interaction and communication; Capricorn and Pisces are neutral; Cancer and Virgo adjust to new, perhaps technical information; Aries and Sagittarius enjoy opportunities for scintillating conversations.

Feb 9: Moon goes into Leo, with mild, unexpected interruptions.

Feb10: Feb 10: full Moon eclipse is active, meaning there is a lot of planetary interaction. In addition to the Sun and Moon being full, Jupiter and Uranus are "full" within two degrees, meaning they are opposite each other. This began December of 2016, all of January and through this month.  The world is experiencing protests, demonstrations and insurrections. Expect more of that with this full Moon. However, one in authority is in the in the right place at the right time to recognize the situation and offer an opportunity to cooperate and stabilize the situation. Opportunity needs to be accepted for it to manifest. The eclipse is in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, who experience relationship control issues along with Taurus and Scorpio. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo; Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius. Either Libra or Sagittarius could be peacemakers by using diplomacy and balance. With Jupiter and Uranus in opposition, it reveals Aries and Libra at odds with each other because Aries wants to be alone and independent. Aquarius can help both. For those of you in medical and police work, the areas of the body signified by this full Moon are the heart, blood pressure, upper back and calves of the legs. Not a good day for heart surgery.

Feb 11: Moon goes into Virgo and opposes Mercury, the Sun and Moon in Pisces. Virgo can be more demanding of detail and work, with others not forthcoming. This is not a big deal if Virgo will relax.

Feb 12: mildly unsettled.

Feb 13: Moon goes into Libra, joining Jupiter. Look up in the sky to see the two together, a beautiful sight. A day when things are slightly different, but better.

Feb 14: Valentine's Day: Sun and Moon at odds with each other, revealing things don't go as expected, but are better. The day is more about friends than romance, with an opportunity for stability. Aquarius and Sagittarius especially have the opportunity for a great day, followed by Gemini, Libra, Aries and Leo.

Feb 15: excellent communication, especially for romance or finances; Aquarius and Aries communicate well, followed by Gemini, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter today and is getting along with the Sun. Good luck for Libra, maybe Aries experiencing your partner wanting companionship. Cancer and Capricorn have enjoyable, mild challenge or change.

Feb 16: Moon goes into Scorpio and creates a harmonious day with the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Emotions are nice today, and you should have a nice day.

Feb 17: mildly pleasant day.

Feb 18: Sun goes into Pisces through March 20. Pisces could be more energetic; Virgo experiences people not being as available or not forthcoming with detail. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy a nice month; Taurus and Capricorn have the opportunity to relax or ease up on work; Aquarius and Aries are neutral; Leo and Libra can best use what seems to be vagueness to adjust your activity to creative projects; Gemini and Sagittarius experience irritating communication or someone not being available. Moon goes into Sagittarius. Quarter Moon in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, who may be irritated with each other, followed by Gemini and Virgo.

Feb 20: active day to say the least: Uranus and Mars are conjunct, indicating possible volatility world-wide. Sudden, unexpected military-type, violent activity or a sudden breakthrough in a stalled project. Aries is especially active, impulsive and unpredictable. The Moon is in Sagittarius revealing that peacemaking is possible if people will listen. By about 10 pm ET there is an opportunity for a solution offered by a skilled communicator. Personally, Aries is assertive, possibly challenging Libra, who experiences being pushed. Cancer and Capricorn experience a challenging and changing day (they enjoy this); Leo and Sagittarius are motivated by Aries into an activity; Gemini and Aquarius have the opportunity to mediate: Gemini with their legendary diplomatic and persuasive skills and Aquarius with their talent for seeing far ahead and managing people. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to their day not at all what they expected, with no time for detail or planning. Interestingly, Aquarius is the mediator with good ideas and skill for solutions.

Feb 21: Moon goes into Capricorn; fantastic day with opportunities to solve the activities of the Feb 10 eclipse and yesterday. Good communication, possibly from Aquarius, who could present solutions with the point of view of all involved. Good day for the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The rest of us would be wise to listen. The Sun and Moon reveal an opportunity for harmony between practicality and creativeness; good day for Capricorn and Pisces.

Feb 22: very challenging day with the angry, fiery, active one pushing and challenging the established one. Possible clashes from young, inexperienced firebrands to the establishment, demanding change for the sake of it, not thinking of results. Personally, Aries is challenging Capricorn, pushing for either change or to hurry up. Cancer and Libra can get caught up if you are not aware. Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries, with Gemini and Aquarius helping Libra. Pisces and Taurus are neutral; Virgo and Scorpio adjust to the activity. Whew!

Feb 23: Moon goes into Aquarius; if others will listen, Aquarius again offers unique solutions and communicates how to stabilize the situation. Good day for Aquarius, Gemini and Libra; followed by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Feb 24: mildly good day.

Feb 25: Mercury goes into Pisces through March 12. Pisces may reveal their creative projects and be more communicative. The Moon goes into Pisces and joins Mercury for a few days. Virgo could be irritated because of lack of detail, but Cancer and Scorpio enjoy psychic intuitions more than normal. Taurus and Capricorn have the opportunity to offer practical, common-sense advice; Aquarius and Aries are neutral; Gemini and Sagittarius can be irritated because of lack of communication; Leo and Libra adjust to what they consider vagueness.

Feb26Feb 26: new Moon eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces 11 minutes; 09:53:00 am ET. Mercury, the south node, the Moon, Sun and Neptune will all be in the Pisces, indicating Pisces is activated, with Virgo challenged.  Gemini and Sagittarius could be drawn into an unstable situation, but could be the mediators. Mars and Uranus are conjunct within 17 minutes, continuing the activity of Feb 20 and opposite Jupiter by one degree. Possible continuing volatile activity or anarchy. Libra may be pushed off balance by either Aries or an unexpected relationship. Cancer and Capricorn could be drawn into this impulsive, challenging situation, so be aware.

Feb 27: Moon goes into Aries, adding emotion and possible anger to yesterday's situation.

Feb 28: the Moon conjuncts Venus in Aries, adding even more activity or possible anger. The good side of this is Aries may be a little more gentle or romantic.

The United States is a Cancer country, with the Moon in Aquarius and Sagittarius rising.

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