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Aug 4, 2013

New Moon, Jupiter and Pluto August 6.

The new Moon is at 14 degrees of Leo at about 6 p.m. Eastern Time on August 6, 2013. This is a good time for Leo to put into action long-awaited plans. Aries is helpful in treading the unknown for you, and Sagittarius can help you be somewhat light-hearted and successfully advertise for you. Scorpio and Taurus may try to reign in expenses, resulting in control issues. Aquarius may resist being controlled; give them management of the group. Cancer and Virgo are neutral for the new Moon itself. Capricorn and Pisces adjust to the social events and could be grouchy. Gemini and Libra help communicate your idea diplomatically.

The planets Jupiter and Pluto are opposite each other, indicating opposition, unrest and maybe earth changes. This opposition crosses the first and seventh houses of the United States, indicating – at the very least – tension with our enemies. There could be opposition from or about the other Cancer countries of Holland,  Paraguay, Scotland, and New Zealand, with the opposition also involving the Capricorn countries of Bulgaria, Mexico, UK, Albania, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Lithuania, India. The degrees of the opposition do not directly hit any degrees of the United States chart. The new Moon is in harmonious relationship with the rising sign and Saturn of the United States, so if there is tension, it should be resolved.

Personally, the opposition between Jupiter and Pluto is at 9 degrees, only one degree away from the 10 degrees we’ve been astrologically writing about for months now. Jupiter will be at 10 degrees of Cancer from August 9 through August 14. Even though Jupiter is exalted, meaning it works at its best, in the sign of Cancer, it will set off any planets at 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These points were set off by Pluto the end of January and most of February, again most of the month of June and early July this year; and they were set off also by Uranus from the end of April through the middle of May this year. This means these planets are at odds with each other in explosive relationships. As you are very well aware, the world is going through great change. If you have a 10 degree planet in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you are going through enough change to call it an initiation.

To give you some good news, transiting Saturn was at 10 degrees of Scorpio the middle of January, the last two weeks of March and first few days of April and will repeat in October of this year. There are opportunities for a settling down after the upheaval if you have any planets at 10 degrees of Virgo or Capricorn. Planets at 10 degrees of Cancer and Pisces should indicate you are somehow experiencing being at the right place at the right time for stability amidst the change. However a planet at 10 degrees of Taurus has tension with Saturn, but easy going with Pluto.

Your personal explanation would be enlightening and helpful if you have any planet, your rising sign or midheaven at 10 degrees of any sign, since your 10-degree points are being activated now. Contact Patty now for your personal, confidential and accurate interpretation to help you understand what is happening and why. Patty’s guidance helps many to make the right decisions for the highest good of all involved.  To reach her at her personal office phone, please call her at 302-378-0579.

New Moon, Meteor Shower and Geomagnetic Storm

On Monday morning, August 5, the Moon will pass Mercury in deep-red twilight. Binoculars might be required for the Mercury passage. Warning: Do not point the optics at the rising sun. Set your alarm for dawn and enjoy the show!

The new Moon is August 6, promising dark skies to view Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. They are in the sign of Cancer, activating your Cancer friends who may be more active and bossy than usual. Capricorn should expect emotional opposition to projects; Aries and Libra experience challenges from family; Scorpio and Pisces enjoy a harmonious time; Leo and Gemini should be neutral; Sagittarius and Aquarius adjust to emotional or family demands; Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity for pleasant relationships and projects.  

The new moon is in the sign of Leo, prompting Leo to initiate projects. Aquarius may experience control issues over leadership; Scorpio and Taurus may be dismayed because of what they consider extravagance. Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra enjoy being guests at elegant social events; Cancer and Virgo are neutral: Capricorn quietly avoids an ostentatious event, Pisces quietly enjoys the day.  

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a broad stream of debris from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Although the shower won't peak until August 12-13, when Earth hits the densest part of the stream, the first Perseid's are already arriving. Check for images and updates. The maximum is coming. Meteor rates should remain low for the next week as Earth penetrates the sparse outskirts of the debris stream, then skyrocket to ~100 meteors per hour as the calendar turns to the second week of August. Forecasters expect maximum Perseid activity on the nights of August 12-13.  The weather is so pleasant, this is a great chance to have a meteor party. Put blankets and refreshments out on the lawn, lie down and watch the falling stars. The kids love it.

QUIET SUN: Many readers of are asking about a recent media report, which stated that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. That report is inaccurate.  Solar activity was low throughout July and remains low as August begins. Details at Do you think the solar flares have anything to do with the weather? When we had the super-flares, the temperature was hot; now that there is low solar flare activity, it is cool and dry. However A minor (Kp=5) geomagnetic storm is in progress as Earth enters a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.