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Uranus and Pluto Revolutionary Challenge and 1763

The planets Uranus and Pluto are in an aggressive, competitive, challenging astronomical relationship, which in astrology is called a square. A square is a 90-degree relationship that reveals a crisis to resolve problem situations. 

This a revolutionary long-term, world-wide trend.  Before this particular cycle began, the mid-east or Muslim explosion began when the planet Uranus entered the zero-degree point of Aries in June of 2010, and again March of 2011, giving the world a prelude to the long-term revolutions. The cycle began with the two revolutionary planets, Uranus and Pluto in adversarial relationship on June 24, 2012. Even though it may have seemed to die, this revolutionary situation is simmering and works in the background that erupts on or around the exact dates. It repeated September 19, 2012 and continues with two dates in 2013: May 20 and November 1st. The tense situations go into 2014 with dates of April 21 and December 15; and then into 2015, with January, February and March strongly focused . Groups of revolutionary anarchists are squaring off with established entities.

The last time in history that Uranus was in this situation was in 1767. The last time Pluto was in this situation was 1763, when the Proclamation of 1763 was proclaimed by King George III. These past situations preceded the American Revolution which created the United States of America, then a new idea in the history of the world: equality and freedom for all. The United States of America replaced monarchies which demanded the populace pledge to  kings, not the country; and the monarchies each had a state religion. The United States was the first country to have freedom to worship (or not) as one pleased and not obligate the people to belong to the state religion or be persecuted. During the beginning decades of America, there were tense political struggles between the so-called Federalists/Monarchists and the Republicans. (Note: Republicans in this article does not mean the current American Republican party; it means the men in this party wanted a republican system of government instead of a monarchy.)

The Monarchists wanted a monarchy, which was the very system some of our founding fathers wanted to change. They knew from experience that having family royal dynasties, elections for life of presidents, senators and representatives resulted in tyranny. The Republicans wanted freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and the press, even when the people and the press maligned them.  Each thought they were advocating their system for the good of the country. (See Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power by John Meacham).  France also experienced their revolution in the 1700's, forever changing their country. These two revolutions changed the history of the world, and the political alignments of nations. The reason for bringing up the 1700's is to let you know that turmoil precedes change, and that this current change will take a long time amidst struggle. The world is in the same planetary stress as in the 1700's. Currently, the revolutions are in the Middle Eastern countries, which are trying to throw off the mantle of suppression. Some African countries are stirring, too. Remember this is a process, it is uncomfortable and will result in political change following the end of the planetary configuration.

The United States of America is a Cancer sun-sign country, and this stressful planetary challenge from Uranus and Pluto is in a square and oppositional relationship, respectivily, to the United States natal chart Cancer planets, so the United States is not exempt from turmoil and change. 

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