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Dec 19, 2011

Venus through Aquarius

Venus, the planet of love, is in the friendship sign of Aquarius from December 20, 2011 through January 14, 2012.

Venus in love is expressed in its sign of Libra.  Libra wants partnership and balance and sometimes does not like doing things on its own; Libra wants a partner. 

Venus in money is expressed in its sign of Taurus where it wants to control or manage money and possessions. Venus in Taurus can sometimes want their loved one to be exclusive, or only with them. 

Venus in friendship is expressed through the sign of Aquarius. Venus wants to be liked and is accommodating, Aquarius is friendly and is interested in causes. Venus in Aquarius can be the accommodating friend who tries to involve others in their cause.

Aquarius is not exclusive; Aquarius wants to be friends with everybody and is usually not possessive or jealous and cannot be controlled or owned. The best partnership with Aquarius is on the basis of friendship, without being jealous of their friends. When Venus travels through Aquarius friendships should thrive, allowing freedom of expression and others to be themselves. The love nature of Venus expands when under the influence of Aquarius so your loved may one all of a sudden want friends around instead of being only with you. Blame it on Aquarius, but enjoy the expansion of your social life.

Venus in money with Aquarius could mean expansive spending on future or abstract projects that include either friends or teams working for a cause. Aquarius is obsessed with knowledge, and money could be spent on books, schools or seminars.

To get personal, how will this affect you?

Aquarian people want to expand their social life and meet as many new people as possible. If they are involved with possessive partners or friends there could be misunderstandings and control issues. Remember that Aquarius will quietly, and sometimes charmingly, not allow themselves to be controlled; if you try, you will not succeed. This is the month for Aquarians to reach out for love and form new friendships. There could be control issues with Taurus and Scorpio over money and friends.

Leo people may experience their loved one more interested in being with groups of friends instead of paying attention only to them. This could result in Leo's pride being hurt, resulting in confrontation. Leo can enjoy their partner's interest in friends by having one of their grand parties. There could be control issues over social events, or money. 

Aries has the opportunity to make new friends through group activities and enjoy the abstract ideas put forth by their Aquarian friends or co-workers. Aries will bring helpful humor to those groups. Aries loved one may be more independent now, but because Aries enjoys independent partners, this travel of Venus through Aquarius is quite pleasant.

Taurus people are security-conscious and want their loved one close to them and predictable in behavior or attention. With Venus in Aquarius, their loved one is more distant, can be somewhat distracted and want friends around. If Taurus ties to control their loved one, they may have a surprising revolt over that attempt at control.

Gemini loves friends, parties and makes everything social. They will enjoy the sojourn of Venus through the friendship sign of Aquarius because Gemini will meet new people, and their loved one will be less clingy and enjoy Gemini’s friends.

Cancer is emotional, caring and protective. With Venus in Aquarius loved ones may show erratic behavior and even bring what Cancer thinks are kooky friends home. That is okay, they are friends who will have unusual ideas to expand thinking, and not be around long.
Cancer's loved one may seem to be distant and preoccupied, but this gives Cancer some time to be alone. Cancer adjusts this month to the unexpected and invitations to more group gatherings.

Virgo is detail-oriented, linear and wants to break ideas down into their sections, whereas Aquarius delivers abstract information quickly in any way, out of order or not, causing Virgo to put aside analyzing. For this month, Virgo adjusts to the weirdness (to them) of this abstractness. Their loved ones could seem to be distant, maybe not as careful with the checkbook and not interested in a clean, orderly house.

Libra is social, tactful, accommodating and creates beauty. They enjoy the new friends brought into their social sphere and can show off their beauty and balance with wonderful gatherings. Libra may not be as focused on always needing a close partner now and be more of a friend to their loved one.

Scorpio is intense or focused, wants total control of themselves and can be jealous. There could be challenging control issues if their loved becomes too independent, or tries to control Scorpio. The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius could be difficult now because neither will allow control of themselves, but each wants to control their circumstances. Money could be the outward reason for disagreements, but look beneath that for control issues.

Sagittarius can create the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life via their Aquarius friends and regale them with tales of their latest travels. Sagittarius is independent and freedom-loving in their own right, and enjoy it when their loved one is a little independent and likes their friends, so this is a good sojourn of Venus for Sagittarius.

Capricorn is somewhat neutral, although their loved one may pull Capricorn out of their shell by inviting friends to spur-of-the-moment gatherings. Capricorn can have excellent dialogue with Aquarius about Aquarius’ scientific ideas, offering practical application to them.

Pisces is also somewhat neutral, but... these two signs are ruled by two of the outer planets: Aquarius by Uranus of abstract, scientific data and Pisces by Neptune of psychic insight and inspiration. These two signs, even though next-door neighbors of the zodiac and supposedly neutral with each other, cooperate well and can reach dizzying heights of knowledge and collaboration. Aquarius can bring new people into Pisces life to draw Pisces’ interest out with new ideas. Pisces love-life may be more active than usual, but this is okay as long as friends pay attention to Pisces.

Dec 3, 2011


Waking up before sunrise can be tough to do, especially on a weekend.  On Saturday, Dec. 10th, you might be glad you did.  A total eclipse of the Moon will be visible in the early morning skies of western Northern America.

The action begins around 4:45 am Pacific Standard Time when the red shadow of Earth first falls across the lunar disk.  By 6:05 am Pacific Time, the Moon will be fully engulfed in red light. This event—the last total lunar eclipse until 2014—is visible from the Pacific side of North America, across the entire Pacific Ocean to Asia and Eastern Europe. To read the NASA story, please click here: . The NASA article has links to a great animation of the eclipse, and there are beautiful pictures.

Aside from the beauty of the eclipse, what would this mean to you? Even though an eclipse cannot be seen in your location, the energy of it can be noticeable. The degree of this full Moon eclipse is 18 degree Gemini 11 minutes. The Moon is in Gemini and the Sun is in Sagittarius. Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, the opposite sign of Gemini, which reveals tension. There can be unexpected glitches in communication on December 10, especially with travel arrangements, foreign relations and dealing with cousins and in-laws. There could be disagreements because of a lack of attention to details. Eclipses act like triggers, so if you already have an eleven-degree planet or point in your chart, it could be activated by the energy of the eclipse. 

You know that a full moon can be crazy. In this case, it is your Gemini and Sagittarius friends who can be on edge, followed by Virgo and Pisces. The areas of the body involved in this full moon are the hands, arms and lungs, and the hips, thighs, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Let’s get a little more personal. Gemini will be restless and active, probably talking with as many people as possible. Sagittarius can be agitated because of the opposite triggered energy from Gemini and want to get away on a trip, but experiences glitches. Sagittarius could  also feel that people, especially Gemini, are provoking them. Libra can use your diplomatic skills to help Gemini and Sagittarius get along. Aquarius is a great friend, and can help them to be more detached from the outcome. Aries will enjoy an opportunity for spirited communication and Leo can be mainstay in any fray. Taurus and Cancer will be somewhat neutral. Scorpio and Capricorn need to adjust to any of what you consider craziness during the day. Virgo and Pisces can be quite irritated by the constant talking and possible criticisms. The best way to diffuse this energy may be a party later in the afternoon, after the energy has dissipated somewhat. The party would be filled with funny anecdotes of the day’s glitches. If you invite people, though, expect changes in the details.

The way the eclipse would activate your personal chart depends on the kind of relationship it has to your chart. If you would like a short, inexpensive explanation of how this eclipse may trigger you, please contact Patty by clicking here.  or (302-378-0579). You will reach her personal email box or talk with her live on the phone. To read details about how to have a reading please click here.

Eclipses can trigger earth changes, in this case the possibility is high winds and fires. On December 24 and December 25, Christmas Eve and Day, the planet Mars comes to 18 degrees of Virgo, the same degree as the eclipse and can further trigger earth change activity. On December 24 at 9:32 a.m. Eastern Time, the Moon is in square with Uranus, another trigger point. So, if you think the eclipse went by unnoticed, let’s watch December 24 and 25 for any earth changes. And let’s hope there are none. 

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