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Feb 28, 2021

Heavenly forecast Feb 28 through March 7, 2021

Feb 28: last day of the month Moon goes into Libra, adding diplomacy and grace in conversations.

Feb 28 USA: the president brings unity and soothing to the nation and the office of the presidency.  

March 1: see-saw or quincunx day when things do not go as expected, especially for Libra and Pisces. The leader is exasperated because others either are not there or will not join in. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. However, everyone may experience day unexpected interruptions asking you to accommodate and when you do, the day is better.

March 1 USA: the president changes an executive order or statement.

March 2: Moon goes into Scorpio, adding some seriousness to the day, with maybe talk about money or sex.

March 2 USA: the president’s tweak of yesterday is good for the population, possibly immigrants and also adjusts an expenditure.

March 3: Mars goes into Gemini through April 24. Energy is scattered, social and nervous, going from one subject to another. However, this is the time for Gemini to begin projects. Sagittarius may see opposition or others being scattered. Virgo and Pisces irritated because of unexpected communication. Libra and Aquarius enjoy amiable and social events. Taurus and Cancer are neutral, with Scorpio and Capricorn adjusting to people showing up. Aries and Leo have the opportunity to be included in social or communicating events. Also today, Sun and Moon getting along well, meaning a good day for everyone and especially for Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.

March 3 USA: a past situation that may involve the Republicans is “fixed” via a new law or higher court decision.

March 4: Moon goes into Sagittarius adding expansive joy to the day and maybe talk about travel.

March 4 USA: iffy day. Bills are adjusted or have amendments that are not pleasing to either the presidency or the Democrats and the president may change or not like a bill regarding health care or the work force.

March 5: slightly annoying situations regarding communication, with vague or incomplete news and statements. Irritating day for Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. Virgo is irritated because of lack of detail. Libra and Aquarius can help Gemini, Aries and Leo can help Sagittarius, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. Expect your day to experience minor interruptions and changes, especially news. Also today quarter Moon in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces who are the most irritated because of the changes, followed by Gemini and Virgo. Quarter moons are usually busy for everyone with unexpected interruptions.

March 5 USA: First date of a transit cycle or phase that goes through November 30 with a focus date of August 19. A calming atmosphere, with proposed long-term changes to the health care situation. Democrats initiate this change which should be conciliatory and be well received. However there is a mild challenge to the population or the immigrant situation, which happens this time every year.

March 6: Moon goes into Capricorn, with attention to career, work, ambition and practical things. Talk may be about retirement plans. However, Capricorn’s enjoy golf when they are older, so this may be the case.

March 7: no exact astrological aspects. 

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Feb 22, 2021

February 21 through February 28, 2021

 Feb 21: Moon goes into Cancer, with attention to home, family and cooking.

Feb 21 USA: adjustments to the office of the presidency and an opportunity to introduce a higher law or dialogue with a foreign entity.

Feb 22: Sun and Moon getting along, meaning a nice day for everyone, but especially for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

Feb 23: USA: in the morning good impetus from the president for the good of all, perhaps releasing needed disaster funds; a higher court ruling or a vote not entirely happy for either the president or the nation. The outer planet’s relationship to the USA chart indicates opportunity to expand or improve the immigration situation. (T Jupiter trine the Asc).

Feb 24: possible stabilization of currency and real estate. Practical endeavors carefully succeed. Taurus and Capricorn together, with Virgo adding needed detail and sequence. Good day for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Scorpio may try to cooperate with Taurus about finances, with Cancer trying to cooperate with Capricorn about family and career. However, with the planets in Taurus and Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer have the opportunity to add their expertise or experience to a situation. Still a push for humanitarian policies or activities. Moon goes into Leo creating a see-saw quincunx day where things do not go as expected, asking you to adjust or accommodate unexpected mild changes.

Feb 24 USA: the press is kind towards a new law or agreement; the new law or agreement is good and well received, although it is off-balance with the purpose of the nation, which is financial generosity combined with financial balance. Perhaps this new law is spending more money, throwing the financial situation off balance.

Feb 25: opportunity to balance the ideal with the practical. Compassion and creativity have the opportunity to help financially or to add creativity and compassion to a financial situation. Pisces and Taurus work together to help. Cancer and Scorpio, along with Virgo and Capricorn can add feeling and practicality.

Feb 25: Venus goes into Pisces where it is exalted, meaning the love of Venus is combined with the creativity and compassion of Pisces. This is a good time for Pisces to begin creative or compassionate activities. Virgo may have relationship irritations because your loved one seems vague to you. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy good feeling time. Taurus and Capricorn have the opportunity to bring their practical experience to the activity. Aquarius and Aries are neutral, with Leo and Libra adjusting to a few days where things do not go as expected and accommodate your loved ones interest in creativity or compassion.

Feb 26: Jupiter is now in a good position with the North and South Nodes, meaning there is the opportunity to use past experience to further good communication. This involves foreign affairs, immigrants, higher education, religion and the higher courts applied to everyday life. Moon goes into Leo, adding practical detail to the day. This may be in effect Feb 26 through Feb 29.

Feb 27 USA: challenging situation regarding the virus or pandemic earlier, then eases with news of a lessening of the virus because of the vaccine;

Feb 27: full Moon in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, who feel it the most, followed by Gemini and Sagittarius. This is more irritating than dramatic, with stress over what is detailed and practical and what is creative, compassionate or vague. Taurus and Capricorn can help Virgo, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. The areas of the body for this full Moon are the duodenal area of the stomach & colon and the eyes & feet.

Feb 28: last day of the month Moon goes into Libra, adding diplomacy and grace in conversations.

Feb 28 USA: the president brings unity and soothing to the nation and the office of the presidency. 

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Feb 17, 2021

How can Pisces virtues or qualities help me?


Pisces time virtues
It is Pisces time from February 18, 2021, 5:43:48 am Eastern time
through March 21, 2021.
The rays of the Sun are coming through the constellation of Pisces - for astrologers and your horoscope chart wheel - meaning the sun’s rays “pick up and distribute” the qualities of Pisces as they shine on us.
How can you make the best of this? We will concentrate on the good qualities of Pisces.
The good qualities, or virtues, of Pisces are gentle compassion, quiet humor, creativity, intuitive imagination and dreams. Pisces is associated with feet and eyes.
Starting with yourself, can you be gently compassionate with your feet and eyes, doing what is best for them? That will help your physical self. Would you want to increase your intuition or imagination in whatever way is best for you? This may draw you closer to the Universal Forces to enhance your spiritual life.
With others, can you be compassionate, communicate with quiet humor and pause to listen to your intuition before responding? This may improve relationships.
If you believe these seemingly simple exercises will help you, please do them. If you want to correspond with Patty please email me.
For those of you who know your astrology horoscope chart, you may want to focus the Pisces virtues to the specific area of your life that Pisces covers. This means the houses where Pisces is in your chart. Seldom is a house from 00 degrees, so the Pisces energy probably includes two houses or areas of your life.
For instance, looking at the mundane, or everyday, chart of tomorrow at 1:15 pm, Aquarius is at 13 degrees on the cusp of the 9th house of religion, travel, higher education and higher courts. Pisces is at 9 degrees of the 10th house of career, reputation and one parent. This means Pisces radiates through the 9th house or area of your life for a few days, then radiates through the 10th house of career, etc. If you want to try the exercise of compassion, be compassionate with those of other cultures, or travel, etc. until Pisces travels into the 10th house; which you then be compassionate with one of your parents, your boss or your company. This is just an example.
To receive a quick explanation of where Pisces is in your personal chart,

Feb 15, 2021

P. Biden's First 100 Days Podcast

 Patty's Podcast discusses the astrology of President Biden's first 100 days, preceded by the comparison of Joe Biden's and the USA's horoscopes or charts. 

Listen there:

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Feb 13, 2021

Feb 13 Impeachment Trial details.

Details of the impeachment trial beginning Feb 13, 2021
To the USA and Donald Trump’s charts

Mercury is retrograde, but the USA has a natal retrograde Mercury, meaning things go well for the USA under it.

To state what has been stated in all the previous political articles: the interpretations are as if the planets are talking; this is a pure interpretation of the planetary relationships, not my opinion, idea or desire

This morning the news was that the senate voted to hear witnesses, so let us look at all the planets for the next few days. The USA happenings are with the times of day because the transiting Moon is included, Donald Trump’s without the times because the process is in the USA congress.

Feb 13 USA: the vote to hear witnesses. As this is being written senate is in recess until 12:30 pm. At 1:30 looks like good communication and possible agreement. All is quiet until 6:30 when there is high emotion. If it goes to 8:30 pm there is no resolution. If goes even later, to almost midnight, there is at least an agreement to continue tomorrow. (T Mercury trine N Saturn sextile N asc, T Venus trine N Saturn, T Moon trine N Sun, T Moon square N asc quincunx N Saturn square N Mars oppose N Neptune trine N Mercury).

Feb 13: D. Trump: Mildly good, and he is self confident. (T Venus trine Chiron).

Feb 14 USA: before the trial convenes, there may be more inclined to convict, but this is not revealed. The Republicans disagree all day with the witnesses and the process. The Moon goes into Aries adding anger and disputation, with disagreement and challenges to the process itself and to the office of the presidency. At 5:52 pm may recess. At 10:25 pm high emotions towards the Republicans. (T Moon sextile N Pluto, into Aries, square N Venus, oppose Mc or conjunct Desc, square N Jupiter trine N North Node).

Feb 14 D. Trump: Change in the perception of his actions as the president. (T Sun quincunx Venus).

Feb 15 USA: before convening, seems more are leaning to changing their vote; the Democrats are strong and focused; the Republicans arguing and opposing, but emotions seem to be with the Republicans and against the Democrats. (T Moon sextile N Uranus square N Sun, trine N asc, oppose N Saturn).

Feb 15: D. Trump: he is vigorously opposed and great desire to impeach, although good outlook for him, his money and his presidency, possibly meaning he is not convicted, thereby keeping his retirement and protection. There is a movement to prevent him from going to his past. ( T Sun oppose Na Mars, t Venus trine both N Jupiter and N Uranus, t Mars quincunx N South Node).

Feb 16 USA: it is strongly felt to create balance for the nation, indecisiveness to convict early before convening. At 10:32 am more strong, emotional arguments,  with some agreement at 4:41 pm, then failure to convict at 05:16 pm. (T Chiron trine North Node, T Moon conjunct N Chiron, sextile N Mars, quincunx N Neptune, square N Mercury, sextile N Moon, square N Pluto).

Feb 16 D Trump: somehow he is trying to establish a residence in a different country because he is uneasy here. (T Mars quincunx N Moon).

Feb 17 USA: Opportunity to end and save face if the trial goes this far. Seems is it is more civil, but inconclusive. (T Moon sextile N Venus, quincunx n Mc, sextile N Jupiter & Chiron, square N nodes).

Feb 17 D. Trump: it seems quietly to go his way. (T Venus trine n North Node).

Feb 18 USA: overall a smooth day. Agreement about the law, agreement about the terror during the riots, desire to create a higher law regarding the situations. Republicans have the opportunity to create justice, law and order. By 07:40 pm should be a resolution or agreement about a higher law. (T Venus trine N Mars, T Mars trine N Neptune, t Jupiter sextile N asc, T Moon sextile N Sun, quincunx N asc & Saturn, trine N Neptune, sextile N Mercury).

Feb 18 D. Trump: Very difficult day for him with strong opposition to him and how he conducted the presidency. The beginning of a process that repeats July 10 ends Dec 25, 2021. This could be a process of denying him the ability of holding federal office again.  He does have friends who offer him an opportunity for a possible residence. (T Pluto oppose N Venus; T Sun oppose Asc, T Venus sextile N Moon).

Feb 19 USA: (if it goes this long). Before convening, feelings towards conviction, but not revealed. Disagreement now about yesterday’s resolution. Desire to end the trial 06:21 pm. (T Venus quincunx N Neptune, T Moon square n Moon, trine N Pluto, trine N Mc).

Feb 19 D. Trump: Good day and he is acquitted if it has gone this far. Also an opportunity for a new career.  (T Venus trine N Sun).

Feb 20 USA: (again if it goes this long). Before convening, more changes of opinion whether to impeach. Still mild disagreement or talk, but the Republicans and Democrats want to balance and agree and end the trial. If it has gone this long, the end of the trial without impeachment. (T Jupiter trine N Saturn, T Venus quincunx N Mercury, T Moon trine South Node, conjunct N Uranus, oppose N Asc, trine N Saturn).

Donald Trump has a very difficult 2021 beginning with the transit cycle or phase that begins Feb 18. There are several difficult transit cycles or phases that go through 2022. Some of this is talked about in the impeachment podcast that can be found here: 

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Feb 8, 2021

USA 2021 Year forecast

 USA 2021 Year Ahead

We begin in February with the Impeachment Trial, which starts Feb 9 in the Senate.
Remember, the Democrats are symbolized with Saturn/Capricorn, the Republicans with Jupiter/Sagittarius . Saturn is the ancient ruler or patron planet of Aquarius, meaning Saturn and the Democrats could be in the majority, symbolized with the planetary lineup in Aquarius. Feb 9 there is the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius!

We are interpreting the major, repeating transit cycles, processes or phases only. The one-time dates will be interpreted in the weekly forecasts which include the USA. To subscribe to the free weekly forecast, please email Patty.

Two dangerous transits begin this year; one in March the other in May. Dangerous, deceptive dealings with laws, allies & enemies and  foreign entities. Others promise more than they will deliver. Dealings regarding oil, gas, water are not good, possibly deliberately deceptive. I am concerned about the Iran dealings. When the USA withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement, I did the charts of both the beginning and end of it. 

The original Iran Nuclear Agreement had karmic connections to the detonation of the first Atomic bomb here in the USA, and the agreement itself looked like not a good deal at all. The interpretation of the withdrawal is here
The original signing of the Iran Deal can be read here:

To back up to January, the swearing in of the new Congress on Jan 3 went smoothly and is reflected in the astrology. The inauguration on Jan 20 went smoothly, too, albeit with the obvious changes, and this is reflected in the astrology.

The year begins with the planetary line-up of five planets in  Aquarius going through the USA house of expenditures, meaning spending a lot of money for many people. Also, communication regarding laws and agreements are prominent, with possible agreement and harmony. (P Mercury trine N Mars). We also have, at least for February, agreement with the president for his expenditures. (P Moon trine N MC).

Feb 8 the president wants to balance.

Feb 9: impeachment trial begins: the planets indicate the desire for a swift trial, with responsibility and accountability for the insurrection. Communication looks to  be clear and direct. The Republicans seem to want to save face without drama; the office of the presidency diplomatically seeks balance. The press seems to be relatively restrained and reporting accurately.   (the Moon and Pluto are conjunct at 25 Capricorn at 12:45 pm; T Saturn is conjunct M South Node; P Mercury is trine N Mercury; T Mars is quincunx P Mars; P Mc is trine N South Node; T Mercury trine T North node.).

Nothing major until Feb 12 when responsibility and accountability is sought, possibly with punishment or accepting responsibility. (T Saturn conjunct the South node, indicating double karma).

Feb 14 the Republicans request changes to the interpretation of the law.

Feb 19: Friday: opportunity for agreement with the Republicans.

Feb 20: Saturday, balance or agreement with the Republicans and Democrats.

If the impeachment trial lasts this long, the planets indicate the last day is Feb 20.

March 5: beginning of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Aug 19 and ends Nov 30, 2021. The workforce begins to stabilize because of safeguards begun now, is reinforced Aug 19 and firmly in place by Nov 30. (T Saturn trine N Uranus).

March 27: first date of a new transit cycle, process or phase which repeats and ends the month of October. Adjustments to trials and the courts; or adjustments to foreign affairs, meaning tweaks or adjustments to change circumstances with foreign powers. (T Jupiter quincunx N Neptune).

March 30: a biggie! First date of transit cycle, process or phase that begins today, refocuses Sept 29 and ends Jan 30, 2022. Confusing, vague and possibly deceptive circumstances surrounding law and the homeland. If this is the weather, floods. Dealings with a foreign entity is deceptive but seems ideal. If the USA is trying to reopen a deal with Iran it is fraught with deception. This could be weather-related with floods and would be better than an international agreement. However, the real danger is in May. (T Neptune square N Mars).

March 31: tweak or adjustment to a law regarding either immigration or the Republicans. (P Moon quincunx N Jupiter).

April 5: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Sept. 13 and ends Nov 20 this year. Adjustment of laws including spending, possibly foreign payments or to the United Nations. (T Jupiter Quincunx N Mercury).

April 18: karma or responsibility for past actions demanded of the insurrectionists or especially for past false news or communications. (P Moon conjunct the South Node).

April 23: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Aug 19 and ends Dec 13 this year of 2021. More attention on expenditures, probably from the Republicans. (T Jupiter conjunct N Moon).

May 1: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Aug 21 and ends March 1, 2022. This is a biggie! (T Neptune oppose N Neptune). There are two scenarios: cases brought before the higher courts may be unrealistic or misleading. If so there would be three dates to the process: May 1 presents, Aug 21 the hearing, the result March 1, 2022. The other scenario could be negotiations with a foreign entity who is misleading and deceptive. This harkans to the Iran Nuclear Dealings highlighted above. Those proposing agreements should be especially careful of what is proposed and either put it off or engage third party to research the situation to learn the truth. Another scenario could be that deception is revealed in a process that could involve the press. At the least, the press is either presenting incomplete news because they do not know everything, or the someone in the press is deliberately deceptive. (T Neptune oppose N Neptune). I remember my similar Neptune situation years ago, when during the phase I was unaware of the deception, but when it was over the rose-colored glasses were off to reveal years of deception. 

When the USA withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement, I did the charts of both the beginning and end of it. The original Iran Nuclear Agreement had karmic connections to the detonation of the first Atomic bomb here in the USA, and the agreement itself looked like not a good deal at all. The interpretation of the withdrawal is here
The original signing of the Iran Deal can be read here:

May 8 through June 7: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that ends Jan 13, 2022. Adjustment or tweaking of a law or agreement, possibly initiated by the Democrats. Seems to be consolidating or retreating regarding an ally or enemy. (T Saturn quincunx N Sun).

June 19: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Oct 22 this year and ends April 9, 2022. Finally a nice opportunity to create change in agreements or laws that brings freedom to travel internationally , or the opportunity for good foreign relations. Also could be freedom from the pandemic.  Remember that opportunities need to be activated to come about. (T Uranus sextile N Sun). This opportunity results in adjustment to the general population beginning:

July 20: first date of a transit cycle, process or phase that repeats Sept. 19, 2021 and ends April 28, 2022. This could be the freeing of the people to again congregate personally, which may mean different groups are free to gather and may be different groups free from the virus. It could possibly mean change to freedom for immigrants. (T Uranus quincunx N asc).

Prelude to 2022: transiting Pluto will conjunct the USA Natal Pluto beginning Feb 20, 2022. There will be much written about this which happens every 248 years. This is the Pluto return, indicating transformation of the USA finances, expenditures, self esteem and could be a drastic change in the USA congress. The Congress is currently in disagreements within itself. The insurrection and impeachment trial is an indicator of what may begin here in Feb of 2022, with the dates of Feb 9 and Feb 12. see above. 

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Feb 7, 2021

Astrology forecast Feb 7 through Feb 1, 2021

The week begins with the Sun, Mercury retrograde, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius; with the Moon joining on the 9th! These square off with Uranus and Mars in Taurus, indicating tense situations about groups or group activities. Aquarius is the activator of change, with Taurus trying to put the financial brakes on, with Scorpio tensely trying to manage and Leo being ignored. These signs experience control issues all week. Gemini and Libra have good social week. Gemini can use their talent to see and communicate all aspects of situations, and Libra can use their talents of diplomacy to bring about balance. This Aquarius lineup asks Cancer and Virgo to adapt to changes that may be abstract or involving friends and groups. Aries and Sagittarius have opportunities to be included in new projects.

This lineup is giving us a glimpse of how the changes will be after we are let out after the virus restrictions are lifted and a prélude for when Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023.

According to Rex Bill’s book on rulerships, Saturn and Capricorn rule the Democrats, with Jupiter and Sagittarius ruling the Republican’s. We can see the R’s are definitely in the minority! Since Saturn is the archaic or old ruler of Aquarius, we see the Democrats are in the majority with the power; and this month the financial power since the Aquarius line-up is in the USA house of money.

Feb 7: Moon goes into Capricorn, adding seriousness and attention to work.

Feb 7 USA: Mercury retrograde trine Mars, which will repeat March 8. Possibility for a national financial agreement with agreement of Congress, let us hope so.

 Feb 8: Sun and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius, meaning a lot of focused communication about groups. Your Aquarius friends are focused and strongly communicating their ideals or goals. Leo has relationship control issues and seems to be ignored; Taurus and Scorpio have a tense financial day. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius, with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus.

Feb 8 USA: Busy day. Opportunity for new ideas to be put into action, but action is needed for opportunities to be realized. The president’s proposed changes put into action to benefit workers, medicine and possibly small business.

Feb 9: opportunity to bring security to the groups utilizing new methods and thereby increasing optimism. Aquarius and Aries working together with new ideas and courage. This means Gemini and Libra have the opportunity to provide diplomacy and clear thinking. Leo and Sagittarius can help with creativity. Moon goes into Aquarius adding to the Aquarius lineup, which is called a stellium in astrology.

Feb 9 USA: the beginning of the impeachment trial in the senate. It looks like a smooth day with no trouble or drama. Patty’s Podcast describing the impeachment can be heard here.

Feb 10: adjustment to past situations; could be immigration, foreign affairs, airlines; the adjustment asking to be fiscally responsible. Taurus pushes Sagittarius to be more frugal and adjust and when Sagittarius adjusts it is good for them.

Feb 10 USA: communication or dealings go back and forth, with proposed adjustments and no resolution.

Feb 11: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius indicating spending for groups or many people, pushing the payment to the future. Aquarius is generous and generous. Usually Venus and Jupiter together spend too much money and Mercury is still retrograde, so be careful what you buy because it may not work later. New Moon in Aquarius, adding to the strength of the line-up. New Moon is the time to begin, especially for Aquarius. Now is the time for all of us to formulate our goals and aspirations for the highest good of everyone. Leo experiences stubborn relationship control issues, with Taurus and Scorpio having tense control situations. Gemini and Libra enjoy a nice day, along with Aries and Sagittarius. Cancer and Virgo adjust to interruptions with something new or group oriented. When you adjust the day is better.

Feb 12: Moon goes into Pisces, adding gentleness, compassion and intuition to the day.

Feb 12 USA: another busy day. Focus is on past actions, probably the insurrection, with the Democrats pushing hard for accountability. There could be conflicting testimonies and conflicting interpretations of the law. At the end of the day there is clear communication or statement about the situation.

Feb 13: now Mercury is conjunct Venus, indicating pleasant communication about those groups or many people. Great day for the air signs of Gemini, Libra, with Aquarius initiation communication. Also, an opportunity for financial balance between the ideal and reality. Opportunity to put into action a practical plan for the ideal. Taurus and Pisces have the opportunity to create a nice project. Virgo and Capricorn can help with the detail and time line; Cancer and Scorpio can help with leadership and financial planning. Should be a nice day for everyone, except possibly Leo who is feeling ignored.

Feb 14 USA: calmer day with the office of the presidency secure, the sitting president makes a statement or statements pleasing to the population. Any legal agreements go smoothly.

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day - a friendship celebration. Moon goes into Aries, adding adventure and impulsiveness to the day. Your loved one may urge you to a slightly risky adventure.

Feb 14 USA: the Republicans try to adjust the law to no avail. This may be put off until Feb 27. However, the planets indicate the end of the trial Feb 18. 

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Feb 2, 2021

Astrology of upcoming impeachment of Donald Trump

Patty's Podcast discussing the astrology of the upcoming impeachment trial of Donald Trump is published. The discussion includes the possibility of the immediate future for Donald Trump.

You may listen here:

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