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Aug 23, 2012

The world is in drastic change. Between May 2010 and March 2015.

The world entered explosive, revolutionary change the end of May 2011. This is when the planets Uranus and Jupiter simultaneously traveled into the sign of Aries and when the Libya uprising signaled the Arab revolutions. Japan experienced the earthquake and tsunami then, too. Uranus will be in the sign of Aries through the beginning of March 2019.

Uranus represents revolutions that break down old, outworn systems, replacing them with new groups and attitudes, with a new way of life. Uranus is the planet of freedom, equality and acceptance of all. The opposite of Uranus’ good qualities is dictatorship and extreme intolerance. We are seeing both happening now and it will be a few years before it is sorted out.

The planet Pluto went into the sign of Capricorn the end of November 2008. Pluto is the planet of transformation, breaking down what it touches, replacing it with a new system, and revealing what was hidden. The dark side of Pluto exhibits dictatorship, domination and illegal activities. Capricorn represents established entities, such as banks and corporations. Pluto represents financial institutions that manage other peoples’ money; such as the stock market, your retirement savings, health care plans and insurance plans. Since Pluto is traveling through the sign that represents these things, expect it all to be changed by the time Pluto reaches the end of its travel through Capricorn in the middle of November of 2024.

Both of these planets are in a very tense situation with each other, reflecting the agitated world situation, with the Arab revolutions and anarchy throughout the world, which is evidence that the old, out-worn, established order of things is breaking down. The extreme tension and danger is a process that began the end of June this year of 2012. The world situation is explosive again, and is especially contentious between August 20 and October 1 of this year. The most dangerous time will be September 19, when you can expect something decisive to happen. It may seem to ease off after the crisis, but it re-surfaces the end of May and the beginning November of 2013;  the end of April and middle of December of 2014 and finally, the middle of March 2015. It is obvious this is a long-term process. There will most likely be incremental steps of change.

The last time Uranus was in this situation was in 1767, the  year of the Townshend Acts.  Click here to read about the Townshend Acts. The last time Pluto was in this situation was 1763, when the Proclamation of 1763 was proclaimed by King George III. Click here to read about the Proclomation. These past situations preceded the American Revolution which created the United States of America, which was a new idea in the history of the world: equality and freedom for all. The United States of America replaced monarchies which demanded the populace pledge to the monarchs, not the country; and the monarchies each had a state religion. The United States was the first country to have freedom to worship (or not) as one pleased and not obligate the people to belong to the state religion or be persecuted for worshiping otherwise. Rome was tolerant of religion, but required the people to "adore" the emperor as a Deity or god.

The reason for bringing up the 1700's is to let you know that turmoil precedes change and there are similar situations happening now. We need to be vigilant of the dark manifestations of these situations and do what you think is right to change the dark to light.

What can you do about all of this? First of all, express tolerance and understanding of other people, religions and way of life, and of the new, which can lead to acceptance. These are exciting times, and the new ways should be a renewal of the spirit of freedom, liberty, tolerance and acceptance. The young are creating new ways of doing business which are simpler, seem like magic, and are less expensive, leading the way to even more freedom. Let us pay attention to what is good in all these changes and try to adapt. There is a saying to create Beauty, Goodness and Truth and to live by and in these qualities. Then all will be well.

Aug 11, 2012

Venus, Jupiter & the Moon

Jupiter and the Moon are together in the sign of Gemini, with Venus in Cancer next door from today through August 14. The moon moves quickly, and will leave Jupiter but join Venus. Do look up and enjoy the lights.

From NASA:; Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent Moon are gathering together just as the Perseid meteor shower reaches its peak. The alignment occurs in the eastern sky before sunrise on the three mornings of highest meteor activity. To watch a great video of the perseid shower, click here.

On August 11th, a 33% crescent Moon will glide by Jupiter, temporarily forming a bright pair directly above brilliant Venus. Red-giant star Aldebaran will be there, too, adding a splash of color to the gathering: sky map. On August 12th, the narrowing 24% crescent Moon will drop down between Jupiter and Venus. Together they make a bright 3-point line in the sky, frequently bisected by shooting stars: sky map.

What does this mean to you? When a planet is in your sign, you are the person who gives, so Gemini can be the initiator of playful conversation and spontaneous social fun, and also expect loving expansion of your social life. Sagittarius can experience playful conversation with a little spice. Libra and Aquarius have a gracious and stimulating time with friends. Aries and Leo have the opportunity for fun, but you need to accept it. Capricorn and Scorpio adjust or accommodate mild changes in plans from the serious to the social. Cancer and Taurus are somewhat neutral to Jupiter and the Moon.

Venus, the love and money planet is in the sign of Cancer. When a planet is in your sign, you are the person who gives, so Cancer can be the giver of small gifts and expressions of affection. Scorpio and Pisces can expect these small gifts and expressions of affection, possibly from Cancer.  Capricorn hopefully will accept affection and leave your tasks; Taurus and Vrgo have the opportunity to receive affection and small gifts if you will accept them. Gemini and Leo are neutral to the Venus influence; Sagittarius and Aquarius may have a mild surprise expression of affection; Aries and Libra can experience a busy situation involving spending money for love and social time.

You can see that everyone is affected by both the planets in social Gemini and affectionate Venus. Enjoy these few days.   For your personal interpretation, please contact Patty the Astrologer.