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Aug 22, 2020

Aug 23 through Aug 30 2020.

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★    Of importance to the USA chart; exact date is Aug 22 but is still in effect for this week. Strong focus on the nation’s money and negotiations in the Congress. This is related to the cycle that began Feb 23, focused Aug 4 and will repeat in November 2020 which indicates contraction of income. Indications for the 22nd indicate strong emotional wrangling over the seriousness of the situation.

★    Uranus is still at 10 degrees Uranus. If you have a 10 degree planet or point in your chart, it will be activated; how depending upon the relationship between Uranus and your natal planet or point. (This is called an aspect.). A short conversation with Patty can help you understand what it is and how to benefit from it.

Aug 23 Moon goes into Scorpio to create a quietly harmonious day for everyone. Good day for Scorpio and Virgo to communicate, and good day for Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn. Taurus may sense a little opposition.

Aug 23 USA mild adjustments in the press about the agreements.

Aug 23 Moon goes into Scorpio bringing seriousness to the day, maybe about shared resources.

Aug 24 possible difficult day, with challenges between the young or the anarchists and established law, with strife, fires or violence. The weather could be challenging, also. Frustration in communications because detail slows down projects. Aries could be a catalyst for many circumstances; try to avoid being drawn into arguments because of misunderstandings. Challenging day for Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Virgo may be frustrated because things are going too fast for their detailed reports. Leo and Sagittarius can help Aries, Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer; Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra; Taurus can help Capricorn.

Aug 24 USA communication is critical  about changes in a work situation; the communicator is vague, evasive and inconclusive. Perhaps continued hue and cry over the USPS situation.

Aug 25 Better day with practical communication or news; possibly about money. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricrn have a nice day with their ideas. Also, one-on-one interaction between family and career, with cooperation and balance possible. Cancer and Capricorn may be in communication with mild challenge to include Aries and Libra.

Aug 25 USA opportunity for one in authority to bring harmony via a public agreement related to the work force. Since this is an opportunity it needs to be accepted by the work force to be noticed and implemented.

Aug 26 Moon goes into Sagittarius and into a quarter Moon in the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo, who experience frustration, followed by Gemini and Pisces. Restless day for everyone with minor interruptions.

Aug 26 USA opportunity for an agreement from either a foreign country or a higher court. Again, this is an opportunity and must be accepted or it is not effective or noticed.

Aug 27 Nice day for all, especially the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The day is nice for escape and family time. Creativity and intuition are high. Moon goes into Capricorn in harmony with the Sun in Virgo, meaning a quietly good day. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn enjoy their practical projects going well, but everyone enjoys the day.

Aug 27 USA challenges from the press or higher court of the previous opportunities and financial insecurity regarding families.

Aug 28 USA an opportunity from either a foreign ally or higher court for an agreement for the long term to benefit the populace.

Aug 29 good news with details about a practical plan. Virgo may successfully propose detail to an established situation, furthering the plan. Good day for the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, but overall god for everyone. Moon goes into Aquarius after 8 pm ET changing the tone to friends, the scientific and abstract.

Aug 29 USA financial adjustment regarding the past and a large group or social program. Also an opportunity from a strong leader to make the adjustment for the good of the nation and the population.

Aug 30 see-saw or quincunx day when things do not go as expected, especially for Aquarius and Virgo who do not understand each other. Gemini and Libra can help Aquarius with Taurus and Capricorn helping Virgo. Communication is oppositional today because of different ideas or outlooks. Emotional opposition to established power and opposition to an ideal from the practical one. Capricorn has emotional family to deal with; Pisces has dreaded detail to deal with.

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Aug 15, 2020

Announcing our first podcast


Announcing our first podcast nicknamed the planetcast:

The Pandemic, Ages of Pisces & Aquarius, the Rays and the half cycle of the Great Year.

 What is in the world is going on during these exciting times? You may have heard or read that we are experiencing two astronomical changes. They are talked about in the podcast.

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The plan is to publish the weekly forecasts as podcasts and a monthly special subject. 

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Aug 9, 2020

Aug 9 through Aug 16 2020.

Uranus is stuck at 10 degrees Taurus and goes retrograde Aug 15. It will be at 10 degrees through Aug 26, so if you have a 10 degree planet or point in your chart, it will be activated. How it is activated depends upon the planet or point and its relationship with Uranus. A short session with Patty can help you identify and understand how you will experience change.

Aug 9 good news about health and perhaps news about effective virus medication and good vaccine trials.  Turns out to be Pres. Trump signing the executive order extending stimulus benefits. Gemini and Aries have spirited conversations, as do Cancer, Capricorn and Libra. the “spirited” part of the conversations are not to be taken personally, it is supposed to be provocatively stimulating. Libra and Aquarius enjoy good communication, with Leo and Sagittarius being invited.  Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces may be irritated by too much talk. Moon goes into Taurus at 9:28 pm calming things for a day or two.

Aug 9 USA opportunity for good news about changes in the work force related to the internet, possibly virtual offices. This is Pres. Trump signing the executive order extending the virus benefits.  

Aug 10 Challenge to yesterday’s change, especially by those who want control and to be obeyed. Leo and Taurus are challenged with control issues, along with Scorpio and Aquarius. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, with Virgo and Capricorn helping Taurus. Uranus goes retrograde at 10 degrees Taurus.

Aug 10 USA Good news regarding something legal, the presidency or an ally.  

Aug 11 Quarter Moon in the signs of Taurus and Leo, who experience control situations, followed by Scorpio and Aquarius. The one in control or the main manager adjusts to reality and may scale back extravagant demands. Leo adjusts to fiscal reality. Leo and Capricorn at odds because of Leo’s expenses, and if they cooperate can make the needed adjustment. This is one of those days when things do not go as expected, but are better when you accommodate the changes and adjust.

Aug 11 USA an adjustment to yesterday’s news because of a high court announcement or decision. The good news and the presidency is challenged. The president could be challenging the high court announcement. This could also involve a foreign power.

Aug 12 now the one in control adjusts to the fact their requests are unrealistic. Again if cooperation reigns, the adjustment is made and the situation is better. Leo and Pisces at odds today because of misunderstanding. This is another one of those days when things do not go as expected, but are better when you accommodate the changes and adjust. Moon goes into Gemini at 9:45 am, bringing statesmanship to the day.

Aug 12 USA better day. Good or happy legal news regarding the populace with self confidence returning and opportunity for good news announcement regarding stability of finances.

Aug 13 tense standoff from the anarchistic protesters to the law and law enforcement. Both planets are strong with Mars stronger, so this portends strife and anarchistic behavior. (This is Mars in Aries in challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn.) Personally, Aries may be provoking Capricorn with Cancer and Libra either watching or being drawn in. The diplomatic skill of Gemini can be of great help to Aries to see all sides of the situation. Sagittarius can help Aries see long-term consequences. Mars challenging Pluto is never a good idea because Pluto remembers and will hold Mars accountable even if it takes a long time. Pluto almost always wins, meaning the law will win in the long run.

Aug 13 USA opportunity for good foreign relations or opportunity for a good legal settlement. The President may announce a favorable trade deal or favorable legal situation for the populace.

Next few days are see-saw quincunx days with negotiations and adjustments, and are days when things do not go as expected, requiring you to adjust or accommodate the unexpected. When you do adjust the days go better than expected.

Aug 14 the stubborn one expecting to be obeyed because of their perceived power adjusts to fiscal and legal reality. When they discuss the situation and adjust the situation is better. Leo and Capricorn need to see each other’s point of view and adjust. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn. However, the Sun and Moon are getting along, offering the opportunity for more diplomacy and understanding. Gemini can help the stubborn one. Moon goes into Cancer  at 7:35 pm shifting attention to family and home.

Aug 14 USA mild adjustment or tweak to a previous financial situation resulting in another mild boost in self confidence or hope.

Aug 15 the one in power or authority negotiates with the over-idealistic one, proposing adjustments. Personally Leo and Pisces do not see eye to eye and need to adjust to one another. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, with Cancer and Scorpio helping Pisces. Also, the one in power negotiates with the financial boss, hopefully coming to cooperative adjustment. This time Leo is not understanding Capricorn, needing to cooperate. Aries and Sagittarius can help Leo, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn. Uranus goes retrograde at 10 degrees Taurus 41.

Aug 15 USA Uranus goes retrograde in the area of employment and health but makes no exact relationship to planets. This means that changes in health care may be delayed. Opportunity for favorable announcement about trade, a law or an ally that could benefit homes and families. Opportunity for self confidence or hope if it will be activated to create good change in employment and the health industry. A medicine or vaccine for the virus?

Aug 16 more negotiations, with the one in authority bending to fiscal reality, resulting in harmony. (This is the Sun in Leo in trine or harmony with Mars in Aries, both planets in their own signs.) Seems the negotiations achieve an accommodation with the protesters or anarchists, probably because of the strength of the law. The young may be disappointed and exhibit mild protestation. Leo and Aries have a great day, along with Sagittarius. However, Leo is the one adjusting to reality for the sake of harmony. Finally, a good day overall.

Aug 16 USA belligerent challenge to a law, agreement or high court legal announcement. 

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Aug 2, 2020

Aug 3 through Aug 9 2020

The pandemic planets are still in Capricorn, indicating continued infections and restrictions. This month, Mars in Aries indicates challenges, with continued infections and demonstrations, some violent.. First he squares Jupiter in Capricorn  indicating strife, then he squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn , perhaps with an increase in deaths from both the virus and violence.

Aug 3 Full Moon in the signs of Aquarius and Leo, who will feel the control issues the most, followed by Scorpio and Taurus. Exact time 11:58:38 am EDT. Possible conflicting communication between family, career, needs and scarcity. Family wants to gather, but staying home is favored by the planets. Personally, Cancer tries to communicate family to others and may not be understood or rebuffed.. Tension between Cancer and Capricorn. Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn.

Aug 3 USA: communication continually adjusting to changing facts, although some communication is threatening. Lawmakers may give very strong statements to lawbreakers and rioters.

Aug 4 continued strife and demonstrations; the rebels defy the lookdowns and seem to go free, but this creates strife and possible more infections. (Exact day of Mars in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn.) Also a see-saw day when people are trying to adjust to more restrictions. Expect your day to be busy with challenges and interruptions, asking you to accommodate the interruptions and perhaps not get drawn into arguments. Moon goes into Pisces, adding compassion, softness and intuition to the day. Pisces should enjoy the day.

Aug 4 Mercury goes into Leo today and is speeding. It goes into Virgo 19. Your Leo friends talk more than ususal and offer creativity. Aquarius experiences others asking for attention, with Taurus and Scorpio intellectually challenged by those who want attention or money. Aries and Sagittarius enjoy creative and fun communication. Cancer and Virgo are neutral. Gemini and Libra possibly invited to a fun or creative online event. Capricorn and Pisces adapt to verbal drama.

Aug 4 USA; second focus date of a serious financial situation. A repeat of Feb 23, 2020, repeats and ends Nov 20. 2020. Congress cold appropriate more relief money, trying to avoid another recession. (T Saturn conjunct N Pluto). The planets all relate to money and the Congress. Today is Sunday, so this may happen tomorrow, Aug 5. This is good news financially for families and investors, although financial adjustments will be made, perhaps with a minor amendment to the bill.

Aug 5 USA see yesterday and a resurgence of self confidence in real estate and the environment.

Aug 6 see-saw or quincunx day when nothing goes as expected, especially for Pisces and Leo. When you adapt or adjust to the changes, the day ends better than expected. Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces, with Aries and Sagittarius helping Leo.

Aug 6 USA good situation with harmony regarding money, with an opportunity for stabilization of the office of the presidency. Opportunity for establishment  and law and order, which the press giving this positive coverage.

Aug 7 Venus goes into Cancer through Sept 6. Venus likes being in Cancer, and this portends happy family relations. Cancer enjoys a nice love life and finances and may initiate family events. Capricorn is asked to be with family instead of work; Scorpio and Pisces enjoy nice family time; Aries and Libra are mildly challenged, although they enjoy challenges. Gemini and Leo are neutral, with Sagittarius and Aquarius adjusting to being home or with family instead of gadding about. Taurus and Virgo have the opportunity to be with family and perhaps offer the practical.

Aug 7 Moon goes into Aries, joining Mars and Chiron. The atmosphere is creatively courageous, with perhaps provocative conversations. Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may be verbally challenged, but it is all in fun. Good day for Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Pisces and Taurus are neutral; Virgo and Scorpio adjust to impulsive interruptions.

Au 8 USA possibility today for communication about the purpose of the USA, which is Leo, meaning self confidence, generosity, but taking care of the USA instead of the rest of the world. Also today, opportunity for strong law and order, using existing laws to bring order back to places that experienced riots. This is an opportunity, meaning it must be initiated to succeed.

Aug 9 good news about health and perhaps news about effective virus medication and good vaccine trials.  Gemini and Aries have spirited conversations, as do Cancer, Capricorn and Libra. the “spirited” part of the conversations are not to be taken personally, it is supposed to be provocatively stimulating. Libra and Aquarius enjoy good communication, with Leo and Sagittarius being invited.  Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces may be irritated by too much talk.

Aug 9 USA opportunity for good news about changes in the work force related to the internet, possibly virtual offices.

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