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Feb 5, 2018

Happy Valentine Day 2018

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to discover how you can have good relationships? We think of relationships as only romantic, but you have relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, lovers, spouses, children and other family members. Not to speak of your teachers, bosses and co-workers. Read further.

Call or email Patty now to learn about your relationships. Phone 302-378-0579.

 It is important to realize each person is unique and has a Divine Plan for this lifetime.
Some relationships are easy, some prickly, some difficult and some neutral. A relationship consultation with Patty can help you discover how you and others basically relate. Further exploration reveals characteristics that may have led to how you and they relate, leading to understanding and respect.

  • During a relationship consultation with Patty, first you learn how you experience relationships as revealed in your natal horoscope, which has specific information as to how you relate with specific people. Then, using the horoscope of the person you are asking about, we discuss how that person specifically relates with others, especially you. Your horoscopes are compared, and you discover how you communicate, cooperate, love, sex and more. You receive in-depth, helpful information that you can apply right away.
  • When you are in a long-term or committed relationship, we use a composite chart to learn how you and the other(s) work together. The composite chart creates a new entity, integrating the energies of the persons involved, revealing the dynamics, or how you interact, and how you appear to others.
  • Then we work with the transiting planets to each of your natal charts, and to the composite chart to reveal what is happening, which initiations you are going through, and how long the experience(s) will last. This gives you helpful, valuable information to make decisions for the highest good of everyone. Knowing that a situation is “only” for a few months or a year, can be very helpful. Major life changes happen to everyone, and your relationship consultation alerts you to this and how you may handle it.
Good relationships require effort, and your consultation with Patty reveals how you can connect the difficult areas of your charts with easier areas of your charts to have a better interaction. Call or email now for your consultation. Call or email now for your consultation.
Phone 302-378-0579.
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Patty Finlayson, consulting and teaching astrologer
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