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Dec 17, 2012

What can we say about the Connectictut situation?

The Christ said to bring the little children unto Him, and His arms were open wide to receive them. Mary, the Blessed Mother was there, blessing them with Her Mother's love. They are there, in heavenly Light. 

It is said that there is no greater sacrifice than to lay one's life down for another. The adults did just that and are in the Light, with the children, the Christ and Mother Mary. 

It is said, "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall will be comforted." 

Let us pray this is so, for there are no other words other than prayer as solace.

Dec 8, 2012

Your Soul's Purpose and a Sunday sermon

Being grouchy, blaming others and having a pity party.  

The following story is much simplified and shortened from the pastor's insightful sermon. 

Over Thanksgiving and beyond, I spent lovely time with friends in Tennessee. We went to their church on Sundays, and one Sunday the minister gave a wonderful sermon about the story of Martha and Mary having Jesus in their home. Martha was complaining that Mary was not helping with the hostess chores. Jesus and his buddies were Jewish and the Jewish community took the role of hostess, or caring for visitors, seriously. Martha, being the head of household, had that honor, but it involved some work. The pastor told us that Martha complained about Mary not helping. He said  that Martha had her purpose, that of being hostess; Mary’s purpose was something different, and Martha was expecting Mary to turn or change her focus to hers.  The pastor turned that into keeping your purpose or focus in life, using Martha as an example. The example was that Martha complained, got grouchy and asked Jesus to tell Mary to change her focus or purpose by leaving Jesus' feet and helping her. If you remember the scriptures, Jesus did not do that. The pastor extrapolated that into his sermon that when we lose sight of our purpose or focus, we get grouchy, blame others and generally have a pity party.

How does that have anything to do with astrology? Your purpose for this lifetime is evident in your horoscope. When I was studying astrology many years ago and learned that your soul’s purpose was evident in the horoscope or birth chart, I became excited and studied as much as I could about it. Then I put my soul’s purpose into action daily to prove, or disprove, it. It proved to me that it is very valuable indeed. How can you learn your purpose? Look to your horoscope. This is Patty’s specialty, and she can help you learn and understand this if you ask her.

Your soul’s purpose should be understood as qualities or virtues that are symbolized by the signs and planets in your horoscope. Your soul’s purpose is the lodestone, or the purpose the pastor was talking about. When you know yours, you can make decisions based upon that virtue, which keeps you focused. When you are so focused, even though things seem to be difficult,  you know you are on track because you are living your purpose, and all will be well. Your soul’s purpose is spiritual in nature, it is not specifically your career or relationship.

Your life has challenges, relationship situations, opportunities, easy times, and times of adjustment that are also evident in your horoscope. When these come around, maintaining your purpose keeps you on track and you do not get grouchy, blame others or have a pity party. You may still need to get out of your comfort zone, but by keeping your eye on your purpose, you will experience joy in the process.

To learn what your soul’s purpose is please contact Patty for your personal appointment. You will reach her personally either via phone or email. Contact Patty via email by clicking here. Reach Patty by phone by calling 302-378-0579. Your session with Patty will be in plain English and will be clear and easy to understand.