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Mar 13, 2013

Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael stressed the need for each of us to protect ourselves with the Power, Healing and Love of the Christ. When we see and hear bad news, He asks us to turn away from that news and replace it with the Essence of the Christ. He reminded us of the two thought-forms: black or negative and the Love of God. You may want to think of them as big clouds. Each cloud grows when people concentrate on the contents, meaning “bad” news and feelings, or “good” news and feelings. Each thought-form cloud is a powerful energy source that is accessible to those who ask. If you will concentrate on what is good in your world, the love of the Christ, you are both accessing the power of the Christ in your life and also building that thought-form cloud for the world and for others. For instance, if you are watching or reading world news and it seems depressing, divisive or violent, instead of focusing on that, change your thoughts to the Christ thought-form and imagine yourself pulling the Love of the Christ from that cloud. You will help your world and simultaneously build the Love of the Christ. When you pray and meditate, it is very helpful to give the raised energy to Archangel Michael for rightful distribution and to grow God's Love Cloud, or forcefield or thought form. 

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