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Jul 19, 2016

Full moon July 19 2016

Full Moon in Cancer July 19 at 7 pm ET.

Sorry I’ve been offline; it is as crazy here as it is with you.

To add to the craziness of a full Moon, the relationship between Mars and Uranus continues to be unstable, along with unstable, challenging circumstances with Neptune, Saturn and Mercury.

The full Moon is in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, meaning people of these two signs experience exaggerated emotions. Aries and Libra experience challenging circumstances, possibly involving their Cancer and Capricorn friends. These signs are impulsive in nature, so be aware they may be more so today. The tension is between family and work. Taurus and Virgo can help Capricorn; Scorpio and Pisces can help Cancer. The areas of the body affected by this full Moon are the knees & bones, and the stomach & breasts.

Mars in Scorpio went direct June 29 and the world has been reeling with violence since; the pent-up energy has exploded. This is perhaps also reflected by the unstable relationship between Mars in Scorpio with Uranus in Aries. Mars is very strong and “poking” the radicals who want revolution. Personally, the signs affected are Aries and Scorpio, both of which are continually adjusting to things not being as expected and need to adjust.

The square with Saturn and Neptune is joined by Mercury today, revealing an attempt to communicate solutions which require a shift in perception and adjustment to circumstances to make it work. The signs involved are Leo who is attempting to communicate, but Leo needs to acknowledge other points of view to succeed; Capricorn, who can accept the communication which will be more creative than Capricorn is used to; and Pisces who needs to adopt a more practical outlook. However, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Pisces are not seeing eye to eye now, with Capricorn unusually unsettled. This is unstable and will be unstable through the end of September 2016.

The Moon indicates a sudden, short-lived change around 1 pm ET, and again involves Capricorn and Aries, with Cancer and Libra maybe being drawn in. However between 3 and 4 pm ET, the Moon offers a good opportunity for Capricorn and Scorpio and may be financial regarding a project.

The day ends between 8 and 9 pm ET with the communicator throwing the over-idealist one a curve. Leo could be asking that Pisces realize circumstances are not what was expected, but it is better. Good for a creative, possibly romantic escape. 

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Jul 3, 2016

Happy Fourth of July 2016

Happy Fourth of July 2016

May your Fourth of July bring you personal freedom and joy, and an appreciation of the freedom and tolerance of the USA, notwithstanding the media reports.

Fourth of July is the USA’s birthday and is in the sign of Cancer. Yes, countries live under an astrology sign, just like people do.

Before the California drought, the USA was the breadbasket of the world, feeding many, a true Cancer trait. The Cancer energy is motherly and wants to feed and care for others like a mother. Cancer is a soft sign on the surface, but when pushed too far, becomes very strong, creates change and then leads, even if it takes a while.

The Moon of the USA is in Aquarius, the sign of freedom, independence, equality and acceptance of those different from ourselves, again even if it takes a while. The Moon  and Sun are in an uncomfortable relationship (quincunx), meaning continual efforts to balance. It also means that circumstances are not always as they seem, but they end up better.

The ascendent of the United States is in the sign of Sagittarius, representing the diversity of the population resulting from immigration. Sagittarius is also the sign of personal freedom, freedom of religion, tolerance and higher education.

A personal note an about our family and immigration: our mother was an Irishwoman who immigrated through Ellis Island with her entire family. This makes us first-generation Irish-Americans. We went to grade school where we students were first-generation Irish-American, Italian-American and American. There are four siblings; three of whom married Americans, the fourth a man of another religion. Now for the interesting part: one niece married a first-generation Korean, her brother married a first-generation Russian; another niece married a Mexican; another niece married a first-generation Italian. We all are okay, with good lives and jobs, we are not rich, but we are happy. Only in America are we so blessed. So, on July 4, let us bless our ancestors and raise a glass to them, who immigrated under hardship, created a great and free America that they passed along to us. 


The Solar Return of the country indicates uncomfortable responsibility for the population. There is also an indication of stress regarding national borders, resulting from over-idealistic ideas that will be challenged this year of 2016. Thre is a need for common-sense, practical application of energies this year, which will be successful if adhered to and communicated. This includes finances and foreign trade. There is an indication of secret dealings behind the scenes, which may be revealed after the middle of this month of July 2016. The country will be in the public spotlight for about three months, with attention on legal dealings, agreements with allies and enemies. The press or media can bring good news if they will be truthful and compassionate.

The world is experiencing Saturn in Sagittarius in a square with Neptune in Pisces. This reveals stressful, unstable  circumstances regarding the border situations, with countries trying to restrict immigration. Saturn was conjunct the USA ascendent early February this year, early May and lastly, exactly on November 9, the but in effect for several days before and after. This reveals the financial restrictions or responsibilities the population is experiencing.