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Oct 28, 2014

Meet King Scorpio

Learn about King Scorpio and how he gets along with your sign.

King Scorpio plans far into the future, especially his money, which he wants to increase via investments. Knight Mars helps king Scorpio manage his insurance papers, stock portfolio, health insurance and other people's financial affairs. King Scorpio is very intense and seems to be secretive, but he only  plans thoroughly and does not want to communicate those plans until they are complete. King Scorpio is a very caring King and will help you, but you need to ask him.
King Scorpio and his Knight Mars were on their dock next to the swamp, enjoying the humid atmosphere while they planned their future. Their chariot was hidden in the garage. Next-door neighbors King Libra and Lady Venus came to visit in their beautifully-balanced chariot. King Libra and Lady Venus talked about their last social event, how elegant it was and how everybody cooperated. Lady Venus wore a piece of jewelry in the form of a balance-scale. King Scorpio was intrigued with Lady Venus and tried in his mysterious way to woo her. King Libra did not like that, but was averse to causing a rift with King Scorpio so did not say anything. However, Lady Venus is strong while she is with King Libra, so she quietly told King Scorpio she was committed to King Libra and to leave her alone. Even though they are different, since they are next-door neighbors, they get along, especially since Lady Venus is complimentary and diplomatic so she is liked.
King Virgo and Knight Mercury had visited last month. King Virgo is happy to have Knight Mercury take care of the details of King Scorpio's affairs. Both kings are discreet and don't like to talk about their affairs, so they get along well. They did talk about the wheat harvest that was planted during Taurus's month,though. Knight Mars, when he serves King Scorpio, gives a necessary push to King Scorpio to communicate and to actually do something about King Scorpio's decisions. Knight Mercury is quiet, practical and focused when he serves King Virgo.
The month before, King Leo visited in his shining Sun chariot, lighting up the entire atmosphere. King Scorpio does not enjoy the spotlight and wants to be in control. Well, King Leo is the King of the Zodiac and expects to be in control, admired and obeyed, something King Scorpio is not wont to do. Their conversation was challenging, in that King Leo continually said to King Scorpio, "You will," with King Scorpio responding with, "I do not want to." King Scorpio talked about his long-term investments and savings, and King Leo talked about how much he spent on expensive, opulent things. Since this visit did not go very well, King Leo left early.
The month before that, King Cancer and his Lady the Moon visited in their silver chariot, which is a boat. They docked at King Scorpio's and had a delightful visit. King Cancer is watery, like King Scorpio and Lady Moon and Knight Mars (with Scorpio) have an easy, friendly relationship. King Cancer is so psychic, he can intuit what King Scorpio is feeling. King Scorpio helps King Cancer with his investments and the philosophy of taking care of yourself before everybody else. King Cancer helps King Scorpio initiate activities, or does it for him. Both Kings enjoy the Lady Moon's silvery changeability. They had good feelings between them, good food and wine and enjoyed being on the dock in the nice, humid swamp with trees all around. Interestingly, scorpions were seen scampering along the ground and joined the crabs along the edge of the swamp.  
A few months prior, King Gemini flew across King Scorpio's swamp and did not even see it. However, King Gemini's chariot is glittering, mercury-colored. Knight Mercury saw the reflection of their chariot on the water and maneuvered their way to land beside the dock. King Gemini is quick, changeable, talkative and so very airy. The atmosphere of the humid swamp dampened his energy and thoughts. It took King Scorpio so long to answer King Gemini's rapid-fire questions that seemed to have no connection, that King Gemini got bored. King Scorpio thought King Gemini was not serious enough and got bored, too. Since they did not have much in common, they left, to the relief of King Scorpio.
When King Taurus visited, it was difficult. First of all, King Taurus did not want to leave his farm to visit King Scorpio's domain beside the swamp with scorpions around. Plus, Lady Venus charmed King Scorpio, who wanted to interact with her and King Taurus became jealous because he wanted Lady Venus all to himself. King Taurus likes to count pennies and manage the checkbook and does not truly understand King Scorpio's attention to long-range plans. King Scorpio got miffed at King Taurus' insistence on minutae and retreated into silence. Neither communicate well with each other, each wanting to be in control. So, after a short visit to become acquainted, King Taurus and Lady Venus got in their land chariot to visit another day
When King Aries visited, it was weird. King Aries flew by so fast, he missed it. His fiery chariot, though, caused a reflection on the water, so Knight Mars knew to turn around and land beside the dock. King Aries strode with supreme self-confidence to King Scorpio's door and tried to just walk in. King Scorpio keeps his doors locked, which baffled King Aries: who would want to keep him out? Eventually, King Scorpio opened the door and walked outside to greet King Aries. King Scorpio's domain is his and he does not want just anybody intruding. King Aries' conversation was about his impulsive, creative and daring adventures, which amazed King Scorpio, who carefully plans almost everything. King Aries did not understand King Scorpio's silence and their conversation dwindled. Knight Mars was getting confused: was he supposed to be fast and daring, or focused and secretive? They left to everybody's relief.
There is another Knight in the zodiac, who secretly serves King Scorpio: Knight Pluto, who helps King Scorpio understand life and death. Knight Pluto helps King Scorpio know when to end what is complete and let go. Knight Pluto's pet is an eagle, who flies high above problems to see everything in order to understand situations. Knight Pluto puts King Scorpio through very difficult emotional situations in order to transform King Scorpio into the Phoenix. After these ordeals, King Scorpio is a renewed, refocused person who has great understanding of human problems.

This explanation of King Scorpio only describes how the signs get along, without the influence of the other planets, and your free will. For clear understanding of your relationships, Patty can help you. Contact her via email or phone at 302-378-0579.