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Jun 4, 2012

Transit of Venus

James Cook and the Transit of Venus
On August 12, 1768, His Majesty's Bark Endeavour slipped out of harbor, Lt. James Cook in command, bound for Tahiti. The island had been "discovered" by Europeans only a year before in the South Pacific, a part of Earth so poorly explored map makers couldn't agree if there was a giant continent there or not. Cook might as well have been going to the Moon or Mars. He would have to steer across thousands of miles of open ocean, with nothing like GPS or even a good wristwatch to keep time for navigation, to find a speck of land only 20 miles across. On the way, dangerous storms could (and did) materialize without warning. Unknown life forms waited in the ocean waters. Cook fully expected half the crew to perish. To read the full interesting story provided by NASA, go here:

Transit of Venus
On June 5, 2012 at sunset on the East Coast of North America and earlier for other parts of the U.S., the planet Venus will make its final trek across the face of the Sun as seen from Earth until the year 2117. The last time this event occurred was on June 8, 2004 when it was watched by millions of people across the world. Get prepared for this once in a lifetime event! For over 100 years the main quest of astronomers was to pin down the distance between Earth and Sun (the Astronomical Unit), which would give them a key to the size of the solar system. Careful studies of the transit of Venus became the gold mine they would harvest to reveal this measure. . . To see the map of visibility of the Transit of Venus.

The planet Venus is now traveling in a retrograde motion in the sign of Gemini. To read the full story of what this means to you astrologically, click here.

What does it mean that Venus is transiting, or passing across, the face of the Sun? A planet that close to the Sun is usually overshadowed by the sun’s rays, rendering the planet less potent. However, with a transit, the planet would be enhanced. Both the Venus transit of 1769 and this one in 2012 are in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication. Cook's expedition is often likened to a space mission. "The Endeavor was not only on a voyage of discovery," writes Tony Horwitz in the Cook travelogue Blue Latitudes, "it was also a laboratory for testing the latest theories and technologies, much as spaceships are today."

Many scientists will be traveling to observe this Venus transit and we can expect new discoveries, not only in space physical science, but new technology or ways of observing the transit. The planet Mars will have been in a challening situation to the Sun/Venus transit a few days prior to the transit, indicating a possible minor snag in the details of measurement. By the June 5 it will have been resolved. The planet Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and on June 5 the Moon will be conjunct or in the same degree as Pluto, although they cannot be close. There could be a consolidation or joining of corporate endeavors to provide the means to measure this transit, which will be beneficial to everybody at a later date.
What possible affect will have on you?
This depends upon your astrological sign. Gemini should experience a surge of energy and desire to communicate, especially if you were born about June 19. Please be your usual diplomatic self. Sagittarius can expect others to be conversationally enthusiastic and may have an intense desire to travel. Virgo may be irritated by constant conversation they consider frivolous. However, Virgo would have helped solve the glitch prior to the transit. Pisces can enjoy the drama of the event and subsequent talk. Libra and Aquarius enjoy the social atmosphere associated with the transit. Aries and Leo have the opportunity to be in on the advances and engineering accomplishments. Scorpio and Capricorn adjust to the whirl of speedy communication and discovery and Capricorn may be part of the corporate team sponsorships. Taurus and Cancer are relatively neutral. To read more about how Venus retrograde in Gemini may influence your love life, click here: .