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Nov 16, 2016


Now the nation - us - needs to come together for the highest good of all. I have been a member of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. for 40 years, during which time have always been a member of and hosted Search for God Study Groups. People came together with Edgar Cayce to learn how to be more psychic. It took 12 years of study to publish two books called the Search for God books, which give guidance based upon Christian principles. The first chapter of the original two-book series is Cooperation, which was considered the basis for psychic development. If you spell it co-operation, you can see it means to co operate, or work together. We can do this in our nation at this time. The following reading can give insight from Edgar Cayce's source and help guide us through the change. 

Following is from reading 262-1. The capitalized text is from the original, the bold word cooperation added by me. (GC is Gertrude Cayce, EC is Edgar Cayce)
    GC: You will have before you the group gathered in this room, who desire - as a group - to be guided through these forces as to how they may best be a channel in presenting to the world the truth and light needed. You will answer the questions which this group will ask.

    EC: Yes, we have the group - as a group - as gathered here, seeking to be a channel that they, as a group, as individuals, may be - and give - the light to the waiting world.

    As each have gathered here - as each gathered here has been associated in their various experiences in the earth, as each has prepared themselves for a channel through these experiences - so may they, as a group, combine their efforts in a cooperative manner to give to the individual, the group, the classes, the masses, that as they receive, as they have gained in this experience. [See 262-3, Par. 18-A, 19-A.]

    To some are given to be teachers, to some are given to be healers, to some are given to be interpreters. Let each, then, do THEIR job and their part WELL, IN the manner as is given TO them, knowing - in the forces as manifest through them - they become, then, a light in THEIR own respective action and field of endeavor. As the forces manifest in their various ways and manners, to some will be given those of prophecy, to some will be given those of teaching, to some will be given those of ministration, to some as ministers. Then, in the ways as they present themselves; for, as has been given, he that receives shall give, he that cometh together in that name that will give, even as has been promised, "as I have given and am IN the Father, so in ME may YE do as I have done, and GREATER things than I have done shall ye do, for I go TO the Father, and ye in me, as ye ask in my name, so shall it be DONE unto you!"

    Then, as there cometh in the minds, hearts, souls of each, so will there be given - in that selfsame hour - THAT as YE shall do!

    Ready for questions.
    (Q) Outline for us the steps which we must take that we may become more of one mind, that we may be of the greatest influence for good.

    (A) As should be for each to learn that first LESSON as should be given unto others: Let all dwell together in mind as of one purpose, one aim; or, FIRST learn cooperation! Learn what that means in a WAITING, in a WATCHFUL, in a world SEEKING TO know, TO see, a sign. There, as has been given, will only BE the sign GIVEN TO those that have drunk of the cup that MAKES for cooperation in EVERY SENSE of enlightening a seeking desiring world. Cast not pearls before swine, neither be thou over-anxious for the moment. WAIT ye on the Lord; for, as has been promised, he that SEEKS shall find, and ye WILL receive - each of you - powers from on high. USE that in a constructive, in a manner as befits that desire of the group, of each. Think not of thine OWN desire, but let that mind be in you as was in Him, as may be in all those SEEKING the way.
    (Q) If it be acceptable to the [higher or universal] forces, direct us as to how we may best prepare a course of lessons for this and similar groups.
    (A) First let each prepare themselves and receive that as will be given unto each in THEIR RESPECTIVE sphere of development, of desire, of ability. The first LESSON - as has been given - learn what it means to
cooperate in ONE mind, in GOD'S way; for, as each would prepare themselves, in meditating day and night, in "What wilt thou have ME do, O Lord?" and the ANSWER WILL be DEFINITE, clear, to each as are gathered here, will they seek in His name; for He is AMONG you in this present hour, for all as SEEK are in that attitude of prayer. Pray YE, that ye may be ACCEPTABLE to Him in thy going ins and coming outs; for holy is he that seeks to be a light to his brother; and faints not in the trials nor the temptations, for He tempts NONE beyond that they are ABLE to bear. Bear ye one another's burdens, in that each fills his OWN heart - as is GIVEN, ANSWER when He calls - "Here am I, send me."
    (Q) What would be the best subject for the first lesson?
    (A)Cooperation. Let each seek for that as will be THEIR part in this lesson, and IT will be given each as THEY ask for for same. [See affirmation for the lesson given in 262-3.]
    We are through for the present.
End of this reading.
A new blog site will be set up under my middle names, Maria Grace, to post articles which are not of astrological nature, but will be different subjects gleaned from insight from life's experiences. It will be open to interaction, too. If you are interested, please send an email to me, asking to be a subscriber, and I will reply with the blog web address when it is finalized. Thank you.