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Patty the Astrologer is your trusted advisor

How Patty Became a Professional Astrologer

Astrology began as an intense interest after reading Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” many years ago. Patty got her chart done by a local astrologer way back in 1976 and had her employees' charts done, too.  She asked him a lot of questions of how it was done and he sent her to a local astrology group that met in someone’s finished basement. Back then astrology, Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner, Lao Russell and Edgar Cayce (all of whom Patty has studied) books were only available from small, privately owned shops. Border’s and did not yet exist.

The women who owned the shop also gave astrology lessons that Patty immediately signed up for and she was put in the intermediate astrology class. Her business of 16-1/2 years had just been sold, so there was time to study eight hours a day and spend the thirty hours it took to write out a horoscope interpretation.  Charts were calculated by hand because there were no computers to do it. The first astrology computer program was actually a little machine that only did astrology charts and printed everything out in a square.

When Patty discovered that your soul’s purpose is revealed in your horoscope she was thrilled. Finally, here is a practical and easily understood way to discover why you are here. Advanced studies included giving presentations to the class on your soul’s purpose and how you will be transformed this lifetime, therefore preparing for the next. During the advanced classes the other students gathered around Patty before the teacher arrived to ask her questions.  Students and others asked her to interpret their charts, and an unexpected career as an astrologer began. The astrology school had an Edgar Cayce study group that was a group of astrologers, so discussions included astrology terms.

One thing led to another, and Patty's astrology activities went from doing charts to giving astrology lectures and teaching astrology, meditation and dream interpretation at the local colleges. In 1980 Patty became involved with Edgar Cayce's A.R.E, both locally and in Virginia Beach. At the yearly A.R.E. Congresses (member gatherings) she gave the astrology talks, and eventually taught formal astrology classes at the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) Headquarters in Virginia Beach.

Beginning in 1981 people began paying Patty for their astrological interpretations which brought her into professional status. There was still no inkling that 30 years later, she would have consulted with thousands of people worldwide, been a favorite guest on radio and TV, given lectures and workshops throughout America and written a book. Eventually Patty could not find a teacher who could teach her any more; they all said she would have to learn from experience. Thirty years later she is still learning, but from you, the people who consult with her.

The commitment that Patty made in 1981 when becoming professional: to help you understand why you are here, is still the strong motivating force for “doing charts.” Patty helps you know which qualities are your guide for your life.  One of the most important things learned throughout the years is that each sign is equally important. It is just that some signs are more challenging to get along with than others. You each experience life just a little differently and see through the lens of your sign.

Your reading includes your horoscope wheel printed in color, the important dates professionally printed out for your reference and notes, along with the retrograde planet dates. Your reading is via MP3 e-mailed to you.

Patty is available for your astrology reading, a session with your guides, the Ascended Masters by appointment at a time favorable for you.

To learn more and make and appointment with Patty, 
contact her via email  or 302-378-6466.

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