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May 16, 2022

Lunar eclipse & celesttial forecast to May 23, 2022


Total lunar eclipse of May 15-16, 2022

Much of Earth will see a total eclipse of the moon tonight. It's best from the Americas and western Africa. It's a supermoon eclipse (moon close to us), and it's an exceptionally long one. Will the shadow on the moon look red during totality, when the moon is totally submerged in Earth's shadow? Or will the length of this eclipse mean the shadow appears darker? Click in for eclipse timings, and details.

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Your forecast:

To enlarge the chart, just right-click on it, then size and it will let you change the size. 

The degree of the eclipse is 25 Scorpio 17. The Nodes are at 25 degrees, Saturn is at 24 degrees, Mars at 23 degrees and Neptune at 24 degrees. The degrees are important, so if you have these degrees in your chart, that area of your life will be stimulated; how depending on the planetary relationship (aspect). These degrees are also close to the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune at 23 Pisces April 12, meaning that degree is activated again in your chart. To receive a short reading about this contact Patty.

This means this is all working together, for ill or woe. And Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, aggravating communications. (This morning, last week’s forecast disappeared from the computer.) You can see the Moon is very close to the South Node in Scorpio at the top of the chart and the Sun very close to the North Node in taurus at the bottom right. Globally, continued crises regarding resources and money. However, Neptune and Mars (right of Saturn) are in compatible Pisces, revealing opportunity for humanitarian issues to be realized. Another however is that Saturn (in between Mars and Pluto) in Aquarius trying to stop any change in the transformation of resources. Saturn is supposed to be the patron planet of the USA Democrats, and it seems the astrology says they are stymying the resource balance.

And since it is a strong full Moon, Scorpio and Taurus may experience control issue relationships, with Leo and Aquarius having control issue situations. The water signs of Cancer and Pisces, and the earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities to balance resources or money. Those of us who are these signs can help Taurus and Scorpio.

Pluto continues at 28 Capricorn, so if you have this degree in your chart, interesting people and situations arise to help you transform by changing and uplifting your emotions and perhaps your emotional body. A short reading with Patty can help you understand this to make good decisions.

How about all the other signs? You can see Cancer, Leo, Virgo, libra and Sagittarius seem to be missing. Of course, they cannot be missing, but there are no planets in their signs right now.

What you can see, beginning at the top, is Scorpio, which is in tension with Taurus and Aquarius, meaning control issues with each. Down to the right is Pluto all by itself, but in opportunity with Scorpio and Pisces and  in harmony with Taurus, meaning practical opportunity for transformation or change of what is considered safe and secure, especially resources. To the right is Saturn all alone in Aquarius, trying to secure new inventions but challenged by stubborn resistance to change, but if Aquarius will ask Gemini to help communicate and include Aries, things will go forward successfully. Next to the right is Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and as said above, in opportunity with both Capricorn and Taurus, who can help Pisces  realize their dreams and creativity. You can see that Jupiter and Venus are in Aries, lighting a fire, or stimulating travel and new ideas. They are in opportunity with Aquarius, meaning they can work together with new creations and inventions and ask Gemini to communicate for them. Then we come to the last cluster (stellium) which includes Uranus, the North Node and the Sun in Taurus, which are in good working relationship with Capricorn and give Pisces the opportunity to make their dreams real.

The “missing signs”

Cancer has a good relationship with Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus, in tension with Aries and libra, focusing on working relationships with Capricorn. Leo has good situations with Aries, Sagittarius and good communications with Gemini and libra, tension with Pisces and Virgo. Virgo has good working relationship with Capricorn and Taurus, opportunity to include Cancer and Scorpio, irritation with Gemini and Sagittarius and opposition with Pisces. Libra has good time with Gemini and Aquarius, opposition with Aries, and challenge with Cancer and Capricorn.  Sagittarius has good travel and interests with Aries and Leo, spirited conversations with Gemini, and off balance with Cancer and Taurus.


The eclipse degrees are close to the USA’s Nodes, Mercury, and Neptune meaning the country’s balance of resources are focused, with good results, boosted with securing some changes, debt reduced, and humanitarian activities understood. The Supreme Court situation began May 1 this year with the USA Neptune opposition and will not be over until at least early March 2023. It is obvious the leak was publicized, and the planets indicate from someone in communication or a junior writer. A new phase begins May 16, focusing on possible expansion of the population from immigrants from all over the globe, and agitation to the office of the president. This phase continues through December 30 this year. This would be like a phase 11-1/2 years ago: February 2011.


  13th February » For the first time in more than 100 years the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation known as Umatilla, an American Indian tribe, are able to hunt and harvest a bison just outside Yellowstone National Park, restoring a centuries-old tradition.

24th February » Final Launch of Space Shuttle 'Space Shuttle Discovery or Discovery' (OV-103).

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Apr 4, 2022

Celestial forecast to April 11.

Daily phases
April Astrology special.
Coming meet-ups

 North Node, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus, Sun in Aries, Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces, with Venus lagging in Pisces, Mars and Saturn close in Aquarius and Pluto late Capricorn. At the bottom is the South Node in Scorpio and to the left Moon in Virgo.

Finances are still stressed over who controls: the old way holding on with the new way pushing for change, and daring new ideas trying to present the new. Compassion is evident and has good opportunities to interact successfully with established ways to help. Financial balance by focusing on immediate needs for everyday resources and managing investments.

Taurus and Aquarius have control issues about the new and old; Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn cooperate for the betterment of all. Aries is alone, but can be the catalyst for the new, and challenge the outworn or corrupt to regenerate.

Coming in April is an important conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune do not conjunct again in the same sign for a long time, with the last conjunction in Pisces 1856. Because Pisces has a challenging relationship to Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius it will be an important time for those of you who are these signs or have outer planets in these signs.  The March special was about this, but you may have your interpretation with Patty at her regular rate.

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Ed Foote coming in person to Delaware: Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 1:30 pm. Topic Ideals. Ask Patty for details.

Now to the daily phases:

  • April  4: Moon goes into Gemini, in harmony with Mars joining Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius, with Jupiter at 22 degrees, Neptune at 23 degrees, the nodes at 22 degrees! Look to your chart to see where these degrees are because that area of your life will be activated. How depends upon the details. This is an excellent time for Aquarius to activate projects, a good time for Pisces to realize their dreams, and Taurus and Scorpio to actualize Ideals and soul’s purpose.   Patty can help you identify and interpret this in a short consultation.
  • April 5: Venus goes into Pisces until March 6, joining Neptune and Jupiter, enhancing compassion, creativity and spirituality. Younger people may be more giving than usual, or the recipients of charitable activities. Your loved one may be more caring or want to be alone. Pisces becomes even more either giving or needy; Virgo’s loved one seems dreamy and maybe inaccessible, Cancer and Scorpio have a nice emotional month, Taurus and Capricorn can help Pisces with their creative activities. Aquarius and Aries are neutral, Leo and Libra adjust or pivot to accommodate people being late or vague. The Moon is still in Gemini, irritating Pisces, but harmonizing Aquarius’ new activities and helping Aries communicate their ideas.
  • April 6: Sun and Moon in harmony, meaning a good active day for everybody, but especially for Gemini and Aries. These signs enjoy verbal sparring, so if you see them seem to argue, they are having fun, perhaps also engaging Libra, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • April 7: the Moon goes into Cancer, giving direction to compassionate or creative endeavors, challenging new ideas to be softer and more caring, and adjusting to new responsibilities. There is an opportunity to creatively communicate new ideas about either the infrastructure or what society’s responsibilities are. Aries could help Aquarius.
  • April 8: Now communication or the news could communicate those creative ideas – or there is an opportunity to settle the war, or something new about the automobile industry.  Aries has the opportunity today to creatively communicate new, advanced ideas with Aquarius.
  • April 9: Quarter Moon in the signs of Cancer and Aires, who have a challenging leadership day, which may include Libra and Capricorn. Cancer may be emotional today, opposing Capricorn and challenging Aries and Libra.
  • April 10: sudden, possibly militant or angry reaction to April 8th revelation. At least fiery rhetoric against an entrenched, outworn situation. Aries challenges Capricorn, possibly bringing Cancer and Libra into the conversation. The Moon is in Leo, adding strength and drama to Aries outburst and drama to today’s news. Mercury goes into Taurus through April 13. Conversation changes to money, food and resources, calming down the rhetoric. Taurus may be more vocal than usual, and at odds with Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, but in harmony with Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus could help Cancer and Pisces with practical activities and ideas.
  • April 11: Sun and Moon in harmony, meaning a good active day for everyone, especially for Leo and Aries, including Sagittarius.


Astrologese: We still see the USA second house of resources full: N Pluto 27 Capricorn, Progressed South Node 26 Capricorn, Transiting Pluto 28 Capricorn, Progressed Pluto 29 Capricorn, Progressed Moon and transiting Mars 20 Aquarius, progressed Mercury 21 Aquarius and Transiting Saturn 22 Aquarius. This means focus on the USA resources and spending money.

  • April 4: challenge to the presidency and adjustment to the international situation.
  • April 5: first focus date of a phase that goes through the end of December this year 2022. (T Mars & Saturn at 22 Aquarius quincunx N Neptune). Resources adjust to accommodate or help foreign country and the opposite, reducing foreign payments to a different country, ongoing until the end of the year. Also today, the beginning or end of relationship with a foreign country, with exaggerated news. Could also be opposition to the Supreme Court about freedom of speech and the press.
  • April 6: news of a law or agreement  about immigration.
  • April 7: unrest over yesterday’s agreement because of resources to settle the newcomers, which can be resolved if the parties will see each other’s points of view.
  • April 8: continued public disagreement, with the president trying to soothe and make the adjustments.
  • April 9: Opportunity for good change regarding the legal situations of immigrants or monetary change. This change is accepted internationally but challenged by congress and other groups. Remember, transiting Uranus is in the same sign as the last time in the 1930’s when USA made money changes.
  • April 10: the president, office of the presidency, labor union head, or head of the health industry reveals a generous agreement.
  • April 11: opportunity for a new infrastructure project, increase in tax revenue, and initiative for an endeavor to benefit many.

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Mar 29, 2022

Celestial forecast to April 4 2022

Your celestial forecast to April 4, 2022. Your week begins with Pluto in Capricorn at the right of the planets, followed by the Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces, Mercury and the Sun in Aries, all in a row, which is called a planetary line-up. You can see Uranus and the North Node in Taurus at the left, and the South Node in Scorpio at the bottom. When you look up in the sky, you may see them.

This means Leo is experiencing relationship control issues, along with a need to re-focus or shift perspective of what is important spiritually. Gemini and libra may be included in Aquarius’ plans. Libra may also discover others being more independent or me-focused. Taurus remains in a time of change, perhaps challenging Scorpio’s ideas. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are in the right place to take advantage of heightened creativity or spiritual activities. Late Capricorn continues transforming what was previously thought safe and secure. Late Cancers feel relationships either transforming or leaving their lives. Virgo adjusts to the abstract and impulsive interruptions in their work and is irritated because requested details are not coming. Aries is busy with new activities, perhaps in cooperation with Aquarius to put Aquarius inventions into action.

The North Node is in Taurus, meaning the South Node is in Scorpio. This means both Taurus and Scorpio attract those who either further their soul’s purpose or come from previous lives to finish something. Each of our astrology groups has many of us with these nodes, indicating a soul group returning, with instant recognition and connections. This also means we are experiencing either the nodal return or the nodal oppositional balance, which helps us reaffirm our purpose. Our groups are like family.

Now to the daily astronomical happenings:

  • March 28: Venus joins Saturn and the Moon for a gentile push of scientific or group endeavors. Aquarius may be more romantic than usual, but always in their friendly manner.
  • March 29: Moon goes into Pisces, joining Jupiter and Neptune, enhancing Pisces day, with Cancer and Scorpio having a nice day. Taurus and Capricorn could help Pisces with practical matters. Virgo may have nothing to analyze because of lack of details.
  • March 30: Moon still in Pisces, with today like yesterday.
  • March 31: Moon goes into Aries, joining Mercury and the Sun, bringing action to the day
  • April  1: New Moon in Aries, meaning good for Aries to begin something new. Libra experiences others being more focused on themselves. Cancer and Capricorn enjoy some action. Gemini and Aquarius could be involved in a new activity. Pisces and taurus are neutral. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to unexpected or impulsive interruptions. Leo and Sagittarius have a fun day with new ideas or activities.
  • April  2: strong Aries day with Aries communicating their new, creative ideas. Libra may be confronted, with Cancer and Capricorn happily engaged in spirited communication about a new idea or activity. Gemini and Aquarius have a good time sparring conversationally, Virgo adjusts to unexpected interruptions, Leo and Sagittarius engage in happy conversation and activity. Pisces and taurus are neutral if anyone can be neutral with Aries around. Moon goes into Taurus, adding a little quiet unless they are severely provoked.
  • April  3: Moon still in Taurus.
  • April  4: Moon goes into Gemini, in harmony with Mars joining Saturn at 22 degrees Aquarius, with Jupiter at 22 degrees, Neptune at 23 degrees, the nodes at 22 degrees! Look to your chart to see where these degrees are because that area of your life will be activated. How depends upon the details. This is an excellent time for Aquarius to activate projects, a good time for Pisces to realize their dreams, and taurus and Scorpio to actualize Ideals and soul’s purpose.   Patty can help you identify and interpret this in a short consultation.



The USA continues its progressed Mercury in Aquarius trine its natal Mars in Gemini, meaning communication should be clear and open with and about allies, enemies and trade. The country also continues the focus of Capricorn in its second house of resources and self-esteem: Natal Pluto, progressed Pluto progressed, south node and transiting Pluto all in 26, 27 and 28 degrees of Capricorn. This means the country is experiencing the transformation of resources begun January 2022, exact Feb 20, exact again July 11, ending December 29, 2022. The crises associated with this seem to go away but return to be finalized September and October of 2023. Capricorn is the patron planet of established entities such as banks, corporations, governments and infrastructure. With Pluto in this sign, the indications are breakdown of what is not working or is corrupt to be transformed into what will work. In this case when Pluto goes into Aquarius May 2023, there should be a glimmer of new impetus on humanitarian and scientific solutions, with the new thrust actually beginning end of January 2024, continuing through January of 2044. The current financial help to an ally continues, at least to the middle of April.

Now to the daily forecast:

  • March 28: the president praises a law but is criticized.
  • March 29: News focused on activities here at home; the medical and or the workforce at odds with a supreme court decision – or – the president is adjusting to a foreign situation; a higher court or the foreign entity having the opportunity to accept change.
  • March 30: a lot of communication about immigration, allies, enemies, laws or agreements some of which is broadcast too soon, and is adjusted after the president, leader of the medical or workforce makes a correction.
  • March 31: opportunity to stabilize too much activity;  with the press or communication creating an opportunity for good change in the medical community or the workforce.
  • April 1: A lot of moving around, with the possibility of immigrants successfully resettled. If the weather, much precipitation and wind.
  • April 2: controversy and challenge to a law or agreement regarding that foreign entity. However, the altruistic wins regarding groups.
  • April 3: yesterday’s controversy is harmoniously resolved, although with a verbal challenge regarding the office of the presidency and finances.
  • April 4: challenge to the presidency and adjustment to the international situation.

Coming in April is an important conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune do not conjunct again in the same sign for a long time, with the last conjunction in Pisces 1856. Because Pisces has a challenging relationship to Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius it will be an important time for those of you. 


Advance special for April: Interpretation of your North and South Nodes, which reveals your past life tendencies, talents and quirks, and this lifetime’s soul purpose. About 20 minutes for the Reduced price of $45.00 from $51.00.

Contact Patty for your April special.

Mar 4, 2022

Rocket strike the moon and you


From Earth sky News:


Is a rocket going to strike the moon tomorrow?

In January, experts said part of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was due to crash into the moon on March 4. Then, they said, it wasn't a SpaceX rocket but instead a Chinese rocket. But the Chinese denied it was theirs. So is any human spacecraft going to strike the moon tomorrow? The answer still appears to be yes. An earthly object is headed for a collision course with the moon tomorrow. But we still don't know, and might never know, exactly where and how it originated. Read more about the moon strike.

Even though the strike will be on the dark side of the Moon, and even though it may create a small crater, the moon will vibrate. When this happens, astrologically that area of your horoscope meaning your life, vibrates, too. Tomorrow, March 4, the Moon goes into active Aries.

If you are an Aries, have an Aries Moon or Ascendant, you may be urged to more activity than usual, just try not to wear your quiet friends out with what may be too much activity for them or interrupt them with your great ideas.
Libra can expect a more independent partner, with Cancer and Capricorn experiencing a slightly more challenging day. Leo and Sagittarius will have a nice, actively creative day and enough attention. Pisces and Taurus are neutral.
Gemini and Aquarius have the opportunity for a nice social day if the opportunity is taken. Virgo and Scorpio adjust to impulsive interruptions.

Enjoy your more excited day. For a truly personal, detailed interpretation, contact Patty for a short session.

Special for the Month of March: Pisces is the sign of March and you are being offered a special price for a short interpretation of Pisces and Neptune for you. Half hour usually $50 USD, this month only $45. Offer expires March 28. Reading must be in the month of March 2022.

During your time with Patty, she tunes into you personally with her renowned skill of interpretation when you learn how to transcend your challenges and maximize your talents and opportunities. Patty’s guidance helps you to learn your tendencies for a deeper understanding of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. March’s special offer will help you tune into and understand your spiritual and creative talents, and your vulnerabilities.




Feb 25, 2022

Astrology of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


  As you can see by the chart, Venus, Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, meaning the energies are ambitiously working together in a focused way, potentially killing democracy. There was an opportunity for peace which was ignored, and the invasion of Ukraine happened. (Neptune trine Mars & Venus).


The Moon joins the line-up Feb 25, intensifying the situation. Mars joins Pluto March 2, super-focusing the war, with Venus joining Pluto March 3. Venus and Mars leave Capricorn March 6, probably meaning Russia has accomplished most of what they started, leaving the time until March 2023 to make Russia’s annexation of Ukraine complete.


The South Node of the world is in Scorpio, digging up muck - corruption - from the bottom of the swamp, in this case, revealing dictatorship and financial loss. because Scorpio in its bad side represents such. This is world-wide and in many formerly respected institutions.

 Uranus in Taurus is in good relationship with the Capricorn planets, not exact, but a possible indicator that financial change will eventually mean conservative financial situations with possible shrinking of what is thought of as stable markets, with speculative markets shrinking.

 How does this look to Russia’s chart?

The inner circle is Russia’s natal chart, the outer wheel today’s transits.


You can see that Russia is a Capricorn country and the transiting or moving planets  are also in Capricorn. When you look at the degrees, you see that transiting Venus, Mars and Pluto by degree are past the degrees of Russia’s natal chart. This means the invasion had been planned for very long time. The transiting South Node of the past is will shortly join Russia’s natal Venus and Pluto in Scorpio. The Russian financial crisis may be severe, with past manipulations and mistakes revealed - and not a happy situation for Russia. Transiting Jupiter March 2 through 5, will oppose Russia’s Natal Jupiter, indicating they took on more than expected, with international ill will. Now through the March 10, it seems things are going Russia’s way, enjoying the opportunity to stabilize the situation. Then transiting Saturn will square Russia’s natal Venus and Pluto March 21 through April 10, meaning financial and control crises, with possible losses or a purge. Neptune reveals this was as perfect a time as any for this idealistic situation - idealistic as Russia sees it. (T Neptune trine N Pluto and Venus).

 It seems Russia will succeed in this invasion, although with financial stress and loss of international good will - but Putin does not care. He has the good will and alliance with Communist China and North Korea, and the good will of the South American dictatorships.

 What about the USA chart? The inner circle is the USA’s natal chart, the outer circle today’s transits.

You can see the transiting Capricorn planets in the outer circle are opposite the USA natal Cancer planets in the inner circle. This can indicate or reveal opposition to USA’s lawful foundation. The important thing is that transiting Pluto in the outer circle is joined with the USA natal Pluto in the inner circle, revealing the turmoil in the country. We call this the Pluto return, talked and written about many times. This turmoil seems to be  a concerted, world-wide effort to undermine and destroy America’s democracy, assisted secretly or behind the scenes by members of congress. When you look at the world situations, democratic countries are in turmoil. It is interesting that demonstrations about the same thing happen at the same time in many democratic countries. Dictator or authoritative countries have harsher restrictions, but the citizens are not allowed to demonstrate or otherwise cause turmoil. Along with the turmoil, Neptune is in a communicative fog, meaning the news can be misleading, vague or deliberately evasive or misleading.

Pluto in the USA chart will be in this situation through January 2023, taking that long for the transformation, followed by Pluto going into Aquarius March 2023. Pluto is a dictator planet and Aquarius can be a dictator sign, although it does not have to be. Saturn in Aquarius could mean stabilization and security for everyone equally, but we’ll see, won’t we?

 It seems the USA focuses on domestic situations that include finances, resources and self-esteem, continued demonstrations,  aggravated by confusing communication. The USA continues turmoil and transformation of our values. It does not look like foreign adventures. It looks like the USA Supreme Court will continue unpopular decisions based on idealism.