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Dec 10, 2018

December j2018 Forecast

Sorry to be so late; this past Mercury retrograde was one of the worst, with all my computer devices malfunctioning. The email provider downloaded over 100 deleted mails from 2015, and the computer itself reverted to a more-than-one previous update. Thankfully, all the documents are default-saved on the separate hard drive so everything of importance is saved. I publish books on Amazon for a friend and Create Space sent everything to Kindle, and was and is not functioning properly. All this means trying to write the December forecast is delayed.

For your personal forecast, please contact Patty.

From NASA:


"Raise your hand if you’re in this new photo from #Mars!" NASA wrote in a Dec. 6 tweet. "These two tiny chips contain the names of more than 2.4 million people who signed up to fly with me. We’re ON MARS, you guys. You’re all honorary Martians!"
This means those of you (including me) who signed on to “fly to Mars.”

Now to the dates for December 2018:

Dec 10: Happy last day of Hannakuh: Moon is in Aquarius indicating many friends.

Dec 10 USA: Last date of the cycle that began April 1, repeated May 4: adjustment or change in the work force, change in communication, or adjustment in the obstruction of the  immigration situation.

Dec 11: Financial communication requires an adjustment to the new idea.

Dec 12: Moon goes into Sagittarius, having good relationship with the Sun, indicating a harmonious day for everyone, especially Sagittarius, Mercury goes into Sagittarius through Jan. 4, with conversation changing to travel and philosophy. Sagittarius talks about their adventures, Gemini enjoys verbal sparring, Virgo and Pisces are irritated with the speed and lack of detail; Libra and Aquarius have the opportunity to be included in travel plans; Cancer and Taurus adjust to communication from afar or tweak travel plans; Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral; Aries and Leo enjoy new adventures, or talking about them.

Dec 13: Moon goes into Pisces.

Dec 14: No exact planetary relationships.

Dec 15: Quarter Moon in the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius who are the most affected and may be irritated, also for Gemini and Virgo. Cancer and Scorpio can help Pisces, with Aries and Leo helping Sagittarius. Early evening the Moon goes into Aries.

Dec 16: Hindu Dhanu Sankranti: opportunity for harmony and financial stability. Relationships have quiet intensity and portend longevity. Good day for Scorpio and Capricorn, followed by Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.

Dec 17: Opportunity for the creative project to be accepted by the money manager. Energy is gentle and possibly romantic. Good day for Pisces and Capricorn, followed by Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo. Sun and Moon getting along indicating a good day for everyone, but especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Dec 18: Moon goes into Taurus.

Dec 18: USA: possible confrontation from the immigrants, or opposition or demonstrations of the work force.

Dec 19: No exact planetary relationships.

Dec 20: Travel goes well; freedom and independence in the air, creating an exciting atmosphere. Sagittarius and Aries create a great atmosphere for all. However, the Sun and Moon Are in the see-saw relationship, indicating the day does not go as expected, but the interruptions make it better. Dinner time the Moon goes into Gemini, adding a lot of talk to gatherings.

Dec 21: Winter solstice, Sun enters sign of Capricorn at 05:22:38 pm ET; light begins to increase. Time for Capricorn to begin ambitious projects. Cancer may experience relationship tension between work and family. Aries and Libra experience challenges with family matters. Taurus and Virgo enjoy a month of harmonious practical or work projects. Sagittarius and Aquarius are neutral; Leo and Gemini are asked to accommodate slight changes in their plans; Scorpio and Pisces have opportunity for help with practical endeavors.

Dec 21 continued: A great day! Relationships lovingly intense and creative - romantic. Much happy news and communication, some from afar or from another culture.

Dec 22: Moon goes into Cancer and creates a full Moon with Capricorn the two signs having relationship tension between family and work. Aries and Libra experience family challenges. Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo, though, have a good day and may help Cancer and Capricorn. For those of you in the medical and law enforcement fields, the areas of the body of this full Moon are the stomach, breast, knees, bones and skin.

Dec 23:  No exact planetary relationships.

Dec 24: Christmas Eve: Moon goes into Leo to create see-saw day when things do not go as expected with a need to accommodate changes, possibly because of the weather. Leo and Capricorn experience the interruptions the most. Other aspects indicate a lot of moisture or people from afar cancel plans, again probably because of the weather.

Dec 25: Christmas:  No exact planetary relationships, meaning a good day.

Dec 26: Moon goes into Virgo, creating a quiet, harmonious day, especially for Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Dec 27:  No exact planetary relationships.

Dec 28: Moon goes into Libra. Also, relationships are quietly intense, but realistic and stable.

Dec 29: Quarter Moon in the signs of Libra and Capricorn who experience relationship challenge, followed by Aries and Cancer. Day of changes. Gemini and Aquarius can help Libra, with Taurus and Virgo helping Capricorn.

Dec 30: Moon goes into Scorpio.

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve: Sun and Moon revealing a quiet, intimate gathering good with everyone. However, at 09:19:48 pm ET Mars goes into Aries, with energy becoming much more active and possibly impulsive. Be careful driving.


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